24 Superb Health and Beauty Benefits of Milk

Benefits of Milk
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A glass of milk not only pleases our taste buds but also helps us stay healthy and beautiful forever. It is one of the healthiest beverages available for us. It is composed of many invigorating nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A and D, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and enzymes. The presence of calcium in the milk keeps our bones and teeth in the pink. vitamin D guards the overall health and prevents certain cancers, arthritis, and diabetes. Minerals perform functions like water balance maintenance and oxygen transport. Lactoferrin (a protein found in milk) plays a vital role in iron absorption and immunity development. Lipases are a group of enzymes that helps break down the fats. Milk also consists of a lot of water molecules and thus keeps your body hydrated. Besides having many health benefits, milk also has unbelievable beauty benefits. This article will make you replace all your expensive beauty products with the goodness of dairy products.

health benefits of milk

Health Benefits of Milk

1. Healthy Bones

Lack of calcium leads to many health issues. Thus, its proper intake is a must in order to keep your body fit. Milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus. These minerals play a crucial role in maintaining the bone strength. Vitamin D absorbs calcium and thus prevents bone disorders. It also reduces the chances of bone fractures.

2. Healthy Teeth

Milk takes care of your dental health. The best nutrients for your oral health are calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D. Milk contains all these minerals. So, in order to lessen the chances of tooth decay and cavities, have a glass of milk daily.

3. Hale and Hearty Heart

Milk reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart stroke. Dairy products are major sources of saturated fat and help maintain healthy plasma lipids and cholesterol levels. Thus, fat-free milk and its products are suggested to include in your diet for the prevention of heart problems.

4. Rehydration

Milk is the best drink to rehydrate your body. It consists of several water molecules that fulfill water deficiency in your body.

5. Reduces the Stress

A hormone, named cortisol, is released by the body when you are under stress. Lactium is a protein present in milk that reduces the levels of cortisol. It also pacifies your body by lowering the blood pressure. So, whenever you feel exhausted, have a glass of lukewarm milk.

6. Helps in Weight Loss

If you want to shed those extra pounds easily, drink a glass of skimmed milk on a regular basis. Vitamin D and calcium in milk are helpful in losing weight.

7. Cures Skin Irritation

Milk is a solution for those who are experiencing distress due to allergic reactions, red spots or wounds. These problems can be healed by applying sour milk or buttermilk on the affected area.

8. Improves Digestion

Milk balances bacteria in your digestive tract and improves your digestive system. Whole milk may cause troubles to your tummy, so go for low-fat or skimmed milk for better results.

9. Prevents Cognitive Decline

Milk aids in enhancing thought process and mental ability; thus, plays a key role in preventing cognitive decline. It is laden with magnesium which is highly beneficial for mental aptitude.

10. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Cow’s milk is highly efficient in the treatment of cancer as it has anticancer properties. Lactoferrin is a natural protein in milk that has great potential to check the growth of cancer cells.

Beauty Benefits of Milk

11. Radiant Skin

The presence of lactic acid in milk makes it a natural beauty product. It cures the dull skin and turns it radiant. It also makes your skin smooth, glowing, and soft.

12. Deep Cleanses the Skin

Raw milk is a wonderful skin cleanser. It eliminates all toxic particles, dirt and dead cells from your skin. It is rich in alpha-hydroxyl acid which brings natural glow. You can apply raw milk on your face using a cotton ball and wash it with cool water after 5 minutes.

13. Natural Scrubber

A paste formed by the combination of honey, milk and sea salt works as an amazing scrubber. Give a gentle massage to your face with this scrubber, twice a week. It will give you a graceful look.

14. An Effective Treatment for Dry Skin

To keep your skin moisturized throughout the day, use milk. Those who have dry skin and want to get rid of it naturally can replace moisturizers and lotions with a face pack made by mixing a mashed banana in milk. Apply it for 30 minutes and then wash off with cool water.

15. Natural Toner

If you don’t want harmful chemicals of toner to put adverse effects on your skin, try raw milk. Pour some drops of milk in green tea and apply it to your face. After a few minutes, wash it off. You will get an instant glow and radiance.

16. Improves Complexion

Milk can enhance your complexion because of the presence of fat in it. You just need to apply raw milk to your face for 10 minutes. Face pack of milk and fuller’s earth powder is also an effective remedy to get fairer skin.

17. Shrinks the Pores

To shrink large pores, use sour cream or milk. A mixture of fuller’s earth, milk and honey resolves this problem. You need to apply this mixture on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cool water.

18. Reduces Wrinkles

Lactic acid in milk is a form of alpha-hydroxyl acid which reduces wrinkles and enhances the production of collagen. You can mix 3 teaspoons of oats in a cup of milk and apply to your face. It gives nourishment to your skin.

19. Treats Dry and Rough Hair

Milk is advantageous for those who have rough and dry hair. Apply cold raw milk to your hair to overcome the dryness. Alternatively, spread a mixture of milk and honey for about an hour. Then wash it off with shampoo.

20. Natural Hair Conditioner

You can prepare a natural hair conditioner using milk. Mix a few drops of raw milk, mayonnaise, and baby oil in yoghurt and apply it on your scalp and hair. Wash it with warm water after 40 minutes.

21. Reduces Hair Loss

Fed up of hair loss and want a natural treatment for it? A mask of milk is a solution for this. Prepare a mask by combining yoghurt, coffee, egg, olive oil, and a few drops of raw milk. Apply this mixture on your hair. Keep it for an hour and finally, wash it off with warm water.

22. Foot Spa

Like any other part of the body, our feet also require care. Heat the diluted milk at a temperature higher than the room temperature. Soak your feet it. It will make you feel relaxed.

23. Beautiful and Strong Nails

Brittle nails are a result of iron deficiency. Milk is capable of eliminating this deficiency. For this, you need to soak your nails in milk for fifteen minutes. You will observe positive results within a week.

24. Prevents Acne

Fat in raw milk can prevent acne. Lactic acid in it can fight the microorganisms that produce acne. Take a cotton ball and soak it in milk. Now apply it to the desired areas. It will definitely reduce the inflammation (resulted due to acne) and diminish the marks.


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