26 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads
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Is your face full of blackheads? Are you looking for some quick and effective solutions to get rid of blackheads? If you answered positively to these questions, then consider reading our post. Blackheads are one of the major beauty concerns that tend to spoil the facial complexion. These ugly black spots result when your skin pores get clogged with dead skin, dirt, and debris. The black color of the blackheads occurs due to melanin oxidation. Medically, blackheads are considered as the first stage of acne, and the excess of oil production through the skin is one of the causes for their occurrence. Your skin condition may worsen if you neglect it. As the clogging of dead skin increases, bacteria begin to invade your skin pores, and soon your blackheads turn into ugly pimples. You can follow certain effective home remedies to get rid of blackheads fast.

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Home Remedies to get rid of Blackheads

1. Steam

Steam is one of the best and simplest ways to remove blackheads naturally. All you need to do is steam your face for one or two minutes and scrub off the blackheads gently using a natural exfoliator.

2. Oatmeal

Mix two tablespoons of fresh tomato juice, one teaspoon of honey, and two to four tbsp of oatmeal to prepare a paste. Rub your face gently with this paste for about ten minutes, and then wash it off. It is one of the best homemade blackhead removers.

  • Alternatively, mix three tsp of yogurt, some drops of fresh lime and olive oil, and two tbsp of oatmeal. Apply the paste on your face as a mask for about ten minutes. Wash it off later.
  • Also, you can prepare a paste of oatmeal and rosewater. Apply it on your face for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off.

3. Almond Face Scrub

Mix finely crushed almonds and some gram flour, and use it as a face scrub to get rid of blackheads quickly and effectively.

4. Baking Soda

Mix two tsp baking soda with some water and prepare its paste. Massage the affected area with this paste gently. Leave it for 15 minutes to dry, and later wash it off using lukewarm water. Follow this twice every week till the density of the blackheads reduces substantially.

5. Epsom Salt

Another effective blackhead removal home remedy is Epsom salt. All you need to do is add some drops of iodine and one tsp Epsom salt in some hot water and allow the salt to dissolve totally. Let the water cool down. Now, dip a small cotton ball in the solution and apply it on your blackhead affected skin gently. After it dries, remove it carefully.

6. Warm Compress

If you are looking for a solution to blackheads, then the use of warm compress can help you greatly. Take some warm water in a vessel and soak a clean piece of cloth in it. Place the cloth on the skin full of blackheads for about 15 minutes. This warm compress will quickly unclog your skin pores and help you clear the blackheads.

7. Egg

Egg is one of the easy yet effective home remedies for blackheads. Whip the egg white and add one tsp of honey to it. Apply the mixture on the affected area of your face, leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off.

8. Rose Water

Use rose water daily to cleanse your facial skin. Rose water helps cleanse your skin and remove blackheads substantially.

9. Gram Flour

Gram flour can help you get rid of blackheads on nose effectively. Mix gram flour, turmeric, and some water to prepare a paste. Apply the paste on your face and remove the ugly blackheads.

10. Orange Peel

Orange peel is another effective home remedy to eliminate blackheads. Grind some dried orange peels to make its powder, add a little water to it, and make the paste. Apply it on the affected skin and soon, the blackheads will disappear.

11. Sugar

Mix one tbsp of sugar and a few drops of lemon, and rub it on the affected skin in a circular motion. This paste removes dead cells and blackheads effectively and gives you a radiant skin.

12. Rice

Add some rice to a bowl of milk and let it soak for about four to five hours. Grind the mixture well and prepare its paste. Spread it on the affected skin to get rid of blackheads.

13. Tomatoes

Mash a fresh, peeled tomato well, and apply it on the blackheads. Let it stay overnight. Wash your skin the next morning using some warm water. Antiseptic properties of the tomatoes help minimize your blackheads significantly.

