18 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Hands and Feet

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Cold hands and feet are the result of the natural response of your body to maintain the temperature, but in some cases, it may be an indication of some underlying health problem. Poor blood circulation, diabetes, extreme cold temperature, hypothermia, frostbite, stress, a reaction to medication, Raynaud’s disease, prolonged working with vibrating tools are some of the causes associated with cold hands. Apart from coldness, you may feel numbness, open sores or tightened skin, and tingling in the limbs. Here are some easy remedies to treat cold hands and feet naturally.

Home Remedies to Treat Cold Hands and Feet


Hot Spice Bath

To keep yourself warm, the best way is to take a hot spice bath every night. Mix 1 tablespoon each of crushed cumin, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, sage, and rosemary. Fill the bath tub with hot water and put all the ingredients in it through a strainer.

Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle about a ½ teaspoon of crushed cayenne pepper in your gloves and socks and wear them. The presence of capsaicin compound in it improves the blood circulation in the body and helps keep hands and feet warm.

Alternatively, use cream that contains cayenne pepper.
Note: Wear a thin pair of gloves and socks before putting on the sprinkled one.

Ginger Root

Ginger root not only enhances the flavor of the food and prevents the blood clots, but also provides warmth to the body. It can be used in 2 ways to treat the cold hands and feet – first is to bathe with the warm ginger water and, second, drinking hot ginger tea.


Garlic is one of the most trustworthy remedies to get relief from cold feet and hand. Consume 4-5 garlic cloves regularly to get the desired results.


The acupressure therapy will help unblock the blood stasis. Find the acupressure point in your hand and feet which help release energy. On the hand, it is found between the thumb and index finger, whereas the acupressure point of feet is located between the big and second toes on the top of your right foot. Apply pressure with your hand’s thumb for about 2-5 minutes. Repeat the process for the other hand and feet.


One of the most common treatment for cold hands and feet is to keep yourself warm naturally, with the help of exercise. Practice various exercises for at least one hour daily to keep your blood circulation healthy.

Omega-3 Rich Food

Omega-3 fatty acid is very helpful in cleaning the arteries and keeping the blood circulatory system in good condition. Try eating more and more food rich in it like fish, mackerel, herring, salmon, etc.


Massaging is one of the best natural remedies to treat cold feet at night. Massage your feet with warm olive or sesame oil before going to bed by applying pressure with your thumb. Cover your feet with the cotton socks after you’re done with the process. It is an excellent remedy for cold feet at night.


Eating berries is another good cold hands and feet remedies. Hawthorn berry, bilberry or huckleberry are very beneficial in this context. You can also add certain ingredients like cayenne pepper, garlic or ginkgo biloba for the best results.

Epsom Salt

Another very useful natural remedy for cold feet is to soak your feet in the Epsom salt solution. Mix about ½ teaspoon of Epsom salt in a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes. Apart from heating effect, it will also provide you with the magnesium.

Walk on the Grass

This simple remedy can bring in wonderful changes to your condition. Walk barefoot on the grass early morning. It will produce heat in the body and strengthen the muscle of the body.

Iron-Rich Food

Deficiency of iron is one of the causes of anemia, which results in cold hands and feet. So, to fight iron deficiency, eat a lot of iron-rich food like dates, spinach, soybeans, apple, olives, dried apricots, oysters, etc.

Magnesium-Rich Food

You are most likely to suffer from cold feet and hands due to the deficiency of magnesium as it is the nutrient which helps the body absorb vitamin D. Body cannot store magnesium for long, so it is advised to take a diet rich in magnesium which includes spinach, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and almonds.

Fruit Juice

Drinking juice increases your overall health and also boost the metabolism and working of the circulatory system. Drink a glass of fruit juice like apricot, peach, cherry, plum, grape, beet, artichoke, watercress, tomato or onion to get rid of cold hands and feet naturally.

Herbal Remedies to Relieve Cold Hands and Feet

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is widely used to treat many ailments. One of its benefits is it improves the blood circulation and cleans the arteries. Drink ginkgo tea 2-3 times a day.

Green Tea

Green tea stimulates the blood circulation of the body. Make green tea by adding ginger to it and drink about 2-3 times a day.
Alternatively, you can soak 2-3 green tea bags in a tub of warm water and soak your feet in it.

Lavender Bath

Another useful natural remedy for cold feet and hands is lavender. Before adding the lavender leaves in your bathing water, soak them in the cold water overnight. Next day, add them to a tub of warm water. Soak your hands and feet in it.

Essential Oils

The essential oils of juniper and eucalyptus boost the immune system and improve the flow of blood. Add a few drops of eucalyptus in any vegetable-base oil and use it to massage your hands and feet, to get rid of chills.


Take a balanced diet full of nutrients to have a healthy circulation.
Protect your hands and feet from winter chills by wearing woolen gloves and socks, respectively.
Keep wiggling your toes to improvise the blood circulation.
Tuck your hands inside the clothing of your warm areas like belly, armpit, etc.
Practice various kinds of relaxation techniques to relieve stress.
Quit alcohol else it will make the blood thinner.


Avoid the intake of caffeine as it compresses the blood vessels.
Do not smoke as it decreases the blood flow and damages the blood vessels.
Do not wear tight-fitting shoes or wristbands.
Do not touch the cold objects directly, either wear gloves or use tongs.
Avoid raw and ice-cold food items.


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