19 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Quinoa

Benefits of Quinoa
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Quinoa is a grain crop that belongs to the goosefoot family. This pseudo-cereal is grown for its edible seed. It has high protein content and is highly tolerable to dry soil. The year 2013 was officially announced by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations as “The International Year of the Quinoa”, in order to promote the importance of the crop across the world. Quinoa can grow under different climatic conditions. It can withstand dry weather and can also sustain cold weather. The richness of protein in the crop has made it to be called as ‘superfood’. Besides fluffy texture and nutty taste, it contains essential amino acids, phosphorous, iron, fiber, magnesium, zinc, manganese, calcium, vitamin A, and protein.

Is quinoa good for you? Yes, it is. If you are someone who is trying to reduce your weight or fighting against age, then quinoa is the best alternative for you.To gather more information about health and beauty benefits of quinoa, continue reading the article.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

1. A Fiber Rich Grain

In comparison to other grains, the quantity of fiber in quinoa is almost twice. It has less density of energy and keeps you fuller for longer. Fiber reduces the risk of developing hemorrhoids and controls glucose levels and cholesterol. Moreover, it keeps constipation at bay.

2. A Gluten-free Cereal

According to a recent survey, about one-third of the US population has gluten intolerance. Quinoa is a gluten-free and highly nutritious cereal which acts as the best supplement for people who are wheat sensitive.

3. Higher Protein and Amino Acids Level

Quinoa is proven to have higher levels of proteins and amino acids. The major problem about the naturally existing food crops is that, they lack certain essential amino acids. That is why; added nutritional supplements are taken to balance the amino acid needs of a human body.But the quinoa is proven to have all the essential amino acids.

4. Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is something that indicates how quick food raises the sugar levels in the human blood. Quinoa is a naturally occurring food with low glycemic index. It satisfies the appetite easily. Hence, it helps shed those extra pounds.

5. Fast Recovery of Damaged Tissues

The lysine content of quinoa helps synthesize collagen and elastin which are required for healing damaged tissues. The lysine is not naturally secreted in the human body; hence, has to be added to diet only. Quinoa particularly helps people who are recovering from injuries and surgeries.

6. Minimizes the Risk of Heart Ailments

The high protein and dietary fiber content of quinoa satiates hunger and lets you feel fuller for a long time. 100g of quinoa contains 7g of protein and 6g of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber binds the cholesterol and fat in the body and reduces the chances of plaque formation in the heart. Quinoa also triggers the liver to utilize cholesterol for producing the bile acids. This reduces the level of cholesterol, thereby safeguarding you from heart disorders.

7. Strengthens the Muscles

Quinoa, being rich in protein, helps build a strong and healthy body. Protein is the building block of the human body. It aids in cells multiplication and strengthens the tissues. Daily intake of quinoa will meet your protein needs.

8. Improves Fertility in Women

Zinc, fiber, and folic acid in quinoa improve fertility. Complex carbohydrates stabilize the sugar level of the blood and regulate ovulation. In addition, it assists in the development of baby’s brain.

9. Cures ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Consumption of quinoa is recommended for treating ADHD which is about the deficiency of attentiveness of our mind. One cup of rinsed quinoa or its soup works wonders in improving concentration power.

10. An Excellent Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Quinoa is one of the best treatments for fibromyalgia. The disease is usually caused because of poor cell health. The protein content of quinoa maintains a good cellular health; hence, an effective cure for fibromyalgia.

11. Thwarts Formation of Gallstones

Gallstone is nothing but formation of bile stones in the gall bladder. This occurs due to improper digestion of food. Quinoa improves digestion, thereby reducing the chances of gallstone formation.

12. Provides Relief from Migraine

Migraine is caused due to deficiency of magnesium in the body. Quinoa is the best supplement of magnesium. A good amount of quinoa intake in daily diet is recommended by nutritionists, to avoid migraine.

13. Keeps Asthma Under Check

The riboflavin and magnesium content of quinoa reduces the constriction of blood vessels which helps clear air passage. Hence, quinoa can be taken regularly for easy breathing. A research on quinoa says that its regular intake will help reduce the chances of asthma to 50% in the childhood.

Beauty Benefits of Quinoa

14. Anti-aging

Quinoa is loaded with the higher amount of antioxidants that are helpful in neutralizing the free radicals. It is believed to fight against aging and other diseases. A study that involved almost 27 food crops has resulted that quinoa contains the highest amount of antioxidants among the other food crops. Allowing the quinoa seed to sprout will increase the antioxidant level of the cereal.

15. Softens the Skin and Treats Acne

Ample collagen in quinoa rejuvenates your skin and reduces the wrinkles. This, in turn, makes your skin soft and supple. Moreover, quinoa prevents acne by reducing the secretion of sebum.

16. Provides Nourishment to Hair Follicles

Being an excellent protein supplement, quinoa is a superb treatment for hair problems. It strengthens hair follicles and prevents thinning of hair. Regular intake of quinoa not only adds volume to hair, but also makes them look shinier.

17. Cures Dandruff

Calcium, phosphorus, and iron are important for locking moisture in the skin. Lack of moisture causes dandruff. Quinoa supplies your body with high amount of calcium, phosphorus, and iron which helps keep your skin and scalp hydrated.

18. Prevents Split Ends

The hydrolyzed protein extract from quinoa has the capability to travel through hair cuticle and provides elasticity to strands by equalizing porosity. This keeps split ends at bay.

19. Restores Original Color of Hair

Tyrosine is an amino acid which is responsible for maintenance of hair and skin pigmentations. Quinoa will provide you with a good amount of tyrosine, thus aids in restoring the original color of your hair.


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