12 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

Home Remedies for Lizards
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Lizards are the unsolicited guests that are capable of creating hassle in your home. Although lizards feed on mosquitoes, pests, and spiders and keep the environment clean, but regardless of this fact, their presence is unsettling. This small creepy creature does not cause harm, but its single glance might make you sprint in sheer fright. They move very fast and their size may vary from 3 to 6 inches or even bigger. If you see a lizard crawling on your wall, don’t get anxious. Before you switch on to any home remedies to get rid of lizards, clean out the piles of newspaper, magazines, laundry, messy kitchen and throw out the garbage as soon as possible. The lizard repellents available in the market can be harmful to your pets and children. Here are some eco-friendly ways to drive out lizards from your home.

home remedies to get rid of lizardsHome Remedies for Lizards

1. Egg Shells

Lizards will leave the place because the odor of eggs will make lizards assume that there is another organism present in the premises. Keep some egg shells around the corners of your house, doors, and windows (1).

2. Coffee Powder

This is a very effective method to get rid of lizards. Combine tobacco and coffee powder and make balls. Keep the prepared balls on every corner of the house and the places where lizards hide the most. After eating these balls, they will either die or move away from your house (2).

3. Garlic

Lizards cannot stand the smell of garlic. This remedy may sound weird to you, but hanging some garlic cloves around your house will keep the lizards away (3).

  • Alternatively, you can place some garlic cloves in the corners and the entrances of the house or spray garlic juice in the lizard-prone areas.

4. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray irritate lizards. This remedy will make them run away. Prepare a solution by mixing crushed black pepper and water. Spray this solution all around the house, in kitchen racks, under the stove, fridge and tube light corners (4).

5. Onion

Onion contain sulphur compounds which are responsible for bad odour. Lizards can’t tolerate the pungent smell of onion. Hang some onions around all the doors, windows and all the other possible entrances. Or else, keep some onions in the areas encroached by the lizards. This creepy reptile will leave the place soon (5, 6).

  • Alternatively, you can spray a solution made of onion juice and water to repel the lizards.

6. Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls keep the lizards far away from home. Just place them in the corners, wardrobes, under the stove, water sinks and entrance of your dwelling. This is the most prevalent home remedy for lizards (7).

  • You may also use moth balls in place of naphthalene balls.

7. Flypaper

Flypaper not only traps the flies, but also lizards. Paste this paper on the wall. The lizards will stick to it and then you can easily throw them away from your house (8).

8. Cold Water

Spray ice-cold water on lizard whenever you see it. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to get rid of lizards. The cold water will make them immobile for a while. You can throw it away while it is still (9).

9. Tabasco Sauce

Like black pepper spray, lizards also hate the smell of spicy Tabasco sauce too. Mix 2 teaspoons of this sauce with water and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the window panes, back of the cupboards or corners of the house, to keep the lizards away (10).

10. Peacock Feathers

Place peacock feathers at the places where you generally see the lizards. Since peacocks eat lizards, so you can scare these reptiles by putting peacock feathers at the entrance (11).

11. Phenyl Tablets

Just place the phenyl tablets at all the possible entryways of your house. The smell of phenyl repels the lizards and keeps them away from your house.

12. Cardboard Box Method

If you do not want to harm the lizard in any way, then simply trap it in a cardboard box and throw it away.


  • Keep your house clean, mop the floor regularly and, specially, after every meal.
  • Use metal screens to cover the window openings (12).
  • Light attracts lizards, so try to keep lights off when you discover any lizard outside the home.
  • You can also own a cat. It will surely help you out.
  • Just keep your home insect free. If lizards do not find their prey, they will naturally leave the place.
  • Place your furniture 6 inches away from the wall.
  • Block small openings using sealants like foam, silicone, steel wool, etc (13, 14, 15).
  • Proper sanitation help reduce lizards (16).


  • Do not keep the trash cans filled for long as these attract the lizards.
  • Do not keep the windows and gates open for long.
  • Don’t spill food on the floor.
  • Avoid hanging lot of pictures as lizards love to hang out behind them.
  • Drain out the standing water.


  1. Thank you for sharing soo many natural ways of avoiding a lizard. I do not like using sprays or unnatural methods that could harm the people or environment. However these creepy creatures are a nuisance to me.

  2. Why not embrace the lizards that are in your space eating the things that will actually harm you and/or carry diseases? (such as roaches). Why the hell do people kill things that benefit them? I think this article is disgusting with its tips on how to kill these creatures instead of encouraging you to do the right thing and leave them alone or capture and release outside! One of the most common insects to bite humans and cause pain are the little white house spiders that we all find in our homes. Geckos, who only come out at night, love to eat these.. they also eat wasps that get into your home. Why would you want to kill them and let the others in? Learn to live with nature and you’ll be much happier and healthier! PLEASE!

    • The article is primarily giving suggestions on how to keep them away, not kill them. I cannot embrace the lizards in my home because they are pooping all over my furniture and spare bed. This is disgusting. It’s also a pain to constantly clean up their messes.

      • They may look creepy but they are harmless.
        I do agree with Erin regarding their droppings on the furniture and floor.
        I solved most of my problem by not only netting the windows but also closing the
        holes on the aluminium frames at the joints, where they easily run to hide.

      • I second that! There are a lot of lizards where we vacation every year and the mere sight of them makes my skin crawl. Eww! There are no screens on the windows and the balcony door and I’m terrified one of the creepy crawlies will find its way into my room.

      • OMG yes, I was going up a long concrete staircase outdoors and as I was approaching, a lizard previously unseen to me ran across the step. I got so scared that I almost fell backwards down the stairs.

    • Some people have a fear of them, you know. Like myself. I see one in the room and I will instantly have a panic attack, regardless if they are harmless or not. It’s not something I can control. The presence of them, however, is something I can. And this article helps.

  3. They are are not harmful but they getting my house dirty. They make poop everywhere, in my room, window, and on the floor. I always clean my house, mopped the floor but after a while, I saw them again. So thank you for this useful tips. I will try it all and hopefully I’ll get rid off those lizards!

  4. Your article seemed really good and full of worthwhile content. Please also suggest if there are any medicines preferably herbal to make these creepy creatures disappear for a lifetime.

  5. i have lizard poop on the bed almost every day. However I am not sure where the lizard is. The room has false ceiling what do you think i should do ?

  6. I’ve read they are carriers of chiggers so not completely harmless. chiggers in most parts of the world don’t carry disease but the mosquito like wounds they leave are incredibly itchy. lizards around the house never bothered me in the past because they eat most insects. now that i have been infected by chiggers I’m no longer ignoring lizards in the house.

  7. But what should I do if the house in question is a B&B, not my home? The lush yard is full of tiny lizards and I’m terrified of them and the idea of finding one in my room. So how do I keep them from climbing the wall and coming into my 2nd floor room through the balcony door that must be kept open because of the heat?

  8. Just encountered a lizard in my house last week and this morning and the first thing I grab is a broom to kill it or get it out by any means necessary. I hate lizards and I can kill my insects in the house. What I cannot tolerate is a lizard in my house and I HATE LIZARDS, PERIOD!


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