19 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wasp Sting

Home Remedies for Wasp Sting
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Wasps usually reside in temperate climates and are attracted by strong smells, and bright or dark colored clothes, especially with floral print. Wasp stings are less poisonous than bee stings or hornet stings but are quite painful. The symptoms associated with wasp stings are – nausea, vomiting, fever, headache, dizziness, etc. You may also suffer from increased heart rate, low blood pressure, swelling on body parts like face, throat, lips, lungs, etc., itching in the areas of the body not affected by the sting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, narrowing of air passage and some kind of allergy, which can prove fatal if not cured in time. You may experience large local reactions or anaphylactic shock. In case of absence of immediate medical care, victim must seek one of the following home remedies to get rid of wasp sting.

home remedies to get rid of wasp sting

Home Remedies for Wasp Sting

1. Ice Pack

Wrap an ice cube with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Then apply it over the area where you have got wasp sting and press it for 20 minutes. Repeat this treatment every hour till you feel relieved from itching and redness. This will lessen pain and swelling.

2. Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water. Apply the prepared paste over the area of wasp sting.

3. Epsom Salt

Add some water to Epsom salt, in order to make a thick paste. Apply it over the wasp sting to get rid of redness and swelling.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Soak a small cotton pad in ACV and place it over the affected area. The acid content in the vinegar will neutralize the venom present in the sting; thus, lessens swelling and inflammation.

5. White Vinegar

Since white vinegar is acidic, it neutralizes venom. You just need to dab a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar on the affected area.

6. Lemon Juice

Cut a wedge of lemon and hold the piece in the area affected by the wasp sting. Lemon works in similar manner as vinegar. The acid content in lemon neutralizes venom and helps reduce redness, itching and swelling.

7. Garlic

Crush a clove of garlic. Add some salt to it. Apply it over the area where wasp stung. Cover with a band-aid and leave it. This will remove the redness and swelling caused due to wasp sting.

8. Onion

Slice an onion and place it over the wasp sting until you get comfort.

9. Cucumber

Place a slice of freshly cut cucumber on the wasp stung. The cooling effect of cucumber will help alleviate itchiness and redness on the bitten area.

10. Potato

Just like cucumber, potato also has cooling effect. Keep a slice of potato on the wasp sting to get relief from pain, swelling, itching and redness.

11. Olive Oil

Apply some olive oil on the affected area. This will help treat itching and redness caused due to wasp sting.

12. Calamine

Apply some calamine lotion over the affected area and leave it for some time. It will soothe the area, provide relief from the discomfort.

13. Mud

Add some water to mud so as to form paste. Apply it on the affected area for about 15 minutes, in order to ease out the pain caused due to sting venom.

14. Meat Tenderizer

Add some water to unseasoned meat tenderizer. Use the resultant paste on the wasp sting.

Herbal Remedies to Cure Wasp Sting

15. Marigold

Rub the petals of freshly plucked marigold flowers over the stung area. These petals aid in diminishing the redness, itching and swelling of the affected area.

16. Basil

Squeeze some fresh basil leaves on the area bitten by wasp. The antibiotic properties of the basil will effectively reduce the symptoms of wasp sting.

17. Aloe Vera

Apply gel of aloe vera to soothe the redness and itching caused due to insect bite.

  • Alternatively, mix lavender oil, olive oil and aloe vera gel. Wash the affected area with soap and water, and then apply the prepared mixture. This will soothe the skin, along with reducing the itching and redness caused due to wasp bite.

18. Plantain

Take some plantain leaves and chop them. Smear on the affected area.

19. Winter Savory

Extract the oil of winter savory by crushing the leaves. Apply it on the bitten area.


  • The best home remedy for wasp or is prevention. Track down the wasp or yellow jacket nest and destroy it. If you have a hornet problem then use our home remedies to get rid of hornets.
  • Get a tetanus inoculation to avoid the negative effect of wasp insect.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Make use of insect repellants.
  • Remove any stingers that remain in the skin by scratching or scraping it immediately, to prevent further infection.
  • Sting site must be washed with antiseptic soap and water.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin C and E, minerals, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.


  • Never try to agitate wasp nests by swatting them.
  • Do not apply medication or ointment directly to the affected area. First wash the area before using any herbal remedy.



  1. This medical advice were quite helpful for all specially rural farmers in Sri Lanka .they always get stung by bees or Wasps or Hornets. Sir could you kindly help our farming communtiy by mailing us
    Post medical treatement for Wasp bites, Bee stings Honert stings?
    The amoun of Toxin in a Wasp sting bite (percentage ) venoms?
    Effects on Kidneys, Lungs, ; How to take quick relief tretement methods as Farmers had to attend their lands daily please?
    May God Bless YOU!


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