26 Tested Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry and Chapped Lips

Home Remedies for Dry and Chapped Lips
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Color red gives not only sexy look but also indicates the health of the lips. But redness accompanied with soreness, dryness and cracks can make anyone feel awkward. Chapped lips have a negative effect on your self-consciousness and self-esteem. In addition, any problem associated with lips cannot be concealed, unlike the other skin conditions. One should use only natural ways to do away with such problems. Some of the leading causes of chapped lips are harsh weather, sun exposure, frequent licking of lips, smoking, dehydration, allergic reactions, deficiency of vitamins, etc. The condition of chapped lips worsens in winters and may interfere with taking, eating, and smiling. Most of us resort to lip balms or chap sticks to get rid of dry and chapped lips. But, the chemicals present in these products may infect your lips. So, one should use the following remedies to cure the problem naturally.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry and Chapped Lips

1. Drink More Water

Dehydration or lack of water in the body causes dry lips and skin. Therefore, you should drink at least 9-10 glasses of water on the daily basis. You can also drink fruit juices to overcome the fluid deficiency.

2. Humidifier

Dry air around you may also lead to dryness of lips and skin. So, consider using a humidifier so as to have moist air around you. It will also help maintain your skin moisturized.

3. Cucumber to Your Rescue 

This pale-green fruit also rehydrates your lips along with lightening them. The pain in cracks, dryness and darkness, will reduce significantly. You just need grab some slices (refrigerated for 30 minutes) of cucumber and place them on your lips for 10-20 minutes.

  • Or else, extract the juice of peeled cucumber and rub it on your lips. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse with regular water.

4. Scarves Save Lips Too

Generally people think that scarves are used to cover neck and chest, but that’s not it; scarf also protects lips against chilly/stormy/dusty winds.

5. Apply Lip Balm Daily

Don’t skip applying lip balm, specifically in winter, since it not just moisturizes but also safeguards them from potent damage.

6. Sunscreen As Savior

Some people choose to apply sunscreen on lips with SPF 15, or find a lip balm having similar SPF; whatever you can get of these would work well by saving your lips from sunburn.

7. Coconut Oil

Massage a little coconut oil on your lips multiple times daily since it effectually treats chapped lips. Since it is rich in vitamin E, it is extremely good for healing and nourishing lips.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is used to heal every kind of skin problems. It moisturizes and makes skin softer. So, apply it directly on your lips or you may choose to mix it with sugar too.  Both ways it works great though later one is good for exfoliation purpose.

9. Castor Oil

Get some castor oil on your fingertips and rub on your lips to transform them soft and pink. Alternatively, you may mix it with glycerin and lemon juice. Mix properly and apply on your lips before sleeping. In the morning, wipe your lips with the help of a cotton ball (dipped in lukewarm water).

10. Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil is popularly known for its healthy fatty acids that are nourishing for the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. This oil can penetrate the lip tissues so as to give you topical soft lips.

11. Almond Oil

Get a cotton swab dipped in almond oil and then apply on lips 2-4 times a day so as to speed up the healing process. It’s good for dry lips due to the presence of vitamin E in it.

12. Mustard Oil

It works wonders in case of infections owing to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apart from this, it also prevents cancer, heart ailments, and digestive system disorders, since it contains glucosinoate, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Apply mustard oil in your naval. It is one of the most effectual remedies to get rid of chapped lips.

  • It can also be applied on lips directly, but very little. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse.

13. Jojoba Oil

This remedy is good for those who have got severely chapped lips. Just dab some jojoba oil on your lips. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then remove. This oil nurtures the dead skin cells and helps form new cells on lips. It also acts as great moisturizer for them and speeds up the recovery process.

14. Rose Petals and Glycerin

Take some rose petals, wash and crush them. Then pour in a few drops of glycerin or a cup of milk on the crushed petals. Use this mixture on your lips at night before you hit the hay. This remedy will help restore the color and moisture of your lips.

15. Honey

Honey also has the potential to moisturize lips effectually. Rub a little honey on your lips to heal them speedily along with retaining the moisture.

