21 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Garlic

Health and Beauty Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a very common ingredient used in the kitchen because of its pungent taste and smell. But recently many of its health benefits have been confirmed scientifically. Garlic belongs to the lily family and has been used in ancient cultures of Egypt, India, and China for thousands of years due to its therapeutic properties. One garlic bulb includes around 12 to 20 cloves. Garlic can be consumed raw or in the form of juice, powder or capsule. Dried garlic in powdered form is available in the market throughout the year.  Garlic is rich in allicin, sulfur, zinc, calcium, and selenium which is why it’s antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory in nature. It is a natural antibiotic superfood. Hence, it is used to treat various diseases like cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, and cholesterol. Here are some health and beauty benefits of garlic.


Health Benefits of Garlic

1. Anti-Cancer

Garlic contain allyl sulphides and vitamin B6 that helps keep cancer at bay, and the presence of sulfur compounds safeguard our body against cancer. Regular consumption of garlic has proved to decrease the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, lung cancer and brain tumor.

2. No Heart Diseases

Garlic has sulphur containing molecules, which helps expand blood muscles. Also, anti-clotting properties of garlic prevent the formation of clot in the blood vessels. Besides, this superfood maintains the elasticity of arteries.

3. Treats Arthritis

Garlic reduces the ill effect of arthritis. Anti-oxidants and anti- inflammatory properties in garlic fight harmful free radicals, which cause the damage to the joints, by producing pro-inflammatory substances known as cytokines.

4. Cures Respiratory Disorders

Anti-microbial properties of garlic make it a good remedy to fight respiratory infections while its antibacterial properties soothes irritated throat.  It boosts the immune system and reduces frequent cold and cough.

5. Prevents Diabetes

Garlic has the potential to reduce both high blood sugar and triglycerides levels. It increases the insulin levels in diabetics. Eat 1 or 2 crushed pods of raw garlic daily on an empty stomach in the morning.

6. Assists in Weight Loss

Garlic contains very few calories and ample nutrients like manganese, vitamin C, B1, B6, fiber, copper, iron, calcium, and potassium. This makes it a perfect food to be included in the weight loss diet.

7. Soothes  Psoriasis

Since garlic is loaded with anti-oxidants like allicin, zinc and selenium, it reduces the oxidative stress, which causes inflammation in psoriasis patients. Eating crushed garlic gives anti-psoriasis effects on the body.

8. Removes Splinter

Garlic can help remove the splinter effectively. Place a garlic clove over the splinter and apply bandage on it. Within hours the splinter will come out of the skin naturally. It also wards off any infection with its anti bacterial properties.

9. Mosquito Repellent

The strong smell of garlic overpowers the smelling sense of mosquitoes and prevents them from finding humans to bite. This is all because of the presence of allicin compound in garlic.

10. Prevents Alzheimer

Garlic lowers the cholesterol and BP whereas increases anti-oxidative enzyme which, in turn, prevents brain diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. It also reduces cell damage and oxidative stress.

11. Body Detoxifier

Garlic contains high sulfur amount which reduces toxicity. Besides, the richness of vitamin C supports the proper functioning of liver and boost up the immune system. Consume 3-4 fresh garlic cloves or freeze-dried aged garlic to detoxify your body effectually.

12. Treats Athlete’s Foot

Garlic has anti-fungal properties and works well for the treatment of fungal infection like athlete’s foot. Add the crushed garlic in a tub filled with lukewarm water. Soak the affected foot in the tub for half an hour.

Beauty Benefits of Garlic

13. Cures Cold Sore

Cold sores are caused by Herpes 1 virus. Garlic being an anti-viral has been found to treat cold sores effectually. Apply oil of crushed garlic cloves on the affected area for a few days until you get rid of them.

14. Promotes Hair Growth

This wonder foodstuff is enriched with copper, which is essential for growth of your tresses as it eradicates harmful substances from the head. It strengthens the roots and increases the blood flow in the hair follicles. Add garlic to your shampoo or conditioner. Do this not more than two times a month.

15. Anti-Acne

Its anti-oxidant properties kill bacteria effectually. Rub sliced garlic on the affected area. Or else, crush some cloves of garlic and apply its juice on the acne prone skin. Wait for five minutes to do away with the unsightly blemishes.

16. Reduces Hair Loss

The presence of allicin in garlic makes it a perfect remedy for hair loss. Rubbing slices of garlic cloves on your scalp increases the blood circulation and help you get rid of hair fall. Besides, soak some garlic pods in olive oil for a week. Use this oil for hair massage to effective results.

17. Anti-Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of garlic work well to treat the itchy scalp and excessive dandruff. Apart from this, the sulfur component in garlic prevents infection and reduces severity of dandruff.

18. Anti-Ageing

As garlic is a power pack of antioxidants, it fights the free radicals in the skin and keeps skin firm and younger. Its consumption produces collagens, which reduces wrinkles. Prepare juice of crushed garlic cloves and add it into your regular facemask to prevent premature ageing.

19. Lessens Grey Hair

Heat 3-4 garlic cloves with coconut oil and fresh grounded black pepper. Let it cool and apply on the wet hair as a mask. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash your hair as usual.

20. Removes Stretch Marks

Garlic is a well known remedy to remove stretch marks.  Apply mixture of crushed garlic juice and your regular hot oil on stretch marks. Do this for few weeks to notice the difference.

21. Strengthens Nails

Nails easily get exposed to the infection resulting in dull and yellow stained nails. The anti-fungal nature of garlic not only prevents, but also protects nails from catching infection. Soak a cotton ball into crushed garlic cloves juice and rub against cuticles.


  1. 100% Agreed. As I’m a regular user of Garlic to maintain Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. A recent study at the University of Washington proven that Garlic is 100 times more effective than 02 Popular Antibiotics.


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