18 Easy Home Remedies to Remove Permanent Marker Stains

Home Remedies to Remove Permanent Marker

Are you trying hard to get rid of the stains of a permanent marker from your clothes and upholstery without causing any damage to it? Do you want to remove the permanent marker stains before your kids make a muddle by getting their hands on them? If you answered positively to the above questions, then consider reading our post to learn various home remedies to get rid of permanent marker stains. Heat and time are two key damaging factors that make these stains even more stubborn. Fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones. So, if you are struggling to learn how to remove permanent marker from your clothes and other belongings without any hassle, consider the following home remedies. Scroll down to learn more:

home remedies to remove permanent marker

Home Remedies to Remove Permanent Marker Stains


1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best home remedies to remove the stains of a permanent marker as it dissolves the ink effectively. All you need to do is pour a little rubbing alcohol on the stained area, rub it on the stains by using your finger, and the stain fades away quickly. Keep on rubbing the stained area till the stain of ink vanishes.

  • If you are applying the rubbing alcohol on your stained skin, then wash it off by using warm water and soap. Pat the skin dry gently.

2. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is another effective home remedy to prevent permanent marker stain. Just pour a few drops of nail polish remover on a small cotton ball. Now squeeze the cotton over the permanent marker stain on the fabric, and rub the cotton ball on the stain repeatedly till the stain is removed.

  • Also, nail polish remover is highly effective in removing the permanent marker from skin. Once the stains are removed, wash your skin with water and soap mixture.

3. White Vinegar and Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

White vinegar is a great home remedy to remove permanent marker spots. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon each of white vinegar and liquid dishwashing detergent, add two cups of water. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture, and dab it on the permanent marker stain. Allow the solution to stand on the stain for about 30 minutes. Blot the solution with a clean cloth after every five minutes and then flush the spot with cold water. Continue blotting till the liquid is absorbed. Later, sponge the remaining stain with rubbing alcohol, blot it, and then sponge with cold water followed by blotting.

  • Alternatively, add vinegar and some water in a spray bottle. Spritz the mixture on the walls or stained area, and wipe it off.

4. Hairspray

Hairspray, which is known to remove the stains of a permanent marker, is another quick and effective home remedy to clear off the stains from the walls and furniture of your home or office. All you need to do is saturate the stain using the hairspray, let it stay for some minutes, and then wipe it off using a soft cloth. Later, rinse the stained area with clear water.

5. Hand Sanitizer

The component of alcohol in the hand sanitizer works to fade the ink of permanent marker and removes it off. Take some hand sanitizer on your palm, rub it on your stained skin by using your finger in the circular motions, and you will see the marker stain mix with the sanitizer and dissolve. Rinse your skin with warm water and repeat the technique till all the ink is removed.

6. Lemon Juice

If you are looking for an effective way on how to remove permanent marker from the fabrics, fresh lemon juice can be a great solution. It also enhances the effectiveness of other marker removing the solution. Squeeze a fresh lemon on the stain and scrub the area using a brush or sponge. Later, rinse the lemon juice off with water and let the area dry completely.

7. Toothpaste

Toothpaste cleanses the permanent marker stains. Just squeeze a little amount of toothpaste on the stained area, spread it in a circular motion, and scrub it using a damp cloth. You may need to apply the toothpaste more than once to get satisfactory results. Later, remove the residue of the paste and rinse the area with clean water.

8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a highly effective home remedy to get rid of permanent marker stains, particularly from the hard surfaces and furniture. Moisten a clean piece of cloth, dip it in some baking soda and water solution. Rub the marker stain with the cloth and scrub the stain gently.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is quite effective in removing the permanent marker stains. Before applying the coconut oil, wash your skin with soap and warm water and let it dry. Apply the oil on your stained skin by using your fingers. Rub gently and wipe off the coconut oil once the stain is completely gone.

  • Moreover, you can also use vegetable oil or baby oil.

Note: If the stain doesn’t go away in three minutes, using a small amount of rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

10. Cigarette Ash

Cigarette ash is highly effective in removing the permanent marker stain from the wood. All you need to do is dampen a paper towel, blot it in cigarette ash, and rub the stained area with it gently.

11. Salt

Salt is an incredible home remedy to remove permanent marker stains from clothes due to its abrasive quality. It can eliminate old stains from porous objects easily. You can combine salt and lemon juice to remove the stains.

  • Alternatively, you can use the combination of salt and dishwash detergent to get rid of the stains.
  • Also, a mixture of hairspray and salt works wonders in eliminating the permanent marker stain.

12. Dry Erase Marker

Using a dry erase marker on the stains of the permanent marker aids in removing the stubborn marks easily. Apply the dry erase marker on the stains, let it dry completely, and then wipe the stained area. Repeat the procedure if required.

13. Lysol

Applying Lysol disinfectant spray on your stained walls and wooden furniture helps get rid of the permanent marker on it. All you need to do is spray a good amount of disinfectant on the stained area, let it stand for some minutes, and wipe away with a rag.

14. Butter

Butter also proved effective in removing the stains of permanent marker, particularly from your skin. All you need to do is take one dollop of fresh butter and spread it on your stained skin properly. Let it stand for about two to three minutes and then rub your skin using a rag. Keep on rubbing till the ink of the permanent marker is dissolved completely. Rinse off the area layered with butter and ink with hot water.

15. Soap

Use any bathing bar on the permanent marker stain on your skin. Moisten the area with warm water and use any soap on the stain. Rub it for a couple of minutes and then scrub gently. Give final rinse with warm water.

16. Vaseline

You can also remove permanent marker stains by applying a thin layer of Vaseline on the stain and rubbing the area using a piece of cloth. Wash the stained skin with warm water and soap and the mark will fade away.

17. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes work well to remove marker stain from tv or computer screen. Just take one or two baby wipes, and rub it on the stained screen. Though it may take some time, it gives significant results.

Note: You may use toothpaste (other than gel) in case the above remedy doesn’t work.

18. Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen lotion or a spray-on to remove the marker stain. Simply spray it on the stained area and wipe it off with a paper towel. Repeat the process, if required.


  • Don’t iron the garments that have permanent marker stains on it.
  • Don’t use sharp objects to remove the permanent marker marks as it may damage the material or object considerably.

Did you use any of the above home remedies to remove the stubborn stains of the permanent marker? Which home remedies worked best for you? Share your experience and ideas with us by commenting in the comment section below.


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