14 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats
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Rats are horrible, dirty rodents that can be found in and outside the house. For survival, rats require shelter, water, and enough food. And if your home provides these three things, it is a tough task to get rid of them. Rats as well as their smaller relatives, mice, are attracted to garbage, pet food, compost bins or food droppings. In addition, they carry more than 20 diseases, and can be really dangerous. Though you keep your home clean, these furry interlopers always find a way to enter. Everyone worries about how to get rid of rats when they find them in their kitchen, yard, shed or house. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our home remedies for rats will keep them away from the house and out of sight.

Home remedies to get rid of ratsHow to Get Rid of Rats

1. Moth Balls

mothballMothballs tend to repel the rats. These are readily available in the market and are easy-to-use. Place a few in your attic to keep the rats away.

Note: Avoid placing these mothballs inside the house as its smell is harmful to humans. Take proper care that you do not touch it with bare hands.

2. Ammonia

ammoniaMix 2 spoons of detergent, a quarter glass of water and 2 cups of regular ammonia in a bowl. Place it where rats appear frequently.

Since rats can’t stand the smell of ammonia; hence, this remedy will do the job.

3. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oilPeppermint oil can be used to prevent rats as they can’t stand its pungent smell. All you have to do is dip some cotton balls in the peppermint oil and place them in the rat-prone area.  It will surely give satisfactory results.

  • Alternatively, citronella and castor oil can also be used.
  • Or else, grow mint plants around the boundaries of your home.

4. Owl’s Feather

owlOwl’s feather will scare the rats and force them to run away. Try placing some owl’s feather inside the holes of these intruders.

  • Alternatively, if you can’t find one, keep some plastic snakes in your garden to get rid of rats in the yard.

5. Pepper

chilli pepperThe pungent smell of pepper makes it hard for the rats to breathe and threatens their survival. Simply sprinkle some crushed pepper around the corners and the holes where they reside. You will notice positive results. Repeat the process if necessary.

6. Bay Leaf

bay leavesRats think of bay leaf as their food and tend to eat it. But, it actually kills them.

Put some bay leaves in the rat-prone area. Keep repeating the process until all of them are gone.

7. Onions

onionIt is a very effective remedy to get rid of rats naturally. The smell of onions is odious to these nasty rodents. Just slice an onion and keep it inside or near their holes.


8. Make Your Own Trap

trapTrapping is one of the best ways to get rid of rats fast. You can take a humane trap and put bait in it to attract the rat. Peanut butter and cheese are the rat’s favorite. As the rat tries to eat this, it will be caught in the trap. After this, you can leave it in the woods or far away from your home so that it never comes back.

Note: You can add boric acid in the peanut butter to make it more effective.

Note:  Wear latex gloves while using this remedy.

9. Dried Snake Litter/ Cat Litter

snakeBuy some of the dried snake litter from a pet store or zoo and keep it near the places where rats are more likely to visit. Rats will not come there again because of the fear of snake.

  • Alternatively, you can also use cat’s litter. However, if the rat is infected with toxoplasmosis, it strangely may actually be attracted to cats and cat litter (a very weird side effect of the disease)

Note: Keep it out of the reach of pets and children.

10. Human Hair

human hairIt may sound weird, but rats can’t bear the sight of the human hair. This can be an effective way to repel rats. Clip a few strands and throw them inside the holes of rats, or at the places they tend to visit the most. As the rats will eat the hair, they will die.

11. Cow Dung

cow dung It is a stinky process but one of the best ways to prevent these rodents. Take some cow dung cakes and spread them in your attic or garden. When rats eat the cow dung, it will inflame their stomach and lead them to die. Thus, helps get rid of rats outside the house.

12. Sound

ultra sonicAll rodents communicate and hear in ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic sound emitters can be purchased from good hardware stores. This sound not only hurts them, but also makes their ears bleed.

A sharp noise-making sound box is all you need to make them run away.

13. Baby Powder

talcum powderAlthough this method is not that effective; however, you may try it once. Sprinkle the baby powder on the corners and around the rat-prone area.

This powder intoxicates the rodents and helps you get rid of them to some extent.

14. Steel Wool

steel woolWant to get rid of rats in the walls? Create barriers using steel wool. It is harder for rats to nibble the steel wool.

So, find out their access point and block the way.

how to get rid of ratsDo’s

  • Always keep the home and attic clean.
  • Seal all the possible entries of the rats using caulk.
  • Keep your garbage cans neat and cover them with a lid.
  • You can also own a cat.
  • Remove all the food leftovers and grease from BBQ Grills.
  • When you experience the presence of these rodents, do clean the floor with a solution of bleach and water (equal proportion) to safeguard your family from any disease.
  • Clean the standing water from flower pots and other sources.
  • Cut down tall shrubs and weeds from your garden.


