14 Post-Workout Hacks to Energize Yourself

Post Workout Hacks
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Keeping your body fit demands a lot of care. Beginners will have to drag their lazy bum out of the bed and push themselves to do a crunching workout. It requires inspiration, often termed these days as “fitspiration”. To achieve this fitness perfection, a consistent workout is highly important while making sure that you do not overdo the physical routine.

Reading those good-old inspiring quotes or pasting those motivational posters on the walls of your rooms would help you a good deal, that way you’ll always manage to find ways to go for workout. The most common excuse to skip workout is, “I feel tired after a workout and don’t feel like doing anything.” And yes, we’ve all been there, done that. Those who are still following the same excuse, we have a solution for you right here. Below mentioned are 14 effective hacks that will minimize post-workout discomfort to help you rejuvenate and get back the lost energy.


Post-Workout Hacks to Energize Yourself

1. Airflow Apparel

The apparel that you wear plays an important role, during and after the workout stage. Be it your shoes, pants or clothing. If the apparel you are wearing successfully keeps you cool and dry, you won’t feel tired even after a strenuous workout. Such Dri-fits and Climacool options are available in abundance in the market, which let you breathe and wick away the heat and sweat generated by the body.

2. Hair Tie

At the time of work out, your long tresses may irritate you. They keep getting tangled, cause itchiness on the forehead, neck, and back. The best way to avoid this situation is to use a fabric hair tie, which helps you stay cool and keeps sweat at bay. Fabric hair bands also avoid hair creases.

3. Towel

A workout is synonymous with sweat. It is this sweat that makes you look like a dull, tired mule post workout. Keep a dry towel, handy at all times during the workout session. Make a point to not touch your face during and after a workout. Because when you wipe away the sweat from your hands, the bacteria that transmits, chokes down all the pores and causes breakdown.

4. Cool Down

Lowering your body temperature may prevent sweating. An easy way to do so is keeping your hands and neck under cold running water; neck being the most effective cooling pulse point.

5. Deodorant

Aftermath of a sweating workout session is pungent bad odor. Sweat-proof deodorants take care of this situation since they last long enough and survive a complete workout session. If needed, reapply the deodorant post-workout to keep sweat and odor away. Roll-on deodorant is another alternative.

6. Dry Shampoo

Keeping your hair sweat free despite using fabric bands and towels is actually impossible. So, remove the moisture around your hairline and back of the neck using a blow-dryer. Next, spray a dry shampoo to the roots and sweaty spots. Once done, use a comb to fuzz out the excess amount. Finally, apply some light oil for shining hairs.

7. Fresh Wipes

It is important to cleanse your face post workout to remove any traces of sweat generated during the workout. There are various kinds of dry and wet wipes available in the market that helps you purify the face tissue. These wipes also act as skin cleansers and don’t require water application.

8. Makeup Bag

It is ideal to keep a small makeup bag with you containing curler, mineral powder, mascara, concealer, and a brow pencil. Once done with face cleansing, apply a light coat of concealer and powder over sweaty areas. Also, use a coat of mascara to fix the eyelashes. Try not to apply too much makeup for you’ll naturally blush.

9. Body Spray or Oil

Use a body spray or essential body oil to keep yourself in positive spirits. There are various kinds available in the market such as lavender, rose, cherry, mango, raspberry, and nutmeg that help you relax. Choose as per your liking, for a fresh aroma and soothing effect.

10. Sponge Sheets

It is a good practice to keep oil absorbing sheets in your bag. These sheets absorb the oil that comes onto the surface of skin after the tedious workout. So, to avoid this oiliness and to maintain the radiance of skin, utilise these sheets.

11. Hydrate

Dehydration is literally your biggest enemy post-workout. Drink a bottle of water once done with the workout session to keep you fresh and hydrated. It helps maintain the glow of the skin for hours and improves the bodily functions. Alternatively, one can consume a sports energy drink because of its ability to replenish vitamins, minerals and electrolytes easily.

12. Nourishment

Make sure to eat something within 60 minutes after you are done with the workout. It helps your body recover fast, repair the worn out tissues and keeps you enthusiastic for next task. Your diet should comprise high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Alternatively, you can eat fruits or a chocolate energy bar.

13. Smoothie

A glass of milk helps immediately recover the muscle damage if taken right after the training session. Milk is one the best beverages to consume after a strenuous workout session; for it contains every essential nutrient – carbohydrates, calcium, protein, vitamin, and electrolytes. Drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice is equally energizing. The refreshing taste revitalizes the sensory organs and helps you stay active throughout the day. A rich smoothie serves both the purposes at same time.

14. Music

Good music acts as a great source of powerful vibes during and post workout. It distracts you from the burning pain and intensifies your energy level. Keep updating the playlist every once in a while before it gets monotonous.


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