  • Combine honey and glycerin to treat dryness of lips. Apply and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with regular water. Spread one coat of only glycerin and let it sit overnight. This will keep away wrinkles from lips.

16. Lemon Juice

Mix up one tsp each of lemon juice, castor oil, and glycerin. Apply this mixture on your lips gently and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe your lips using a cotton swab soaked in water.

  • Or else, combine milk cream and lemon juice. Place it in the refrigerator. Spread it on and around lip graciously.

17. Vaseline

Form a paste by combining Vaseline with honey and rub it gently on lips. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Dip a cotton swab in water and use it to remove the paste from lips.

  • Alternatively, massage your lips with Vaseline. It contains natural extracts and is safer than any other lip balms.

18. Milk-Based Creams

All the milk-based creams contain soothing fats which moisturize lips effectively. You may mix aloe vera with these creams, owing to the antioxidant properties in aloe. Apply this mixture using a cotton ball or with fingertips. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

19. Brown Sugar Scrub

The purpose of scrubbing lips is to exfoliate a little and witness natural skin layer beneath the dark dead skin. Get brown sugar, olive oil and honey. Combine them and then gently scrub your lips for some time. Wash off with warm water.

20. Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is popularly known for its use in cuisine dishes. To your surprise, it can also heal chapped lips. So, apply it as many times as you like.


Herbal Remedies to Get Rid of Dry and Chapped Lips

21. Green Tea Bags

You simply need to press used tea bags against your lips for a little while. Do this every day, in order to moisturize them naturally.

22. Aloe Vera

Chapped lips lead to minor cracks in lips which make your lips all the more unpleasant. But, aloe vera has the potential to heal those cracks. Besides, it soothes the pain associated to chapped lips. Simply apply fresh aloe vera gel on the lips to make them soft. Alternatively, drink aloe vera juice in order to heal dry lips.

23. Avocado

Form a paste by mashing avocado and apply it on your lips. Rinse off after 20-30 minutes with cold water. This fruit is a natural moisturizer; that’s why its extract is majorly used in most of the beauty products.

24. Calendula

Prepare calendula infused oil by soaking the leaves and flowers of this herb in olive oil for at least 2-3 days. Apply this oil on your lips to get relief from dryness, cracks, and blisters.

25. Comfrey

The mucilage found in comfrey lubricates the lips and forms a protective covering on them. You just need to crush some comfrey leaves and apply it on the lips.

26. Chamomile

Take some chamomile leaves and infuse them in a jar containing carrier oil like olive oil, olive oil or avocado oil.


  • Make it a habit to apply sunscreen on lips before going out in the sunlight, to avoid dark, dry, and patchy lips.
  • Utilize a toothbrush to buff your lips gently. This will help you do away with the dead cells deposited on lips.
  • Include tomatoes, carrots, and green leafy vegetables in your daily diet so as to reduce chapping of lips.
  • Use a little lip balm or pure Shea butter (if available) on your lips every night before sleeping.
  • Make use of a moisturizer as soon as you wake up. This will help maintain moisturized lips throughout the day.


  • Never run your tongue on lips to make them moist, as saliva adds up to dryness.
  • Never buy lip balms containing artificial colors or dyes. Choose the ones having natural oils.
  • Do not have fruits loaded with citrus acid when you got chapped lips, as it worsens the condition.
  • Stop the consumption of spicy, salty and hot food as it also aggravates your chapped lips.
  • Avoid exfoliants that contain salicylic acids.
  • Sometimes the medications of high blood pressure patients also results into chapped lips, so consult your doctor about it.
  • Do not use toothpaste having artificial ingredients since it irritates chapped lips.
  • Never peel the dead, dry skin present on your lips forcefully.
  • Never lick bite your lips; otherwise, you will have to deal with more chapping.
  • Give up smoking.


  1. One old remedy of healing dry cracked lips is applying butter or pure ghee into the naval. Oldies say that it makes the lips smooth and heal the cracks faster. Soak rose petals in raw milk for few hours. Then make it a paste and apply on the lips to keep them pink and smooth. This helps the lips to retain their lost color


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