25 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Coffee

benefits of coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world, for its refreshing aroma. But contrary to the general perception, this beverage is good for health too due to its nutritious component. This is good news for coffee lovers as recent scientific study reveals that those who consume coffee are at much lower risk of many serious diseases. It has tons of antioxidants even more than green tea and cocoa. Coffee contains caffeine which is known to stimulate central nervous system. It is consumed in the form of infusions extracted from the seeds of the coffee plant. Coffee can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways depending on the degree they are roasted and the desired flavor. If taken in moderate amounts coffee can curb various ailments like Alzheimer, obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Here, we have listed some health and beauty benefits of coffee.

health benefits of coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

1. Anti-Cancer

The presence of abundant anti-oxidants in coffee makes it a potent fighter against a number of cancers like brain, uterine, oral, colon, breast, skin and liver cancer. Include a cup of coffee in your daily routine to safeguard your body entirely.

2. Assists in Weight Loss

Caffeine increases metabolic rate and helps burn that extra fat. Black coffee has very low calories. Being a nervous system stimulant, caffeine sends the signal to break down the fat from the fat tissues and send them into the blood to be used as free fatty acids.

3. Prevents Heart Disease

Coffee has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which fights inflammation and protects the heart from damage. Drink moderate amount of coffee daily to reduce the risk of heart strokes both men and women.

4. Averts Diabetes

As per several researches, it has been revealed that people, who drink coffee on a regular basis, have lower risk of type-2 diabetes. Anti-oxidants, chlorogenic acid and quinides in this drink regulate the blood sugar levels by increasing cells sensitivity to insulin.

5. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Coffee increases the levels of acetylcholine, an organic molecule that has a positive effect on the memory, concentration and alertness. Thus, it improves memory and delays the Alzheimer’s disease, which is very common in elderly people.

6. Reduces Appetite

Coffee makes you feel less hungry and due to its satiating properties. Caffeine increases the circulation of fatty acids in your body. So, if you are dieting, have coffee as it gives you energy and reduces fatigue. Hence, you wouldn’t experience cravings often.

7. Combats Parkinson

Deterioration of nerve cells in the brain causes Parkinson disease. People who consume coffee are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine not only makes medication of Parkinson more effective, but also reduces the need of this medication.

8. Good for Eyes

Coffee improves eyesight and prevents blindness. This is because of the strong anti-oxidants in it called chlorogenic acid, or CLA, which reduces oxidative stress and free radicals in retina, thereby improving the health of eyes.

9. Increases Resistance Power

Consumption of coffee enhances Epinephrine (Adrenaline) levels in the blood, a hormone that our body needs to perform an intense physical workout.

10. Combats Migraine

Caffeine helps body absorb pain killers quickly. Coffee addicts experience pain reliever to be more effective in treating headache. Drinking 2-3 cups of strong black coffee can help relive migraine pain.

11. Energy Booster

Coffee has a high content of caffeine, which is psychoactive substance. It gets absorbed into the bloodstream and then travels to the brain. Thus, helps increase the energy levels and improves other cognitive functions.

12. Regulates Liver Functioning

The liver plays a huge role in primary functioning of the body. Coffee detoxifies liver and cleanses the colon. It is inversely associated with liver diseases like a fatty liver disease, chronic disease and cirrhosis, a disease caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

13. Anti-Depressant

Coffee acts as anti-depressant, since the presence of caffeine in it is known to activate neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin that control mood swings, stave off depression and lessens suicidal tendencies.

Beauty Benefits of Coffee

14. Reduces Dark Circles

The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee help reduce dark circles. Put moist tea bags under your eyes for 5 minutes. This remedy is really effective for dark lines as it regulates blood circulation around the eye area.

15. Anti-Ageing

Antioxidants in coffee help repair damaged cells and reduce saggy skin, age spots and fine lines. Caffeine tightens the skin and gives you a flawless appearance. Using anti- cellulite creams, which contains caffeine will surely make a difference.

16. Natural Sun-Screen

Coffee makes for a good natural sunscreen. It is the strongest anti-oxidant to fight sunburn and protects you against the damage caused by ultra-violet rays.

17. Checks Hair Loss

Coffee has the potential to stimulate the growth of tiny follicles in the scalp. Also, caffeine blocks the chemical called DTH that damage hair follicles and causes hair loss in both men and women.

18. Promotes Hair Growth

Coffee not only prevents hair loss, but also promotes hair re-growth.  Caffeine fuels the hair shaft, activates the hair growth cycle by stimulating the hair matrix keratinocytes, the cells responsible for hair growth.

19. Detoxifies Skin

Natural acids present in coffee revives your skin and removes dead cells that can be a major cause of the dull skin. Natural vitamins and potent antioxidants hydrate, detoxify and soothe your skin, thereby making it look fresh.

20. Tones Skin

Being anti-inflammatory in nature, coffee makes for an ideal toner. Wipe your face in the morning with some freshly brewed coffee using a cotton page. Anti-inflammatory creams containing caffeine, tones your skin effectively, thereby making it beautiful.

21. Reduces Puffiness of Eyes

To reduce the inflammation and swelling of eyes, apply cream that contains extract of coffee. It normalizes the blood flow to the eyes area and works faster than drinking coffee.

22. Cleanse Skin

Homemade coffee scrub works wonders for exfoliating the skin and makes it smooth and clean. Mix half cup each of coffee and brown sugar and add one-fourth cup of olive oil in it. Now scrub gently in a circular motion for a couple of minutes and rinse off with water.

23. Shiny Strands

Coffee can make your hair stand out by intensifying their shine. All you have to do is – brew espresso or any other strong coffee brand. Let it cool and apply to your hair after shampooing and drying your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

24. Enhances Hair Color

Coffee is a natural hair dye that improves your hair color, highlights your locks and makes them even shinier. Take half cup of strong espresso brewed coffee and allow it to cool. Now, mix 1 cup of hair conditioner and a tablespoon of organic instant coffee properly. Apply it on your locks and cover them with a shower cap. Rinse off with shampoo after half an hour.

25. Soothes Tired Feet

Coffee is an excellent home remedy to soak and pamper your tired feet. Fill the bathtub half with warm water and pour half a cup of brewed coffee in it. Soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes. Enjoy the odor of coffee and relax.


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