20 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Mushroom

Benefits of Mushroom
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The mushroom is a spongy fleshy fungus that has been consumed for thousands of years due to its therapeutic properties. These earthy aromatic mushrooms are packed with abundant minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and antibiotics.  It is neither a vegetable nor meat and comes in several varieties, such as shiitake, enoki, portobello,reishi, crimini, white button, and oyster. Each has a distinct taste and unique color. The most widely used mushroom is Agaricus Bisporus. It is grown in a sterilized environment and considered edible. China is the largest producer and consumer of mushroom in the world. However, it is harvested by other countries as well. Various dieticians suggest consumption of mushroom. Its high nutritional content benefits our body in many ways and helps get rid of several deadly diseases, like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and many more. Also, this staple food adds pleasant savory flavor to any dish whether it’s pizza or simply a soup. To relish numerous health and beauty benefits of mushroom, use it in everyday cookery.

Health Benefits of Mushroom

1. Heart Healthy

The high fiber, vitamin C and potassium content in the mushroom promote cardiovascular health and alleviate the risk of heart stroke. Besides, sodium and potassium together work well to regularize the blood circulation and combat the problem of high BP.

2. Boost Immune System

The selenium in the mushroom improves the immunity power and triggers the production of T-cells, which are also known as killer cells. Thus, defends the body against infections and other harmful bodies.

3. Helps Manage Weight

A Mushroom is well-off with two different dietary fibers. One is beta-glucans, and the other one is chitin. These fibers act like bulking agents in the digestive system that make you feel fuller for a long time and satiate your cravings. Thus, reduce the intake of calories. Besides, both are essentially required for adequate weight management in the human body.

4. Suppresses Growth of Tumor Cells

The minerals present in reishi mushroom inhibit the growth of cancer cells and stop them from spreading further.

5. Treats Respiratory Disorders

Consumption of mushroom strengthens the lungs and cures respiratory disorder, like asthma. People with respiratory problems are advised to take mushroom capsules or its extract to make breathing easy.

6. Combats Prostate and Breast Cancers

The Beta-glucans in this nutritional fungus inhibit the growth of cancer cells in case of prostate cancer. On the other hand, linoleic acid suppresses the excessive secretion of estrogen may lead to the breast cancer. The anti-carcinogenic effects of both these polysaccharides work well to fight cancer.

7. Treats Diabetes

The Mushroom is an excellent food for diabetic patients as it has no cholesterol, no fats, and fewer calories. Besides, it contains abundant protein, vitamin and mineral. The presence of natural enzymes breaks down the sugar levels and encourages proper functioning of the liver. Apart from this, ample fiber and water content in mushroom adds a cherry on the cake.

8. Cures Anemia

Deficiency of iron is one of the major causes of anemia that causes headaches, upset stomach, etc. Mushrooms are a rich source of iron. Regular consumption of this edible fungus promotes the formation of RBC (Red Blood Cells); thus, helps treat anemia.

9. Maintains Bone Health

The calcium content in the mushroom is relatively higher than any other vegetables. Incorporate this calcium-rich food in your diet to strengthen your bones. It maintains good bone health; thus, prevents joint pain and osteoporosis.

10. Provides Vitamin D

Include this highly nutrient food in your diet to eradicate the deficiency of vitamins D in your body. This essential vitamin is rarely found in vegetables; hence, mushrooms become an excellent choice.

11. Protects Teeth

The calcium component in mushroom helps strengthen the teeth and protects it from parasites, cavities and other teeth related diseases. Hence, consume mushroom to prevent bacterial infection.

12. Promote Healthy Sperm

The mushroom contains ample selenium and zinc, which are essential for healthy and fertile sperms. Besides, the richness of folate in mushroom makes it popular among expecting mothers. Include this nutritious food in your diet, if you are trying to conceive a baby.

13. Lower LDL Levels

Mushrooms are the rich source of protein and are free from fat. Thus, helps burn cholesterol and reduces bad LDL levels.

14. Energizer

Being a tremendous source of B vitamins, mushrooms fill your body with instant energy. So, if you are feeling tired; have a bowl of creamy mushroom pasta.

Beauty Benefits of Mushroom

15. Cures Acne

The extracts of mushroom are highly used in the skin care products and acne removal creams. Mushroom acquires its healing properties from vitamin D that effectively treats acne.

16. Anti-Ageing

Kojic acid is often used in cosmetic products that are used for its anti-aging effects. It helps prevent the discolouration of the skin, age spots and blemishes. The anti-ageing properties of mushroom develop a shield against external factors that may harm the skin.

17. Moisturizer

The presence of hyaluronic acid and polysaccharide acid helps hydrate the skin and acts as an internal moisturizer of the body. Thus, makes your skin smooth and supple.

18. Controls Hair Fall

The copper, selenium and iron content of the mushroom helps promote hair growth and also strengthen the hair follicle; particularly the iron content helps get rid of anemia, which is a major reason behind hair fall. Hence, a regular consumption of mushroom will stimulate hair growth and hair strengthening.

19. Strengthens Nails

Mushrooms are an excellent source of selenium that keeps your nails healthy and makes them stronger.

20. Fair Complexion

The kojic acid content of the mushroom lightens the skin tone. It inhibits the excessive production of melanin, a pigment that handles skin color. Suppressing the melanin formation will eventually result in a lighter skin tone.


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