24 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Edema

Home Remedies to Treat Edema
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Does your skin get dimpled after being pressed for a few seconds? Are you suffering from puffiness or swelling in the feet, legs, ankle, and hands? All these symptoms indicate that you might be suffering from Edema. Limited movement, pain, and tense skin are some other warning signs of Edema. You may feel heaviness in legs and difficulty in walking if you are suffering from leg Edema. The reason for this disorder is the accumulation of fluid from the capillaries to the surrounding tissues. Lack of albumin in the blood, allergic reactions, burns, critical illness, and blood clot may also result in Edema. Are you wondering how to get rid of Edema without taking costly medications? Well, here are some effective home remedies that you can try.

Home Remedies to Treat Edema


1. Cucumber

When it comes to treating Edema, you must try cucumber. Daily intake of cucumber juice helps in the early discharge of toxic waste from the body. Since it contains many nutrients, it relieves the pain and swelling.

2. Grapes

Grapes have diuretic properties which enables them to release the fluids. Either consume grapes as snacks or make its juice.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple is another strong diuretic agent which helps to reduce swelling. Consume it on a daily basis. You can have fresh pineapple. Pineapple in canned or liquid form also helps a lot.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon has a very high percentage of water in it. Watermelon intake increases the urination and with it, the toxins are released from the body. Apart from the toxins, it reduces the formation of fluid and stops Edema to grow further.

5. Cabbage

Cabbage can heal the peripheral Edema easily by excluding the fluids from the body. All you have to do is cover your feet with cabbage leaves and leave it for 5 minutes. It will reduce the puffiness in that area.

6. Carrots

Carrots are found to be good agents against Edema. Consuming raw carrots or carrot juice impacts the body in a positive manner and fights off Edema as well.

7. Elevate the Affected Part

Lying down for twelve hours with the affected body part elevated with the help of pillows or cushions can provide early relief in Edema.

8. Massaging

Massaging reduces the swelling and pain. It helps in proper circulation of the water in the body. Massage the affected part twice a day with an essential oil.

9. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has been used to treat swelling and pain for several years. Add some amount of Epsom salt in a bucket of water and soak the affected body part in it. It will remove the excess water from the body, gradually.

10. Water

Drinking a lot of water encourages urination. With urine, the toxins and other kidney waste get eliminated from the body. It is recommended to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

11. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds in your kitchen shelf can do a lot more than just making your food delicious. Boil a tablespoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water and drink it daily. Its anti-inflammatory properties will improve the condition in a short time.

12. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds have anti-inflammatory properties in them which makes them a good cure for Edema. Boil a glass of water with fennel seeds and some sugar. Strain the mixture and drink it daily until the swelling vanishes completely.

13. Cold Compress

Cold compress works very aptly in removing pain and inflammation from the affected body part. Soak the affected body part in a bucket of cold water and repeat the process 2-3 times a day to cure Edema.

14. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds improve the nutritional value of the body and as a result, cure the problem of Edema. Add a small amount of flaxseed oil in warm water and drink it daily.

  • Alternatively, you can massage the flaxseed oil on the affected area.

15. Mustard Oil

Nothing works better than mustard oil on Edema.  Mustard oil removes the excess water and softens the tissues. All you have to do is massage the Edema affected area with warm mustard oil daily and it will provide you with long-term benefits.

16. Warm Fluids

It is a well-proven fact that warm fluids help treat Edema faster. You can drink warm water 4-5 times a day to get the desired results.

17. Barley Water

Barley is packed with nutritional elements and that’s what makes it a very good remedy for Edema. Drink about 3-4 glasses of barley water daily.

18. Turmeric and Sandalwood Powder Paste

Turmeric and sandalwood powder can cure Edema from the root. A paste prepared by mixing turmeric and sandalwood powder, if applied daily, will reduce the puffiness to a large extent.

19. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Dilute some ACV with water and drink it to improve the water retention from the face as it has high content of potassium in it.

Herbal Remedies to Treat Edema

20. Horsetail

Due to the diuretic nature of this herb, it promotes urine production in the body which removes the poisonous wastes. You can consume horsetail supplements and extracts.

21. Parsley

A small amount of parsley daily reduces the excess amount of water in the body. Boil some fresh leaves of parsley in a glass of water and drink it with breakfast, for early relief.

22. Dandelion

Dandelion promotes the excretion of extra fluids from the body because of its diuretic properties. But, at the same time, it also maintains the potassium level which is lost with excessive urination. Dandelion leaves, stem and roots help in curing Edema. Consumption of dandelion herbal tea 2-3 times a day also provides early relief.

23. Budrock Root

Consume budrock tea several times a day to garner the benefits. To prepare the tea, add a teaspoon of budrock dried powder in a cup of water.

Note- You can even soak your body part in the prepared mixture to cure Edema.

24. Chickweed

Chickweed leaves have diuretic and demulcent properties which help the water retention in the body. You can prepare chickweed tea by boiling two tablespoons of chickweed leaves in a cup of water. Drink this tea to cure Edema.

  • Alternatively, you can make a fine paste of chickweed and apply it externally on the swollen area.


  • Do small and simple exercises like morning walk and yoga.
  • In case of swollen feet, compression stockings can be used to prevent the fluid buildup.
  • Acupressure therapy can be used on the affected area for the fluid to move.
  • Take a nutritious diet.
  • Eat healthy and home cooked food only.
  • Take proper rest daily.


  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not take carbonated, caffeinated and alcohol drinks.
  • Do not consume foods that have high salt quantity.
  • Limit the consumption of meat.
  • Do not sit, stand or stay in the same position for too long.
  • Avoid sudden changes of temperature.


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