Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

Blond lady covered by blanket in the bed room suffering from corns

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If you ever had a corn on your foot, then you know how painful it can be.  Corns on your feet are caused by...

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Protecting your skin from the sun's rays is important and natural sunscreens are a fantastic alternative to traditional chemical sun tan lotions. After all,...
Banana Face Mask

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The yellow, long, elongated fruit, available all round- the-year is actually a superfood for the skin, as it provides vitamin B6 and B12, making...
Olive Oil for Hair

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Who doesn’t want to have naturally healthy and gorgeous hair? But, due to some factors like chemicals, UV rays, etc., it gets damaged (1). Though there...
Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff

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Dandruff is the condition of an itchy and flaky scalp without inflammation (1). Though the exact reason behind it is not known, the risk...
Tea Tree Oil for Hair

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Who doesn't want their hair to be stronger, shinier, and healthier? But, due to some or the other reason, our hair follicles become gray,...
Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts

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It is a common tendency that we are majorly concerned with our face and neglect the other important organs of our body. Breasts define...
Oatmeal Face Mask

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Everybody dreams of having a glowing and flawless skin. But, it is very hard to attain, especially with the lifestyle we follow. Late nights,...
Avocado Masks for Your Hair

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Your hair talks a lot about your personality, and if they are healthy, they boost up your confidence and make you look beautiful. For...
Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening

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Your smile is an essential part of your personality. The brighter and better you smile, the more confident you appear. But, if your teeth...



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Young woman has an water in her ears

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We've all been there. The first swim on your summer vacation and you reemerge from the pool to find you can't hear due to...

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