17 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Raccoons

Home Remedies for Raccoons
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Raccoons are the cute furry animals which are well-known for their destructive acts. They are mostly found in woody areas. You can also see them at places with water and abundant vegetation. Similar to possums and skunks, raccoons are nocturnal but are also awesome climbers. Ripped shingles, damaged crops (mainly corn and watermelon) and haphazard garden are some of the indications of invasion of these pesky creatures. Raccoons love eating fruits, vegetables, mice, and may even feed on garbage. Before raccoons set up their den in your home, use the following home remedies to get rid of them.


Home Remedies for Raccoons

1. Light and Sound

Raccoons are mostly active during night and love residing in peaceful areas. So, the best way to get rid of raccoons is to light up your area and surroundings and play loud music (12)

You can also use empty soda bottles. Fix them in the ground, when wind blows these bottles produce an eerie sound which is very annoying for raccoons (3).

2. Mothballs

To deter the entry of raccoons, place mothballs in your yard and inside the home. The smell of mothball is fatal to them (4,).

3. Remove the Vegetation

Raccoons are omnivorous and get attracted to certain crops like corn and watermelon. Avoid planting them for some time until you get rid of raccoons completely; else, nothing might stop them from making the place a mess for you. Cover the compost pile to get rid of raccoons in the attic (6).

4. Close the Entries

Seal all the access points with wooden planks, wired cloth or good quality net, to prevent the entry of raccoons in your home. You can also use newspaper for this purpose. Put multiple layers of newspaper in the compressed form in the crevices and holes (7, 8).

5. Ammonia

Raccoons can’t bear the smell of ammonia and would leave the place immediately Dip 5-6 tennis balls (as they will soak up ammonia well) and throw them at the place where you suspect them to live.

Alternatively, you can also put a small dish of ammonia near garbage container to avert raccoons (10).

6. Cayenne Pepper Solution

Make a solution by boiling cayenne pepper (1 cup) and 4-5 Habanero chilies in water. Allow it to cool and spray it around the main entries or holes from where the raccoons might come inside. You can also apply a coating of the solution made of cayenne pepper and water outside the garbage can (11).

Alternatively, spray cayenne pepper in garden as raccoons find it irritating (1213).

7. Trapping

One of the foolproof methods of getting rid of raccoons is by baiting and relocating them with the help of a trap. Raccoons get easily attracted to marshmallows and tuna fish, so you can make a trail of them and keep it in a trap. After they get trapped, you can leave them somewhere far (14, 15).

Note: Trapping is illegal in most of the states as raccoons carry several diseases with them. Local laws should be checked before trying this remedy.

8. Scary Devices

Many devices can be used to scare raccoons. Floodlights, radios, sprinklers and ultrasonic noise makers can work well to distract them (16).

Note: This is not so effective method to get rid of raccoons.

9. Predator Urine

It is a very good method to remove raccoons. Predator urine is very easily available at some stores and online sites. You can spray urine of wolves, bobcat, mountain lions or coyotes. It would lead raccoons to think that a predator is nearby, and they will escape as soon as possible (17).

10. Cucumber

Plant cucumber in your garden and adjacent to fencing as these critters can’t tolerate the smell of cucumbers.

11. Cinder Blocks

Put cinder blocks on the lids of the trash bins to keep the raccoons away.

12. Cover the Water Sources

Raccoons love to live in water bodies, so take care that you cover swimming pool at night. Put up a wired mesh in the pond so that they do not enter there (18).

13. Garlic

Garlic acts as an effective raccoon repellent home remedy (19). Crush garlic and chili powder together and spread it around the boundaries of your attic. You may even sprinkle it around the garden randomly near the crops. They will get irritated by the smell of garlic and leave your garden.

14. Vinegar

Place a cloth dipped in vinegar on food traps (). Raccoons hate taste of vinegar. They will run away on tasting vinegar.

15. Epsom salt

It is an excellent repellent. Spray Epsom salt in lawns and garden to avert raccoons ().

16. Vegetable Oil

If raccoons are crawling through grass, spray vegetable oil in garden and lawn as these creatures hate to get their coats oily (22).


  • Keep your yard and attic clean (23, 24).
  • Clean the spilled food immediately  (25).
  • Regularly wash all the trash bin (26).
  • Cut overhanging branches (27).
  • Use covered garbage cans and place them in an entry-way or garage (28).
  • Keep check in your home and property to make sure that are no openings or holes (29).
  • Seal all entrances permanently (30).


  • Do not use harmful chemicals to kill raccoons as they might be banned in your country.
  • Check the local laws before using the remedies to trap and kill the raccoons  (31).


  1. Hello, anyone know the best way to get rid of raccoons, because i live near the forest, and they often coming to my yard to swarming there, so i want to get rid them faster as i can!

  2. The bottom, the “don’ts” list, needs reworded. If someone who didn’t read all the way through the article above that list read it, they might think it means DON’T check local laws before trapping. That last one should be in the DOs, not the don’ts.

    I can verify that using ammonia around an area you want them out of does work. We have used that method for years to keep them out of our gardens, including where nice, inviting corn was waiting on the stalks!

  3. Thanks for the tip about covering all of the access points with something to keep raccoons from getting inside. I think I have raccoons in the attic of my house, and I’m not sure how to get rid of them. I’ll have to check to see if there’s a hole somewhere they’re using to get in there, but I think I’ll call a professional service to have them removed.

  4. Re solution #2
    2. Mothballs
    To deter the entry of raccoons, place mothballs in your yard and inside the home. The smell of mothball is fatal to them (4,).
    Did the author bother to read this reference?
    Reference 4 says this:

    Mothballs, blood
    meal, and a wide variety of other home
    remedies have been tried, also to no
    avail as raccoons are quick to adapt

  5. Not a great idea using Coyote urine. You may possibly get rid of the Raccoons, but then the coyote start to come smelling the urine. Terrible idea!


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