13 Workout Hacks for Building Muscle

Workout Hacks for Building Muscle
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You must have observed that everyone talks about building muscles because they want an appealing physique; especially men, but increasingly women too. That’s because the athletic look is in these days. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, muscles also exhibit positive qualities like self-discipline & control and come in handy when you need to do the occasional physical work like carrying large suitcases or help moving furniture. But they are actually useful too. They safeguard you against obesity, maintain good metabolic health & bone strength in old age, improve disease recovery, and reduce the risk of injury. All in all, muscle building is a stop-gap solution to avoid the inevitable fall of strength & ability. So, everyone should take up weight training without the apprehension of gaining big and bulky muscles. We are here to enlighten you with a few hacks that help build muscles quickly. Read on to know more.


Workout Hacks for Building Muscle

1. Selective Timing

Choosing the right time to workout plays an extremely important role in maximizing the output of training. As advised by fitness experts, one shouldn’t start his/her day with workout early in the morning. The risk of injury is high because vertebral discs get filled with fluids during sleep. In case, morning is the only suitable time, make sure you are extra cautious while exercising and not end up getting injured.

2. Weights Precede Cardio

One should always go for weights before cardio because it involves fastened heartbeat, which is directly proportional to the fat burned by the body. Doing cardio involves burning a lot of energy. You get tired & frustrated by the end of cardio routine which doesn’t leave you with enough energy to go for weight-lifting.

3. Proper Nourishment

It is ideal to consume a small meal, which is rich in protein every 3 to 4 hours depending on your body mass index. This ensures your body regenerates energy, and you are always in high spirits. While you need to make sure that calories are good; avoid eating junk food like chips, burgers, and fries.

4. Snack Bars

Try consuming a protein heavy snack within first 15-20 minutes of wrapping up the training session. Due to its satiating properties, you won’t linger on unhealthy junk food after the strenuous workout, and the tired muscles will get required re-energizing fuel. Balance this diet with a good amount of carbohydrates; the combo helps in fast and healthy muscle building. Have snack bars that are easily available in the market make an easy alternative.

5. Hydration

Keep yourself hydrated during the workout. Getting affected by cramps or fatigue is a common sight amongst rookie trainers. The best way to avoid this situation is to drink water during and post-workout in limited quantity. It helps you stay refreshingly healthy and recovery time is minimal.

6. Warm Up

Warming up before a workout plays a strategic role in the exercise session. Pre-workout stretching or yoga activity diminishes the probability of muscle strain during an intensive workout and increases mobility. Cooling down is equally necessary to help muscles realign after a dynamic workout. Few minutes of stretching or a 10 minute oil massage is highly constructive.

7. Effective Movement

An important part of workout involves having an in-depth knowledge of which muscles need to stressed upon and which does not. Switching between these alternate muscle motions is effective when the aim is to tone certain body parts. Beginners are advised to follow these compound workouts but then they have a downside too. If the weaker muscles of the group get tired in the process, your stronger muscles won’t get enough stimulation for a compelling workout session. Therefore, it impacts the overall growth.

8. Climb the Ladder

Don’t get stuck with a stagnant weight lifting routine. That doesn’t help at all in muscle building process. Push your muscles to achieve a higher aim for fast growth. Gradual 5-10% increase in weights every week yields best results without the risk of muscle pull or immediate strain.

9. Appropriate Amount

The time spent in the gym plays a significant role in planning your workout. Besides, too much time spent in weight-lifting doesn’t fasten the muscle building process. Working out for an hour per day is sufficient. It provides your tired body cells ample time to rest and rejuvenate.

10. Observe Your Posture

If possible do your weight-lifting exercise in front of a mirror where you can see yourself. It helps maintain a proper posture by elongating your muscles fully, which maximizes the output. A wrong posture may lead to a serious injury, so it is better to go slow and be convinced that you are lifting properly. The trainer can help you with a proper technique.

11. Adequate Tempo

Instead of worrying about the time it takes to complete the cycle of lift, hold & release, one must concentrate on powerful movements at an increased tempo. This will strain your fast-twitch muscles, and the results will be evident soon enough.

12. Rest & Recover

The secret to an effective workout is to let your muscles recover from the daily weariness. The strategy involves working out hard till the muscles give up. But, before starting with the same routine, recharge your muscles for a couple of days with a refreshing break.

13. Mental Peace

It is necessary to keep your mind calm to achieve the desired effectiveness of your exercise routine. High stress situations result in increased cortisol level and decreased testosterone content, which damages the muscles. So, don’t be stressed.


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