23 Easy Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

Easy Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders
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Sharing your house with crawling and eerie spiders is something most people dislike. While spiders will help you get rid of flies and insects in the house, some are venomous and spider bites will need treatment. Especially, when you have babies, toddlers and aged people at home, it is mandatory that you must keep these spiders away. For food and shelter, usually spiders that live in your garden find their way inside the home. In rainy season and winters, they tend to look for a warm place and settle inside your house. Then, how to get rid of spiders in the house? Here are some effective home remedies to fend off these nasty critters in a natural manner.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

You can use simple products available at your home to make useful spider repellent sprays. Cleanliness and tidiness are just enough to get rid of spiders in house. However, even after keeping your house tidy if you see these crawling pests inside your house, then follow these simple home remedies.

1. Vinegar Spray

vinegar sprayTake one cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle and mix it with two cups of water.

Now spray this mixture around your house at the spider entry points, like the window, doors, ventilation, etc (1).

2. Liquid Dish Soap

dish soap sprayThis anti-spider spray made by mixing liquid dish soap with water is also a simple yet effective way to keep spiders away. If you use lime scented liquid dish soap, then this is best.

To keep spiders away from your kitchen racks where you store your food jars, cutlery, etc., liquid dish soap is the recommended remedy.

You can also make a mixture by putting few drops of dishwashing liquid in water. Spray this mixture on plants, it will disturb egg cycle of spiders (2).

3. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oilYou can get rid of spiders by using tea tree oil too. Mix tea tree oil with white vinegar and spray it in your wardrobe and other areas where you find spiders.

The aroma of tea tree oil is something spiders totally hate (3).

4. Lavender Oil

lavender oilJust like tea tree oil, lavender oil is a good spider repellent. You can sprinkle a dash of lavender oil in the spider dominated areas.

Also, to avoid spiders from entering your house, just fill a flower vase with a little bit of water and add 5 drops of lavender oil to it. Now, keep the fresh flowers in it.

The aroma of lavender oil stops the spiders to make their way to your house (4).

5. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oilPeppermint oil can also be used to ward off spiders. Be it non-venomous spiders or the venomous ones, the strong smell of peppermint oil will keep them under check.

This oil is a natural insecticide (5).

6. Garlic Spray

garlic sprayMix garlic juice in a spray bottle filled with water. All you need is 10 cloves of garlic to extract juice out of it.

Now spray this mix in the corners of your house to repulse spiders (6).

7. Black Pepper

black pepperBlack pepper is also an effective remedy to get rid of spider mites. The spicy black pepper can be finely ground to make a powder. Use this powder to spray on spiders, lizards and other insects at home (7).

Note – Black pepper spray is a spicy insect repellent. Try to keep it out of the reach of children. Cover your mouth and wear glasses while spraying it, as it tends to irritate the skin and eyes.

8. Scented Candles

scented candlesThe scented candles are not just good for decoration, but they are good insect repellents too.

Light scented candles with lavender, citronella, lime, etc., and the spiders won’t inhabit that place (8910).

9. Lemon

lemonCitrus smell is something spiders hate. The smell of lemon stops spiders from crawling around happily. Mix lemon with water and use it as a spider repellent spray.

You can also use lemon-flavored hand wash, liquid soap, floor cleaner, etc., to avoid the entry of spider in the home. Dry the lemon peels in sun, and grind them to make a powder. Now spray this powder at the required areas to make your home spider-free (11).

10. Orange

orangeJust like lemon, you can use orange peel powder to drive spiders out from your home and garden.

Limonene present in citrus fruits has insect repellent properties (12).

11. Turmeric

turmericTurmeric is a great natural insect killer and can help you get rid of an array of pests.

Spiders are allergic to turmeric, so you can sprinkle turmeric powder in your garden and also inside your kitchen to drive out the spiders (13).

12. Baking Soda

baking sodaBaking soda is biopesticide (14).

Sprinkle baking soda in the corners of your kitchen, at the kitchen racks and other places which are dominated by the spiders.

13. Salt

saltSalt is actually poisonous to spiders. This is also a safe, natural ingredient which you can use in your house to get rid of spiders. Mix salt with water to make an effective anti-spider spray and sprinkle it to hound out the spiders.

14. Cloves

cloveUse cloves to keep spiders away from home. You can either mix clove with water to make a spray, or can simply put a few cloves in the webs of spiders.

Eugenol present in cloves is used as an insecticide to get rid of many insects like spiders, crickets, fleas, etc (15).

15. Chestnuts

horse chestnutThe fall brings with it a fantastic little remedy to get rid of spiders – horse chestnuts.

Putting a few chestnuts along your baseboards or in windowsills is also a superb trick to keep spiders at bay (16).

16. Vacuuming

vacuumThis is a very effective method to get rid of spiders because their soft bodies cannot withstand the vacuum pressure (1718).


how to get rid of spidersHerbal Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

16. Mint Tea

peppermint teaThe strong flavor of mint can also keep spiders away from your house. You can use mint tea bags in the areas, where spiders live in your house.

You can also open mint tea bags and sprinkle mint tea dust around your house so that the spiders leave the place as soon as they taste it.

