14 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Tofu

Benefits of Tofu

Tofu is a neutral tasting bean curd, extracted from soybean milk. It is an amazing adaptable food that can absorb flavours from soups, sauces, spices or any other ingredient paired with it. This versatile food has a gelatine-like texture, and can be cooked very easily.  You can use it with dark chocolate to make desserts or spice up with your favorite dishes. The nutritional profile of tofu boasts heart-healthy fats, protein, calcium, magnesium and many more. It is an outstanding substitute for seafood and meat. Baked, smoked, roasted or fried tofu serves as an extremely beneficial meal. Nowadays, it is greatly consumed throughout the world considering its health benefits. Whether its heart disorder or obesity or any allergic reactions, tofu helps alleviate several ailments. In this article, you can explore some remarkable health and beauty benefits of tofu.

health and beauty benefits of tofu

Health Benefits of Tofu

1. Prevents Cancer

Tofu is high in selenium – an antioxidant, which reduces the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Genistein present in the fermented tofu blocks the formation of a tumour.

2. Combats Heart Ailments

Tofu contains omega three fatty acids that prevent the blood clotting and arteries blockage; thus, reduces the risk of heart stroke. Besides, it depletes the amount of low-density lipoprotein in the body and protects an individual from cardiovascular ailments.

3. Helps During Menopause

It is rich in isoflavones, which are useful during menopause and help reduce the severity of various symptoms, like hot flashes. Also, the abundance of calcium in tofu alleviates the risk of bone loss and maintains bone density during the menopause stage.

4. Trim Down Extra Fat

Tofu is a low-fat food with a small content of cholesterol. The presence of peptins in tofu wards off the blending of various fatty acids in the cells that help control obesity. If you are among those striving to shed a few kilos then incorporate tofu into your everyday diet.

5. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Tofu is a fermented food; hence the yeasts and bacteria present in it break the protein (like conglycinin and glycinin) into peptide particles that benefit the body in numerous ways. For instance, it lowers the blood pressure, reduces inflammation, etc. Some of these peptides obstruct angiotensin-converting-enzyme that raises blood pressure. In this way, tofu normalizes the high blood pressure.

6. Boost Immunity

A healthy diet plays an important role in building strong immune system. Since, tofu is an extremely nutritious food that provides a shield against several bacterial infection and diseases that are caused due to low immunity.

7. Good For Expecting Mothers

Eating a moderate amount of tofu during pregnancy proves beneficial for the development of an unborn baby. The content of calcium, iron and protein in this soya food prevents premature birth, morning sickness, reduces bad cholesterol and helps build strong bones.

8. Prevents Liver Dysfunction

Tofu is packed with different types of coagulant that regulates proper functioning of the liver by protecting it against free radicals.

9. Control Diabetes

Any food high in protein and low in carbohydrates helps lower the blood sugar level. Since tofu is packed with these attributes hence, suggested to diabetic patients. Besides, certain fibres in this super food decrease the absorption of carbohydrates. Add it to soup or have it in baked or grilled form.

10. Regulates Menstruation Cycle

The unsaturated fatty acid present in boiled tofu warms up the body and boosts the circulation. Its calcium and vitamin B content alleviates the nerve pain and decreases irritability caused during periods.

11. Improves Haemoglobin Level

Iron is an essential mineral that leads to the production of haemoglobin. Since tofu is a tremendous source of iron, it helps increase haemoglobin levels in the blood. Thus, protect your body from diseases, like anaemia.

12. Strengthens Bones

Tofu is rich in calcium, and well off with isoflavones. Both these elements help strengthen the bones and reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Besides, this food is enriched with soy protein that keeps bones healthy.

Beauty Benefits of Tofu

13. Inhibits Aging Process

Tofu retains the elasticity of your skin. It combats the aging signs and tightens facial muscles. For supple and youthful look, use tofu paste on the skin.

14. Protect your Precious Strands

Consumption of tofu on a regular basis induces hair growth and strengthens them. It helps restore the keratin, a protein essentially required for the hair growth. Thus, it is an easy and affordable way of maintaining healthy locks.


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