12 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Crickets

Home Remedies for Crickets
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You might get annoyed seeing crickets inside your basement furniture or creeping over the wall. Well, in small numbers, they are quite harmless. Commonly crickets are of four types: house crickets, camel crickets, field crickets, and mole crickets. You are sure to find crickets wherever there is a gap between the ground and objects. They prefer cool and dark places to hide themselves. However, you must take steps to save your paper, silk, woolens, furniture and walls from their attack. Catching them, killing them or disinfecting the house are three possible solutions that might occur to you, in order to chuck out these pests. Read this article to know some more useful home remedies to get rid of crickets.

Home Remedies for Crickets


1. Molasses

Place some molasses in a large bowl. Fill the remaining bowl with water. Crickets will jump in the bowl when they smell molasses. Replace the contents of the bowl frequently (1).

2. Set Traps

Place traps around the problematic areas like walls, doors or windows. Crickets are more attracted to hot and moist areas, so place the traps around such areas.

Pitfall trap is one such trap that has a hole or pit with a slippery edge. The pit is filled with soapy water to kill these pest insects (2).

3. Bug Spray

Make use of bug sprays to keep crickets away.

Note – These must not be used when kids are around as they are poisonous.

4. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the room by making use of high efficiency particulate air. These high-powered machines will pull off the eggs from carpets or the areas wherever they have been laid (3).

5. Seal Your Home

Seal the tiny crevices of your home with the help of cement or plaster so that crickets do not creep inside them. Make use of weather stripping and door sweeps for floors. Utilize caulk and screen patches for windows (4).

Situate tightly fitted screens on doors and windows to prevent the formation of vacuum, as this vacuum results in infestation of crickets (5).

6. Throw Out the Trash

Crickets are attracted by the smell of trash, so it must be disposed of properly from time to time; and bin must be kept covered always.

7. Remove Bright Lights

Crickets are fascinated by bright lights. Therefore, refrain from using LED lights in your house (6).

8. Allow Predators in Home

Lizards and spiders thrive on crickets. So if you allow these two in your home, they can keep a check on the cricket population. However, be warned that scorpions are also keen cricket predators which certainly are not a welcome house guest.

9. Soap Water

Fill a spray bottle with soap water and spray it around your house. It will penetrate the crickets’ skin and cause irritation, thus repel them (7).

10. Homemade Spray

Steep ½ cup of red chilies, red chili powder, or chili sauce in 2 cups of water. Strain the liquid, and dilute it with 2 cups of water. Use it to spray over the plants and insects.

11. Diatomaceous Earth

Make use of diatomaceous earth (food-grade) to drive out crickets (8).

12. Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Plants garlic, clover and sweet peas in your garden, as nitrogen-fixing plants irritate crickets and can drive them out.

Beneficial weed like Wormwood and Alliums repel pests and other insects. Hence prove to be very useful in pest prevention (9).

13. Use Biocontrol Method

The concept of Biocontrol method uses the assistance of a beneficial insect to combat the troublesome one, like crickets. All you have to do is to host plants for beneficial insects, like Larra Wasp (10).



  • Cut all the bushes and long grasses near your home, so that crickets could not access your indoors.
  • Wooden, mulch and compost tiles must be placed away from home.
  • Install a bird feeder and let your cat sit outside.
  • Keep your house neat and tidy
  • Low-growing vegetation must be at least 12 inches away from the walls of the house.
  • Make use of sticky traps to catch crickets, without killing them.


  • Do not let any kind of debris collect in drains or other areas like rooftops.


  1. Umm… sticky traps DO kill insects. When an insect steps onto the sticky trap, they are then unable to move. Thus, they cannot eat, and will die.

  2. My husband and I have been finding a lot of crickets in our home lately, and we’re not sure what to do about the problem. It’s interesting how you point out that lizards and spiders thrive on crickets, so by allowing them into your home you can get rid of an infestation. The problem is that my husband is deathly afraid of spiders and I get really creeped out by lizards, so that probably won’t work for us. I think it would be best if we just called a pest control company to come and get the problem taken care of.

  3. I just found a solution to my cricket problem in the garage. I sprayed Simple Green straight to them and they immediately started jumping and flipped over and died within seconds. Try it out.


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