16 Superfoods for Strong and Healthy Teeth

superfoods for teeth

You can prevent gum ailments, tooth decay, and cavities by adopting oral health practices such as flossing and brushing. The wellbeing and strength of your teeth also depend on the food you eat. The most important nutrient for your dental health is calcium. Besides limiting intake of unhealthy food, you must also incorporate some superfoods in your diet, in order to get that dazzling smile. The following superfoods stimulate the production of saliva, provide essential nutrients for repairing tooth enamel, and neutralize the acid.


1. Milk

Drink milk on a regular basis. Milk fulfils the deficiency of vitamin D, phosphates and calcium in the body, thereby strengthen your teeth. You can opt for soy milk if you are latose intolerant or allergic to milk.

2. Cheese

People suffering from cavities must consume a small piece of cheese after having meal, in order to thwart further tooth decay. Phosphate and calcium in cheese neutralize acids in mouth. You can go for cheddar cheese, mozzarella (part-skim), provolone, ricotta (part-skim), Swiss, Romano, and pasteurized American cheese.

3. Apple

Apples prevent the formation of cavity, and increase the production of saliva in the mouth. Minerals and vitamins in apple improve the overall health of our teeth. Eat an apple daily to ensure the cleanliness of teeth.

4. Oranges

Vitamins C, D and calcium in oranges are said to be good for keeping your teeth in the pink. Orange juice averts tooth decay by removing harmful bacteria and cleansing your mouth naturally. Since orange juice is acidic in nature, it is recommended to floss and brush your teeth after consuming it.

5. Yogurt

Consumption of yogurt on a daily basis helps improve your dental health. Opt for plain and non-fat yogurt as it is a rich source of protein and calcium. You can combine yogurt with fresh berries or mix it in your smoothie.

6. Nuts

Nuts are loaded with several essential minerals and vitamins; for instance, walnuts are rich in zinc, potassium, vitamin B6 and E, niacin, magnesium, thiamine, iron, folic acid, and fiber; almonds are packed with calcium; and peanuts are well-off in vitamin D and calcium. Therefore, eat a handful of nuts every day to fortify your teeth.

7. Water

Water boosts up the production of saliva, strengthens the tooth enamel, and eliminates the toxins. Water also keeps a check on tooth erosion and removes the food particles that are stuck between teeth.

8. Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum fortifies the jaws and bones of teeth. Chewing gum also triggers the production of saliva which, in turn, keeps several dental problems at bay.

9. Tea

Polyphenols in tea thwart plaque-causing bacteria in the teeth. Green tea prevents formation of cavities by decreasing acidity in saliva.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains tannins which relieve inflammation of gums and tooth erosion, decrease acid production in mouth, and thus, reduce the risk of plaque build up and tooth decay.  Cocoa, on the other hand, boosts the flow of blood to the gums, making your teeth and gums healthier.

11. Liver

Liver protects teeth from damage by preventing free radicals. It significantly minimizes the perils of tooth decay and other gum ailments.

12. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin D that enables the body to absorb calcium, which is important to maintain the well-being of bones and teeth.

13. Oranges

Being rich in vitamin C, calcium increases the capacity of the body to absorb calcium, thus prevents tooth decay.

14. Shellfish

For the wellbeing of your teeth, eat shellfish (clams and mussels) and oysters as they are rich sources of vitamins A, B and D, magnesium, and calcium.

15. Bone Broth

Bone broth contains calcium which helps in the formation of collagen in bones, nails, and teeth.

16. Licorice

The antibacterial properties of licorice keep harmful bacteria at bay. It also acts as a natural breath freshner.


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