  • Do not spill food here and there.
  • Do not leave the food uncovered.


  1. I’ve found the ultrasonic emitters are not very effective. Perhaps not enough or in all the right places. Have one over kitchen counter and rats are running amok, which is why I’ve come here seeking other remedies.

    • I bought ultrasonic emitters, Harris brand. They have an option to turn on mice screaming sounds. This got rid of the mice that were visiting my kitchen but not the rats. What I am trying now is Ammonia solution as described above. Working. As I can’t find out how they are getting into my kitchen so I can seal it up… ammonia working now. Simpathatic to dealing with rodents….gaaaaads.

      P.S. like this page! Thanks homerememedyhacks.com

    • I too have failed with the ultrasonics. My Walker Coonhound is good for finding them outside, but she got bitten once by the mother of a nest of 13 babies! Mixed results from peppermint- probably needs to be fresh. Best results from peanut butter in traps. I plan on trying the bay leaves next. The owl leaves the tail and guts. The creek is 50 ft. from house. 10 ft from garden- rats get my potatoes . Rubber snakes may scare off my bird friends

  2. Steel wool isnt effective…i bought a new box of SOS pads and the little buggers chewed a hole in the box and actually took one!

  3. I’ve had rats as pets. The first time was accidental and I didn’t think I would want to keep her. I fell in love within a week. Anyhoo I’m not here to berate people for using traps or anything, just to share what I learned from the two I had. Mine were allowed to roam free in my house. They had a cage that was always open and they hung out in there often, they would also snuggle with me on the couch! My point is, since mine were roaming freely, I had to ensure they couldn’t get OUT, which is just reverse of your problems..keeping rats from coming IN. you will ALWAYS have a certain amount of crumbs near your kitchen, so ignore the “no crumb rule’. Altho..of course leaving food around my get you more than rats! I’ve never heard of using human hair…I could see that freaking them out, until they realize its harmless and decide to make cozy nests with your hair! Herbs and smells…well…I used alot of essential oils and can attest that like most animals, they are sensitive to the smells, and prefer not to smell them. They will however put up with it if they are determined to get someplace. If rats are anything..THEY ARR DETERMINED AND GENUIS.

    So…my tip is to simply ensure you have ZERO HOLES, CRACKS,FISSURES,BAD SEALS, ETC…because they will squeeze in tight spaces. Especially around pipes. Often there is a poor job of cutting drywall around pipes, and there are huge gaps left. You gotta close that up. Brillo/steel wool doesnt work, the idea is that they will cut their gums and mouth removing it..but they use their handy little hands too…and they just pull it right out.

    Close every single hole you have. That’s it. Check outside around your place, check inside, in the basement, behind cupboards,around plumbing and electrical boxes, duct work, etc..

    The worse thing you can do is poison them and have them die in your walls. They will smell, and you may never find the dead critters. Plus, the decaying rats will attract other small critters…which I’m sure isn’t the end goal for anyone.

    Use caukling, wood, and whatever else you have. Check often. Homes can slowly start moving, shrinking, and causing small openings. Mice and rats can squeeze thru shockingly small spaces. Something like a hole the size of a quarter is big enough for a rat to squish into. They can move their bones out of place while squeezing…and then realign them after they get thru.

    As long as you have an entrance, you may have guests. All those other methods are not solutions at all. Aand if they work by chance, they wont work permanently. Rats are smart and figure out what is a rude pretty quick.

    You cant blame the lil buddies for wanting to come in when winter approaches, or when they want to have a nest and a bunch of kiddie rats!

    I’ve NEVER gotten sick from rats, unless you get seriously bitten and swallow their saliva, you’ll be fine. Jesus. They will probably steal your small items tho ..and drag them into their nests. Mine took match packs, money (bills) , underwear, socks, popcorn, lids to drinks, cigarettes,pens,hats,and even caught my girl slowly trying her best to drag my heavy winter boot into her pile! So if you start missing items, think twice before accusing a friend or family member…could be rat making her nest. Mostly females drag things around.

    Just PLEASE dont use that sticky tape stuff. Its horrific, doesnt kill them, and you’ll hear them screaming and kicking around for days. They starve to death while stuck..its bad. And then you get to hear it all, and maybe even have one chew its legs or feet off to escape. Just trap them and drop em off someplace else…PLEASE!

    Better yet…SEAL ALL YOUR CRACKS AND ENTRANCES, and not only avoid a pest problem, but you’ll save money in winter by sealing all your drafty spots!


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