15 Super Foods to Overcome Anemia

Super Foods to Overcome Anemia
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Do you get tired after every minor physical activity or experience weakness, memory loss, depression, and tingling sensation on legs and hands? If so, you might be suffering from anemia. When hemoglobin level and RBC (red blood cell) count in the blood plummets below the normal, it leads to anemia. This blood disorder can occur to anyone irrespective of sex and age, but in comparison to men, women are found to be more affected by anemia. Then how to tackle this disorder? Here, we have compiled a list of some super foods that help combat anemia in a natural manner.


1. Seafood

Seafood has an abundance of iron. One should eat shellfish such as oysters and mussels and fatty fish like tuna and salmon to speed up the process of cell repairing. Besides curing the deficiency of iron, seafood also provide you relief from weariness, dizziness, and coldness.

2. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent package of protein and antioxidants, restore vitamins that one lose during anemia. When eggs are consumed with a glass of orange juice, it enhances the assimilation of iron. In addition to this, regular intake of eggs strengthens your bones and joints.

3. Peanut Butter

Spread peanut butter on your sandwich and eat it along with a glass of orange juice in your breakfast. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter comprise 0.6mg of iron. Munch on a handful of roasted peanuts if you don’t like the taste of peanut butter.

4. Whole Grain Bread

A slice of whole grain bread fulfills six percent (6%) of every day requirements of iron. Since whole grain bread is loaded with several other nutrients, it helps improve biological functions and fight off various ailments.

5. Red Meat

The heart, liver and kidney of red meat (like pork and beef) are loaded with heme iron which can be easily absorbed by your body. You will be surprised to know that beef liver comprises over 600% of your every day iron requirements.

6. Tomatoes

Eat at least one tomato daily or drink a glass of tomato juice to improve the ability of your body to absorb iron. Vitamin E and beta-carotene content of tomatoes works wonders for your hair and skin.

7. Beetroot

Beetroot, whether consumed as salad or juice, helps improve the count of red blood cells. You need to include beetroot in your daily diet to alleviate anemia and repair and reactivate RBCs.

8. Honey

Besides containing a good amount of iron, honey also has loads of magnesium and copper which raise hemoglobin count in the blood. You just need to add a tbsp of honey to a glass of fresh lemon juice. Drink it early in the morning as the first thing to ward off anemia.

9. Nuts

Nuts, especially apricot nuts and pistachio, increase the levels of iron in your blood. Take them daily as breakfast snack or afternoon snack.

10. Soybeans

All the beans are an excellent source of iron. But, before cooking them, you need to soak them in warm water for a night so as to reduce the content of phytic acid (a compound that inhibits the absorption of iron). Among all beans, soybean has the highest amount of iron. They are also a high-protein and low-fat food.

11. Spinach

Spinach is well-off in beta-carotene, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin A, B9, E and C. All these make it a perfect super food for fulfilling the deficiency of iron. It also fortifies the immune system. Include spinach in your green veggie salad or prepare soup by boiling the spinach leaves in one cup of water; and add seasoning.

12. Pomegranates

Pomegranate effectively treats exhaustion, dizziness, weakness and other symptoms of anemia. Being rich in vitamin C and iron, it boosts up the flow of blood in the body. You can either munch on pomegranate seeds or drink its juice on daily basis, for better results.

13. Dark Chocolate

Treat yourself with dark chocolates to keep anemia at bay and improve the poor circulation of blood. 100 grams of dark chocolate contain 17mg of iron. But, consumption of chocolates alone won’t help you. You must have it in combination with other iron-rich foods.

14. Molasses

1 tablespoon of molasses has almost 3.2mg of iron. Add molasses to your baking, in order to augment the taste and fulfill the insufficiency of iron.

15. Dried Fruits

Eat dried fruits instead of fresh ones as they have more iron. Fruits like dried peaches, dates, dried apricots and raisins contain good amount of vitamin C and iron. Iron improves the hemoglobin count, and vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron in the blood.


    • Either will work. But I would recommend cooking the egg. Salmonella is present to a small degree in all raw eggs and you will always run the risk of food poisoning with raw eggs.


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