17 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Double Chin Fast

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Double Chin

Those bulges under your chin may impinge on your beauty and may be a reason of your distress. Both men and women can suffer from double chin. Overweight and loss of elasticity of skin due to aging result in extra layer of fatty tissue beneath the chin. Some genetic factors may also cause double chin. One can go for surgical procedure to get rid of double chin, but it may make a dent in your pocket. If you are looking for painless and pocket-friendly ways to eliminate extra fat, these home remedies will be beneficial for you.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Double Chin

1. Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil contains Vitamin E that helps protect skin from photoaging (1, 2).

Before you hit the sack, massage your skin in upward direction for 10 minutes and leave it overnight. Do it on a regular basis until you notice improvement.

  • Alternatively, consume foods that are rich in vitamin E.  For instance, green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy products, beans, barley, brown rice, nuts and seeds, peanuts, soybeans, etc., contain abundant vitamin E (3).
  • Moreover, you can apply a vitamin E capsule mixed with water on your double chin.

2. Green Tea

Green tea can increase the skin elasticity. It contains number of antioxidants that fight free radicals responsible for ageing (4, 5). The anti inflammatory properties of this herbal tea also protects skin from photoaging (6, 7).

  • You can use green tea bags to massage your skin.

3. Honey Melon

Honey melon contain Vitamin C which safeguards skin from photoaging (8, 9).

Peel and grind a melon to make its juice. Apply it on face and neck using a cotton ball.Massage gently and leave it for 20 minutes. And apple juice can also be added.

  • Besides, eating a melon also gives effective results.

4. Milk Cream Massage

Milk contain calcium and vitamin D (10). Calcium plays an important role in the process of skin ageing (11).

Moisturize your face with milk cream and massage for a couple of minutes. It will add more elasticity to your skin and tone the chin area.

  • Besides, you can also apply honey and milk mask. Clean it with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.

5. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

To prevent double chin, it is important to tone your facial muscles. One of the easiest ways to exercise your jaw is simply chewing a sugarless gum every day. It also helps maintain healthy gums and teeth.

6. Egg Whites

Egg white contain protein which plays a vital role in maintaining skin elasticity  (12, 13).

Egg whites not only reduce double chin but tighten the skin as well. Make a homemade face pack of egg white, epsom salt and vinegar. Apply this paste using a cotton pad on your chin to see some amazing results.

7. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter contain polyphenols which improves the elasticity of your skin and reduces the extra fat on your face  (14, 15).

Warm a few tbsp of cocoa butter in microwave and gently massage your face with it. Repeat this twice a day before you take a bath in the morning and before you hit the hay.

8. Glycerin

Glycerin improves skin elasticity, hence it is used as a remedy to get rid of double chin.

Combine one tbsp of glycerin, few drops of peppermint oil and half tbsp of epsom salt.

Apply the pack on your chin and neck area to get rid of a twin chin. After a couple of minutes, rinse your face with cool water. Do this 4-5 times a week.

9. Olive Oil

The high level of anti oxidants in olive oil safeguard the skin from damage by free radicals (16).

Massage with warm olive oil for about 20 minutes a day in the morning to keep saggy double chin away.

10. Chamomile

Chamomile is a natural skin moisturising agent. Levomenol present in Chamomile possess anti inflammatory properties which help to maintain skin elasticity (17).

Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin

11. Tongue Press

Double chin exercises like tongue press can help you get rid of double chin. This exercise tightens the muscles in your chin to slowly make the double chin disappear.


Image Source : demandstudios.com

How to do it?

Step i: Stand with your back and neck straight.

Step ii: Look up by raising your head towards the ceiling.

Step iii: Press your tongue against the mouth’s roof.

Step iv: Without rounding your upper back, lower your chin towards your chest.

Step v: Slowly return back to the original position by straightening your neck and relaxing your tongue.

12. Neck Rotation

Your neck’s muscles get loose due to lack of exercise. This leads to accumulation of fat in your chin area and then you develop a double chin. Do neck rotation twice a day to get rid of double chin quickly.

13. Tennis Ball 

Use a tennis ball to exercise and reduce twin chin (18).

How to do it?

Step i: Take a tennis ball and keep it on your neck letting your chin hold it tight.

Step ii: Now firmly press the ball with your chin.

Step iii: Release the ball slowly and repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

14. Pout and Tilt

You can do this exercise anywhere- in a sitting or a standing position.

Step i: Form a pout with your lower lip by sticking it out. Now place a finger on your chin to make the skin feel wrinkly.

Step ii: Hold on this position for a few seconds.

Step iii: Keeping your lips out, lower your chin to your chest without letting your upper back lean.

Step iv: Hold this position for a few seconds and then return back to the original position.

Note: Perform 2 sets of 20 reps each.

15. Side Neck Stretch


Image Source : demandstudios.com

Step i: Sit straight on the floor and keep your one hand down, around the foot away from your hips.

Step ii: Slowly raise your other hand and take it to the other side in a way that your arm wraps around the top of your head.

Step iii: Now using your palm, press down your head towards the shoulder.

Step iv: Take off your other hand from the floor and place them on the upper arm.

Hold on this position for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side. Perform this exercise at least for 10 times.

16. Jaw  Stopper

Sit straight and move your jaws up and down as if you are chewing, but make sure to keep your lips remain closed so that your chin muscles get enough stretch. While doing this, breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. The whole exercise will take 90 seconds to complete.

17. Jaw Push/ Pigeon Face


Image Source : demandstudios.com

Step i: Put your thumb beneath your jaw bone, on one side of your jaw.

Step ii: Now place your index finger on the other corner of the jaw in the same place and gently press.

Step iii: Now slowly push forward and hold on for 30 seconds.

Note: Three reps of this exercise are enough once a day.

18. Head Lift


Image Source : demandstudios.com

Step i: Lie down straight with face-up on your bed and keep your neck on the edge of your bed.

Step ii: Contract the muscles at your neck’s front, and curl and lift your head to your chest. Your shoulders should be flat on the bed.

Step iii: Hold on for 10 seconds and then slowly return back to the starting position.

Note: Do 3 sets of 2 reps each. Take breaks between each rep to prevent dizziness.

There are some more exercises that you can do to maintain your facial appearance (19).


  • Stand and sit straight to keep your neck muscles tight.
  • Focus on what you eat and follow a healthy diet with limited calories intake.
  • Include weight training and cardio exercises.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use a thin pillow.


  • Slouching can not only increase double chin, but it will make it permanent. Avoid slouching to get rid of chin fat quickly.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  • While massaging your twin chin with warm oil you should only refer upward strokes. You must avoid downward or circular strokes to prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.


  1. The photos show hot, totally in-shape women who never ever had even a HINT of a double chin! Let’s see some ‘before & after’ pics of ACTUAL people doing your program.

  2. I am fingering my double chin. I am bothered by the long term chin loose fat. Just older age loose fat. I finger it as rapidly as I can but in public not to attract a lot of attention. This is a one-finger twtching and mild shake. JUST STARTED AND TRIED FOR 5 DAYS. i ONLY EXPECT SOME STIMULUS BUT DON’T KNOW. LOOKS LIKE NECK EXERCISES COULD BE MORE EFFECTIVE.


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