21 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Red Wine

Benefits of Red Wine
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Red wine has always been a part of the gastronomic delight. It is a trend and has become a lifestyle of many. It is considered as the healthiest alcoholic beverage. There are wide varieties of red wine that is prepared from different ingredients. Some of them are grapes, cherries, strawberries, boysenberries, plum, gooseberries, raisins, violet, raspberries, fig, currant, tobacco, coffee, and mocha. Each of these has a unique flavour. This deep red purplish colour drink has been used for several therapeutic purposes since ancient time. It has a long list of health as well as beauty benefits that range from curing cardiovascular ailment to giving you a radiant look. It is loaded with antioxidants that involve polyphenols and flavonoids and play a major role in destroying cancer cells. So, keep calm and have a glass of red wine to reap its benefits.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

1. Heart Healthy Beverage

Red wine is well off with a potent antioxidant called resveratrol that prevents blood clots and accumulation of saturated fats in the arteries. Consumption of red wine in moderate amount increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Thus, protects your heart from the cardiovascular disorder.

2. Cut Down Risk of Cataract

After a certain age, folks tend to develop cataract that makes the vision blurred or hazy. In a research, it is revealed that those who consume red wine on the regular basis (in moderation) are less prone to cataract.

3. Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Resveratrol, a substance found in red wine stimulates the secretion of insulin. It produces a protein that control insulin and glucose sensitivity. Thus, reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes.

4. Treats Cold

Antioxidants present in this drink wards off infection, unblocks the stuffy nose and makes breathing easier.

5. Improves Cognitive Process

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant that improves the cognition process and prevents brain disorders like dementia and Alzheimer.

6. Prevents Tooth Decay

A glass of red wine is loaded with polyphenol that makes your teeth stronger, hardens the enamel and prevents them from decaying. It also cures inflamed gums.

7. Anti-Cancer

The presence of quercetin and resveratrol in red wine diminishes the growth of various types of cancer cells. For instance, consumption of this wine prevents the risk of breast and lung cancer to some extent.

8. Promotes Sound Sleep

Drink red wine before you hit the hay to have sound sleep. The content of melatonin in this drink regulates your sleep-wake cycle and, thus, helps you feel good.

9. Reduces The Risk of Kidney Stones

To prevent the risk of kidney stones and gallstones, drink red wine on a regular basis but in moderation.

10. Increases Life Span

Although death is certain, but certain super foods one can increase life span in a healthy manner. Through research, it is found that regular consumption of red wine has wonderful effects on the overall health.

11. Burns Fat

Ellagic acid found in red wine inhibits the growth of fat cells and helps shed extra weight. A glass of wine have effects equivalent to an hour workout. Besides, it also boosts the functioning of liver.

Note: It is suggested to drink one glass of red wine.

12. Prevents Osteoporosis

Red wine is well off with silicon that increases bone density. Due to the presence of phytoestrogens, it strengthens bone in menopausal women.

Beauty Benefits of Red Wine

13. Radiant Glow

There are various red wine facial packs available in the market that eradicate dead cell, enhance the moisture content on your skin, promote metabolism and stimulate blood flow. Thus, make your face glow. Use a red wine scrub to exfoliate your skin deeply.

14. Fights off Aging

This dark red purplish drink slow down the ageing of cutaneous tissue and protects your skin from free radicals. It increases the elasticity of the skin and wipes out fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, helps keep your skin young and baby soft.

15. Prevents Acne

Since, red wine is full of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent breakouts. Moreover, it has natural AHAs that help clear the clogged pores. Apply it on your face to treat acne-prone skin.

16. Protects from Sunlight

The presence of amino acids in red wine safeguards your skin from harmful sunlight.
It gives a protective layer to your skin.

Note: Don’t replace your sunscreen with red wine.

17. Fairer Complexion

To lighten your skin tone, prepare a facial mask with red wine, egg and honey. A combination of all the three ingredients hydrates your skin and improves its texture.

18. Excellent Toner

Take some red wine in a bowl and dip a cotton ball in it. Dab it on your face and wash after 15 minutes. This will keep your skin supple and soft.

  • Alternatively, apply it on your cheeks and keep it for half an hour. It will surely give you rosy cheeks.

19. Nourishes Dry Skin

Red wine is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin and nourishes it deeply. Either massage your face with this red drink or have it regularly. Besides, consumption of red wine leads to the development of new cell on the outer surface of the skin.

20. Wards off Dandruff

Half a glass of wine if taken on regular basis alleviates the problem of itchy scalp. It helps strengthen the blood vessels and promotes circulation in the scalp.

21. Healthy & Lustrous Locks

Resveratrol found in red wine strengthens the hair, prevents hair fall and induces growth. Shampoo your strands and give final rinse with red wine. Apart from this, consumption of red wine adds extra lustre to your hair.


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