25 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Cumin

Benefits of Cumin
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Cumin is a delightful spice with a pungent flavor. It is prominently used in Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and in a few Chinese cuisines. This seed comes in three different colors – white, black, and amber. Cumin is a plant that has its root from the Eastern Mediterranean to India. The fruits of these plants contain seeds, which are the only edible part. These seeds are used in various cuisines all around the world. Seeds of cumin are known for its medicinal values and used as a digestion catalyst. It also treats the common cold, anemia, insomnia, respiratory disorders, etc. The nutritional value of cumin is incredibly high. Every 100 grams of cumin is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals. Cumin contains abundant iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc, to name a few.  Cumin benefits the human body in many ways. Some of the cumin health benefits are listed below.


Health Benefits of Cumin

1. Improves Digestion

Cumin has a high amount of thymol and other essential acids that can stimulate salivary glands and help ease the digestion process. Hence, people who suffer from indigestion are advised to drink cumin tea. Just boil water and add cumin seeds into it. Strain and drink it to normalize your digestive system.

2. Fights Cancer

The presence of cuminaldehyde, an active compound in cumin, is found to retard the growth of tumor cells. Moreover, these seeds are packed with several anti-carcinogenic agents;  such as thymol, thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, and dithymoquinone. They help treat breast and colon cancer.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

The cumin is a rich source of potassium, which is an essential mineral for balancing the electrolyte in the body. This mineral assists production of new cells and regularizes blood pressure. It is advised by nutritionist’s to drink a cup of cumin water daily on an empty stomach to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Relieve Cold

The anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the cumin seed effectively treat the cold. Several compounds present in the cumin seeds soothe muscles and boost immunity; thus, defend the body from an infection that causes cold.

5. Prevent Anemia

The iron content in cumin seeds helps prevent anemia, as 100 grams of cumin seeds contain about 11.1 grams of iron. It is an essential mineral that aids the body in producing hemoglobin, which handles carrying oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Women are advised to take cumin on a regular basis. Thus, consumption of cumin seeds is an effective way to keep anemia at bay.

6. Excellent for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Incorporate cumin seeds in your everyday diet if you are an expecting mother. It will fulfill the iron requirement of mother and fetus, respectively. Besides, the calcium content induces the secretion of milk in the breastfeeding women.

7. Treats Constipation

Cumin has high fiber content that induces secretion of more enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract. It also heals severe digestive tract troubles, like piles, etc. The cumin is believed to have high laxative power. So, to reap its benefits, either sip cumin tea or consume powder of roasted cumin with honey to prevent the problem of constipation.

8. Cures Insomnia

The high melatonin content in cumin seeds helps people fight against insomnia. Consume cumin seeds followed by a banana before you go to sleep. The chemical reaction between the compounds of banana and cumin results in treating the problem of insomnia.

9. Boost Cognitive Performance

The minerals in cumin seeds, such as riboflavin, vitamin B6, zeaxanthin, and niacin make it excellent for boosting memory. In Ayurveda, cumin seeds are widely used to treat amnesia. Consume cumin seeds in any form to enhance cognitive functioning.

10. Treats Diabetes

Through various researches, it is revealed that regular consumption of cumin effectually reduces hypoglycemia. Diabetes is a condition in which the level of glucose in urine will be higher than the nominal level. So, incorporate cumin seeds in your diet along with medications.

11. Prevents Respiratory Disorder

The richness of aromatic essential oils and caffeine content in cumin gives anti congestive effects on the body and helps treat respiratory disorders. It loosens the mucus and phlegm that has been accumulated in the respiratory tract. Thus, eases the breathing process.

12. Boosts Immune System

Cumin has a high amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and other essential oils. These vitamins and minerals help the human body in different ways to improve the immune system. The vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the activities of WBCs and combats free radicals.

13. Detoxifies Body

Cuminaldehyde, thymol and phosphorus content of cumin are meant for detoxifying the human body.  Intake of cumin produces digestive enzymes in the body that helps the liver in reducing toxic substances from the body.

14. Boost Metabolism

Cumin seeds enhance the nutrient absorption in the body. It increases metabolic rate and thus maintains a healthy metabolism.

15. Aids Weight Loss

Obesity is one big problem that has been faced by most of the people around the world. This spice adds a unique flavor to the food. You can sprinkle ground cumin on salads or smoothies and other veggies to obtain its health benefits.

16. Wards off Itchiness

Cumin seeds easily prevent skin itchiness. Just boil cumin seeds in water for 15 to 20 minutes and allow it to cool. Now take a bath with this water to get rid of the itchy skin. Also, it prevents skin rashes. Do this twice a week to get relief.

17. Combats Burning Sensation

Drink cumin water to prevent the burning sensation of soles and palms. Add one teaspoon of cumin seeds in 4 liters of boiling water. Steep it for few hours. Have this decoction several times a day.

18. Regulates Menstrual Cycle

It has been proven scientifically that the regular consumption of cumin in any form will regularize the menstrual cycle and thus reduce the chances of irregular periods.

19. Promotes Kidney Health

Cumin seeds ease cramps associated with renal stones and renal colic. Thus, ensures proper functioning of the kidney.

20. Improves Sperm Count

Cumin is loaded with potassium and zinc that helps improve sexual health. The component of zinc in these seeds stimulates production of healthy sperm. Besides, cumin tea also prevents fertility issues.

Beauty Benefits of Cumin

21. Prevent Baldness and Hair Fall

Mix equal amount of black cumin oil and olive oil together. Apply it daily on the bald spot to promote hair growth in the particular region.  Besides, you can even massage it all over the scalp to prevent hair fall. You can also consume black cumin oil capsules daily for a few months.

22. Treats Dandruff

Oil extracted from the cumin seeds works as an antioxidant. The carminative and diuretic properties of cumin seed oil prevents flaky scalp. Besides, it is used in aromatherapy and scalp treatment.

23. Anti-Acne Toner

The decoction prepared from cumin seeds can clear the acne from your face.  Just apply cumin water regularly on the affected area to get flawless skin. Besides, the high nutrient profile of cumin nourishes your skin deeply.

24. Lustrous Strands

Having long and lustrous strands is a dream of every girl. Black cumin seeds not only add shine to your tresses, but also promote hair growth. Just mix egg yolk and olive oil in the black cumin tea (cold) and apply it on the hair. Then, wash off after half an hour.

25. Promotes Youthful Skin

It is a well-known fact that vitamin E is good for maintaining the skin healthy and supple. Since, cumin is packed with vitamin E; thus, protects your skin from aging effects. Apart from this, antifungal and disinfectant properties of cumin prevent the occurrence of microbial or fungal infection.


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