20 Superb Home Remedies to Get Rid of Freckles

home remedy freckles

Freckles are tiny brown spots that appear in clusters and steal the beauty of your skin.  They generally occur on back, arms, neck and face. Freckles are usually caused by overexposure to the sunlight. In some people, freckles arise due to the hereditary issues and hormonal imbalance. The deficiency of essential nutrients like iron also results in appearance of these ugly spots. Whatever the reason is, nobody likes the tiny, flat pigmentation on the skin that adds up to the unpleasant look. When the skin is extremely sensitive and exposed to the sun, the freckles start to appear. There are many freckle removal cosmetic surgeries and treatments available, but they are very expensive and do not always guarantee 100% results. Therefore, we have listed here some effective home remedies to get rid of freckles quickly.


1. Lemon

Lemon could make a wonderful ingredient in your face pack and body scrub for those who are troubled with freckles. Add lemon juice to your homemade face pack and apply it on your skin to treat freckles. Lemon has skin lightening properties which heal freckles.

  • Besides, extract the juice of lemon and gently use this peel to scrub the affected areas where freckles are found. Rinse skin after 5 minutes. Lemon skin scrub helps remove freckles faster.

Note: Lemon skin scrub may cause irritation and a burning sensation. So, to prevent that damp your face with chilled milk after applying lemon scrub.

2. Honey

Utilize honey to remove freckle to effectually at home. Besides, it is an outstanding moisturizer. Take warm honey and mix wheat germ with it. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then, wash with warm water.

3. Sour Cream

For people with sensitive skin, freckle removal is a painful process. This is why using sour cream is good for long term benefit. Take a spoonful of sour cream and gently apply it on your skin. Leave it for fifteen minutes and use a soft tissue towel to wipe the cream off. Then, use moisturizer to smoothen your skin further.

4. Curd or Buttermilk

Those who have tried sour cream, but it didn’t work on their sensitive skin, they should use chilled buttermilk or curd.  Dab a cotton cloth or a cotton ball in the curd or in buttermilk and slowly apply it all over your face. Wipe away gently after 15 minutes with a tissue towel.

5. Onion

Onion has sulfur that effectively eliminates the freckles without causing any burning sensation. You can use red onion slices for freckle removal at home. Cut red onion slices and gently rub them on your face for 15 days where freckles are visible.

  • Alternatively, if you have sensitive skin and are allergic to the smell of onion, just grate red onion and extract its juice. Add honey to the juice and apply it all over your skin. Both these ingredients are excellent for the freckle treatment.

6. Papaya

The papain enzyme in papaya reduces freckles and dark spots on your skin. You can make a facial scrub by mixing real papaya and sugar to exfoliate your skin. Rub this mixture gently on your skin to get a clear and blemish free skin.

  • Moreover, blend a few pieces of papaya in a mixer and apply the juice it all over your face. Wash off after 20 minutes. Do this thrice a day to get desired results.

7. Oatmeal Mix

Prepare a thick paste by combining powdered oatmeal and buttermilk. Spread it all over the affected part and rinse after half an hour. Perform this remedy every day to get a smooth skin.

8. Rice Wine/ Sake

Rice wine has fermented liquid and it is also rich in kojic acid. You can soak few cotton balls in rice wine and keep them on the freckles for about 15 minutes everyday for the desired result.

9. Cucumber

For treating freckles and blemishes on the skin, cucumber is the best ingredient. Extract cucumber juice; and apply it on your skin in the morning to get rid of blemishes, freckles and also blackheads.

10. Eggplant

Did you know the eggplant, aubergine or the brinjal in pasta are rich in anti-oxidants? In addition, they can help fade away the freckles. Cut few slices of eggplant and gently rub it on the affected part for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

11. Castor Oil

Excessive exposure to sunlight results in freckles. Apply castor oil on the skin and gently massage for 15 minutes. Wipe off the castor oil using a soft towel in the morning.

12. Almond Oil

Take some almond oil in a bowl and then place this bowl in a large pot filled with hot water to warm up the oil. Massage your skin with this oil before you go to bed. Repeat this process for three weeks.

13. Jojoba Oil

The ingredients in jojoba oil lighten skin gradually. Massage the affected area everyday so that freckles fade away faster.

14. Sesame Seeds

Take one tablespoon of sesame seeds and a tsp of powdered turmeric. Blend them in some water to make a thick paste. Spread it on the affected part and rinse after 15 minutes. Do this once a day.

Herbal Remedies for Freckles

15. Mulberry and Licorice Extracts

Mulberry extracts have got arbutin in them that helps reduce dark spots on your skin. Besides, it increases melanin secretion; thus, apply this extract on the skin to reduce freckles.

  • Alternatively, combine extracts of licorice and mulberry; store it in a bottle and place it in the refrigerator. Rub this mixture on the freckles to have a clean skin.

16. Molasses Sugar and Mint Tea

First of all prepare mint tea and keep it in the refrigerator. Now, take two tbsp of each yogurt and molasses sugar. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all the ingredients properly and spread it on your face. Leave the eye area. After five minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. Now, rinse your face with cooled mint tea and let it dry on its own. Afterwards, apply olive or almond oil on your skin.

17. Herbal Tea

Chamomile, mint and lemon have rich anti-oxidants. They excellently remove damaged skin cells which cause freckles. Damp tea bags (of any of these 3) in ice cold water for 30 seconds and then keep them on the affected skin part. Now take a rice paper and gently scrub on the surface of your skin where freckles are present.

18. Horseradish

Extract horseradish root juice and apply it on the affected part. To avoid the recurrence of freckles you can also use them regularly. Since it is rich source of vitamin C, it helps fade blemishes.

19. Mint and Banana Mask

Take a banana and mash it. Add two tsp of crushed mint leaves paste. Spread it on your skin. Keep it for some time and wash afterwards.

20. Bearberry Extract

Combine extracts of licorice and bearberry properly. Pour few drops of this mixture on a cotton ball and rub it on freckles. Do it two times a day.


  • It is good to moisturize your skin enough so that it creates a protective shield against the UV rays that cause freckles.
  • Use lotion-based moisturizers at least 4 times a day to avoid freckles totally.
  • You can dab your skin with a damp cloth before freckle treatment. This loosens the skin pores, so treating freckles become easier.
  • Use cheesecloth to damp your face with any anti-freckle juices, as they offer better results.


  • Freckles appear easily if you have sensitive skin. So, avoid any harsh freckle treatment that may harm your skin further.
  • Avoid steam bath as it will widely open the skin pores, and the freckles may quickly reappear.
  • Do not use fragrance filled moisturizers or skin lotions, if you have freckles. Also, some deodorants can make the freckles severe, so avoid them.


  1. I have freckles and I do not like how you expressed yourself about them saying that freckles are ugly and that they add an unpleasant look. Saying that is like saying that people are ugly because of their skin color or body shape. If you have freckles and don’t like yours it’s fine but not everyone hates theirs


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