15 Homemade Pregnancy Tests to Detect Pregnancy

homemade pregnancy tests

Becoming a mother is a major turning point in every woman’s life. Getting pregnant is a moment of happiness worth million dollars. There are many signs, like missed periods, vomiting, tender breasts, feeling of nausea and swollen feet that indicate that you are expecting a baby. But, before you lift up your hopes and rush to the doctor, it is better to have a pregnancy test at home. How early can you take a home pregnancy test? Well, it can be performed four days before your missed periods. Here are some of the easy homemade pregnancy tests that will help you unveil the suspense, whether you are pregnant or not.

Things to Keep in Mind before Using Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  • Be very careful while using any of the tests and ensure that you are carrying out them in the right way.
  • After taking the test at home, don’t forget to visit the doctor to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Be wise while choosing the ingredients for the test, as some of them (like bleach) might be harmful to you.

What is the Basic of These Tests?

Pregnancy tests are carried out to find out the presence of hCG (pregnancy hormone) in the urine. This hormone is released when a woman expects a baby. The amount of hCG in the urine determines if you are pregnant or not.

homemade pregnancy tests

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

1. Sugar

It is the easiest home pregnancy test.  Use your morning urine for this test. Take three tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. Now urinate on the sugar. If it dissolves, the test is negative, and if it forms blocks, the result is positive.

2. Urine Test

Accumulate your urine in a bottle. Place that bottle on a flat surface and do not touch it. Let it stay for 24 hours. After that, check it. If there is a thin white layer at the top of it, then the result is positive; otherwise, negative.

3. Dandelion Leaves

Take some dandelion leaves, cut them and place them in a container. Do not expose them to sunlight. Now drink sufficient amount of water to fill your bladder fully. Urinate on the leaves so that they get immersed in the urine. After 10 minutes, check the leaves. If they have red humps on them, then you are pregnant. It is one of the best home pregnancy tests.

4. Wheat

Put some urine on the mixture of wheat and barley seeds. If they get sprouted, then you have good news to share with your friends and relatives.

5. Pines

Take different parts of a pine tree, like twigs and needles. Now mix them and urinate on the mixture. Keep it still for 10 minutes. If the color of pine mixture changes, then it indicates positive result.

6. Mustard Powder

Put some fresh mustard powder in hot bath water. Now immerse your body in hot water for 20 minutes. Then take a normal shower. If your period starts the following day, you are not pregnant, and if there are no periods, you have some good news.

7. Bleach

Take your urine sample in a plastic cup and mix some bleach in it. If this mixture starts producing foam, then you are pregnant.

Note – The fumes resulting from this mixture can cause a problem in breathing, so perform this test in an aerated area, to prevent its side effects.

8. Soap

It is a very trouble-free test to perform. Just take a small piece of soap and pour some urine on it, if the soap starts forming foam, then you are pregnant.

9. Vinegar

In this test, tuna juice and vinegar are used. Just take ¼ cup each of vinegar and tuna juice. Now urinate in another cup and add urine to this mixture. If the color of the mixture becomes green, the result is positive, and if it is yellowish-orange, then the result is negative.

Note – In the second test there is no exact amount of vinegar and urine mentioned. So this test is not that accurate.

10. Wine

Take some wine and mix it with urine. A clear urine or lemony color indicates pregnancy.

11. Toothpaste

Take a spoonful of toothpaste in a plastic container and then add your urine to it. If the color of the urine changes to blue then the result is positive.

Note – Use white color toothpaste to reduce the chances of fake results.

12. Peroxide and Tylenol Mixture

In this test, you have to use your morning urine. Take urine, and add peroxide and Tylenol to it in equal ratios. If this liquid turns blue, then you are expecting.

13. Latch Test

This test was very popular in the 1400s. You will have to wait for 3 hours to get the result. Place a latch in a bowl and fill it with your urine. After 3 hours, take it out. If the outline of the latch appears on the bottom of the bowl, then the result is positive.

14. Onion Test

This test was very popular among ancient Greeks. At that time, doctors used to insert an onion in the woman’s vagina and let it be there for a night. If next day woman’s breath is detected with the smell of onion, then she is pregnant.

15. Pine-Sol

Mix pine-sol with fresh urine. Wait for a minute. If the color changes, you are pregnant.


    • Hi Nimisha,
      Food aversions, urge to pee, nauseous and bloated feeling, and mood swings are some of the initial signs of pregnancy. However, you can carry out a test using pregnancy detection strips.What you need to do is, collect your urine in a cup and immerse the test strip into the cup. Most test strips produce a colored line (but this will depend on the brand you purchased), if you are pregnant. In case your first test is negative, but still you think you are expecting, carry out the test again after several days. If you are pregnant, hCG will increase rapidly and you may get a positive result on later days.

  1. I have done salt pregnancy test and a cheese formed content occur in the top. Next day I test with isure pregnancy kit. Then the result is negative. Why dis. Which one I believe. Sex after 13 day’s later I have done these.


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