Mint oil is also popularly used as an insecticide (19).

17. Indian Lilac Oil

neem oilIndian lilac oil is a great insect repellent (20).

Dip a cotton ball in the oil, and apply it over your window sill, ventilation areas, etc. You can also sprinkle some oil on the vegetation you have in your kitchen garden, to avoid spiders occupying the area.

18. Indian Lilac Powder 

neemIf Indian lilac oil is not available, then you can also sprinkle dry Indian lilac powder all over your house.

This powder is safe even if your kids touch it. It is a better option to get rid of spiders in the kitchen and garden, as it does not affect other plants and herbs (21).

19. Citronella

citronellaCitronella is a natural spider repellent. Spiders hate the fragrance of this herb.

You can use citronella sprays to clean your floor  (22).

20. Tobacco

tobaccoSpiders can’t tolerate the strong odor of tobacco. You can either spray tobacco by mixing it with water or vinegar or make small tobacco balls by combining it with flour.

Now place these tobacco balls in the areas invaded by spiders. They will either vacate or just die.

Lectin, a component of tobacco is used as an insecticide (23).

21. Tomato Leaves

tomatoIf you have tomato plants in your garden then pick a few tomato leaves. Now blend them with water to make a spider repellant spray at home. You can keep this mixture in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for weeks (24).

22. Cedar

cedarPlace cedar shavings or blocks in your wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards. It will halt the entry of spiders.

Alternatively, cedar oil can also be used to get rid of spiders (25).

23. Eucalyptus Oil

eucalyptus oilSoak cotton balls in eucalyptus oil and put them in cracks, corners and other spider infested areas.

You can also place eucalyptus leaves in drawers and cupboards (26).


  • Keep your windows and ventilators closed in the evening to prevent spiders from entering your home (27).
  • Use blue light or insect repellent light in your garden or balcony to control spider population. It’s better to keep outdoor lights switched off in the evening, as they attract smaller insects to feed spiders (28).
  • There are spider repellents available for the garden in the pest control shops. These poisonous spider repellents can kill spiders, as they step on your plants. Try them out, but they are strictly for outdoor use only (29).
  • There are also web eliminators available in the pest control shop. Consider buying this web eliminator. This is a special solution that not only eliminates spiders but also kills spider mites.
  • Seal all holes in your home to prevent spiders from entering in (30).
  • Keep your house and surrounding area clean. Remove woodpiles and leaves (31).


  • Old papers tend to attract spiders, so do not pile up old papers, cardboard, books, etc., at your home.


  1. Which member of your staff thinks it’s a good idea to put a picture of a bloody great spider, that jumps out at you as you access the page, on a page that is dedicated to getting rid of spiders? Obviously, as I am looking at this page, there is a good chance that I have a fear of them. My fear is bordering on paranoia and I now feel quite sick and very shaky. Thank you very much!

    • really sorry about that. I hope you understand that we do have to show a picture of a spider as it is the point of the article and visuals are needed to promote any article on the web. I will look for a less menacing picture.

      • I agree, a massive photo of a spider is the last thing people want to see if they are trying to get rid of them. Perhaps pictures of the remedies (eg a lemon, salt etc) would be better? I understand that visuals are important, however these images are quite triggering.

      • I understand where Gina is coming from, and you as well. For the longest time, I was mortally terrified of anything that even resembled a spider. Then I decided to learn more about the buggers because I felt bad that I was killing them only because of an irrational fear. Not only did the research help alleviate a 30-year phobia, it also taught me a lot about why you shouldn’t kill spiders in your house, and not just for feel-good reasons.

        I discovered that spiders are similar to mice, in that if you don’t kill them all at once, you’re just creating an environment where resources are easier to come by and you often end up with more, larger spiders later. The all too common scenario where doing something that seems effective is, in fact, the opposite.


  2. Are you seriously complaining about a picture of a spider when the articles main subject is about spiders? I’m not sure it’s possible to show a less menacing spider unless it’s in a cartoon drawing of one tap dancing or maybe picking flowers. Great article nice pictures and thank you for the home remedy suggestions.

  3. Thank you for the ideas. I do agree the picture is unsettling. Jerry if you do not have a real fear of spiders then you can’t understand how Gina and Chloe feel.

  4. Thank you for all of the helpful remedy’s. Its nice to be able to look up something and find what you need. THANK YOU

  5. Nice article but I do agree the filthy great beasts all over the page seems very unnecessary, 1 image of a less vampiric looking creature would have done the trick! Overall very informative and structured.

  6. Just want to be really green recycling spiders for eating –

    Catchng the slowly in cupped hand – or easiest pinching one leg – drop in to the a mixing bowl – any type they can’t crawl out. chill then a little in the fridge –

    Prepare mix up tempura mix

    Heat up your frying pan a little oil – supa hot – dip in to mix and then in drop spiders in to that the oil – really crunchy snack – for all the family – invite friends for a fried friend fiesta – you will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

    Fried spider is a regional delicacy in third world . In the third world the vending … The same book details a recipe: the spiders are tossed in a mixture of MSG, sugar, … Some call it a delicacy


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