23 Ultimate Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Halyomorpha halys,also known as brown marmorated stink bugs, have become a great headache for home owners. These pests are half an inch long with an adult stink bug growing to be 1.7cm long, and have a shape that resembles a shield (they should not be confused with box elder bugs, which have distinctive red markings). Stink bugs mostly appear during the spring season, but are seen throughout the year in many parts of the world. They feed on fruits, such as apples, mulberries, peaches and citrus fruits; while out in the open, you may find them in the fields of soybeans, sweet corn, and other ornamental plants. Though, they are not harmful to humans, but give out an unpleasant whiff when squeezed. Most of you would certainly like to know how to get rid of stink bugs before they turn out to be an annoyance for you. Here are some home remedies that will, for sure, help you in your “stink bug control” mission. Let’s have a look.


Home Remedies for Stink Bugs

1. Seal the Access Points

If you find many bugs entering your house, the first thing you need to do is locate their point of entry. Usually, they will come through cracks or gaps near windows, exhaust fans, ceiling lights, and from the back side of baseboards. Fill these gaps using an adhesive, so that no more bugs can crawl in.

2. Catch the Bugs

Once the entry points have been sealed, the next step is stink bug control. To remove the stink bugs that you see in the house, simply pick them up using a paper towel or plastic bag and flush them down the drain, or in winters, simply throw them outside and they will freeze.

Note: Be very careful not to squeeze it, or else, it will let out a noxious smell.

3. Soapy Water

This is an ideal remedy, if you have bugs on your curtains and walls. Fill a bucket with water and add some washing powder (best to use one with a nice fragrance) to it. Now, place the bucket underneath the bug and simply knock it into the water using an old tooth brush. Pour the water outside.

4. Vacuum the Bugs

Those who do not wish to touch the bugs with their hands can simply use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. However, you must change the vacuum bag and dispose it off immediately so that the stink does not remain in the vacuum cleaner.

5. Insecticide

Spray the insecticide directly on the bug. Once if stops moving, sweep it up on a dust pan and flush it away. Although very effective, the insecticide may cause side effects to the people in the house especially children and those suffering from asthma, as well as to pets.

6. Good Quality Screens

During the summer time when you want to let in some air, invest in good quality screens to keep the bugs and mosquitoes out of your house. The screens should be fitted properly, so that the bugs cannot enter inside.

7. Get Rid of the Eggs

These bugs lay eggs on green leaves in spring, when the temperature is warm. Get rid of these eggs immediately you spot them. As mentioned earlier, you may throw the eggs into soapy water. One other method is to trim down the trees or plants that are infested with stink bugs.

8. Yellow Sticky Traps

Invest in stink bug trap to get rid of these nuisances. These bugs are attracted to yellow color. Simply, place yellow colored sticky traps on poles in the garden. The bugs will fly onto the traps and get stuck on them.

Note: People who love daisies and sunflowers must make sure to plant them away from the house, as they are sure to attract sink bugs and other pollinators, such as bees.

9. Nicotine

This is a good way to make use of your shredded cigarettes. Warm 4 liters of water and soak the cigarettes in the water for some time. Once the water becomes black, strain it, and add 2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid to it. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray directly onto the stink bug.

Note: Always wear gloves, when dealing with nicotine.

10. Hairspray

Sprinkle some hairspray directly on the bug to paralyze it. Once it is immobilized, simply pick it up with a plastic bag, and flush it down.

11. Wart Remover

Spray some wart remover on the bug; it will freeze the stink bug, so that you can easily dispose it off.

12. Alcohol

Fill a jar halfway with alcohol and hold it underneath the bug. Drop the bug into the jar. You can also use bleach or ammonia instead of alcohol.

13. Damp Towel

Soak a towel in water and remove the excess water. Now hang the damp towel in the garden. In the morning, you will find it full of stink bugs. Put the towel in soapy water and pour the water in the drain.

14. Diatomaceous Earth

How to kill sting bugs in a natural manner? Well, it’s very easy. Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth (DE) powder at the places infested by the stink bugs. This powder draws out lipids from the chitin-walls of bug’s exoskeleton, leading it to die due to dehydration.

15. Hot Peppers

Hot peppers kill the stink bugs, when sprayed on them. Make a hot pepper solution by diluting the peppers in water. Spray this solution onto the stink bug, it will burn the exterior of the bug and kill it immediately.

16. Garlic

Garlic has a strong odor and can drive away stink bugs, and many other insects. To make a solution, mix four tablespoons of dry garlic powder in two cups of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it in the garden, near the entrance of your house and other places from where the bugs can enter. Repeat again after every three days, until the bugs disappear.

17. Petroleum Oil

Spray petroleum oil on the bugs to kill them on the spot.

18. Rubbing Alcohol

Mix 1 part of rubbing alcohol with 2 parts of water. Spray this solution on the bugs to drive them out of the house.

Herbal Remedies for Stink Bugs

19. Indian Lilac Oil

Mix 2 tablespoons of Indian lilac oil with 100ml of water, and spray the mixture on your window panels, plants in the garden and any other place where you may find the bugs. Do this for a week for better results.

20. Mint

To make a solution, mix 2 teaspoons of freshly crushed mint leaves or 10 drops of liquid mint into 2 cups of water. Spray the solution in all the places, where you may find stink bugs.

21. Catnip

Catnips have a very strong smell and will keep the bugs away from your garden and home. You can either grow catnips in your flower bed, or buy some catnip powder from your local grocery store and sprinkle it all around your garden.

22. Essential Oils

Dilute your favorite essential oil with water, and spray on the bugs. The strong smell of these oils act as a good repellent, and therefore, keep bugs away from home.

23. Pyrethrum Daisy

Dry some pyrethrum daisy flower and crush them to form a powder. Add a cup of water and a few drops of mild liquid soap to it. Fill it in an air tight spray bottle. Spray it on the plants every morning to protect them from the stinky bugs.


  1. Always keep the bushes and weeds in your garden trimmed, so that the bugs do not get any space to lay their eggs.
  2. Switch off all the lights at night, as the bugs are attracted to light.
  3. Keep your house clean and dust free.


  1. Do not spray or apply insecticides in the house, as it may kill the bugs and will leave a bad smell in the house.
  2. Don’t allow moisture build up in or near your house. Check for clogged drains and leaked piped from time to time.

If none of the above stink bugs remedies work, you need to call a professional pest controller, who can help make your house bugs-free.


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