14. Cornmeal

Add some cornmeal powder in your regular facial cleanser, and mix it well. Take a steam before you apply it so that the steam opens the skin pores. Now rub the cornmeal mixed facial cleanser in a circular motion on your face, and wash it with cold water.

15. Honey

Topical application of honey tightens your skin pores, eliminates the blackheads, and imparts a natural glow to your face. All you need to do is apply some honey on the affected area, leave for about ten minutes and rinse it off with water.

16. Turmeric

Take some fresh mint leaves and extract juice from them. Add some turmeric powder to the mint juice, and mix it well. Apply the turmeric mixture on your skin full of blackheads, and allow it to dry. Later, rinse it off using lukewarm water.

  • Alternatively, mix milk, turmeric powder and red sandalwood well and apply the paste on your affected skin for ten minutes.

17. Potatoes

Take one raw potato, grate it, and rub it over the affected skin. Let it stand for 15 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. Follow the technique daily to eliminate the blackheads.

18. Lemon

Lemon juice is highly effective in eliminating the facial blackheads. All you need to do is prepare a scrub by mixing fresh lemon juice, salt, yogurt, and honey. Rub your skin with the scrub gently. Lemon in the scrub aids in exfoliating your skin and minimizing the blackheads significantly.

19. Toothpaste

Topical application of toothpaste helps clear off your blackheads. Simply apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the affected area and rub it gently using a toothbrush. Follow this every alternate day to eliminate blackheads from your skin completely.

Herbal Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads

20. Coriander

Grind some fresh coriander leaves and make its paste. Add turmeric powder and water to the paste and apply it on your skin affected with ugly blackheads. Wash it off later, and you will soon have clear, blackheads-free skin.

21. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great solution to get rid of blackheads on your face. Take a small cotton ball, dip it in the tea tree oil, and dab it on the affected skin. The antiseptic properties of this oil aid in minimizing the blackheads to a great extent.

22. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also highly effective in removing blackheads quickly. Apply some Aloe Vera juice on the affected skin. The soothing and healing effects of this herb will minimize your blackheads significantly.

23. Green Tea

If you want to get rid of blackheads overnight, then green tea can serve as a quick and effective remedy. Prepare a paste of one tsp of dried leaves of green tea and some water. Gently rub the paste on the affected facial skin. Green tea removes excess of oil from your skin and aids in unclogging the skin pores.

24. Fenugreek

Crush some fresh fenugreek leaves, add a little water to them, and make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the blackheads, and allow it to dry for ten minutes. Later, wash it using some warm water. Follow this remedy daily till your blackheads are completely gone.

25. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is one of the excellent remedies for blackheads. Mix one tsp each of cinnamon powder and fresh lime juice. Apply the paste on your blackheads for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off. Follow this thrice, daily.

  • Alternatively, mix one tsp of cinnamon powder and one tsp of honey. Apply this paste on the affected skin before going to the bed at night. Wash it off in the morning. Follow this for about ten days for positive results.
  • Or else, mix one tsp of lime juice, a pinch of turmeric powder, and one tsp of cinnamon powder. Apply it on the clean face. Later, wash it off using some lukewarm water.

26. Witch Hazel

Soak a small cotton ball in fresh witch hazel extract, and dab it on your skin affected with blackheads. Witch hazel removes oil from your skin and reduces blackheads to a great extent.


  • Make it a habit to wash your face twice every day.
  • Wash your blackhead affected skin with salt water daily to eliminate them.
  • Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your face. Focus more on the blackheads affected area.
  • Include beta-carotene rich foods in your regular diet.
  • Use an oil-free facial cleanser, makeup, lotion, and foundation.


  • Don’t eat excessive oily and junk foods.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking.
  • Don’t go to the bed at night with all the makeup on your face. Remove your makeup before retiring to the bed every night.
  • Don’t try to squeeze your blackheads as squeezing may result in ugly scars.

Did you try any effective home remedies to get rid of the blackheads? Which home remedies worked well for you? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


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