27 Home Remedies to Pass a Drug Test

pass a drugs test

Do you have a drug test due? Is that making you feel a little anxious? Worry no more. Listed here are home remedies for how to pass a drug test. If you are a youngster and looking to get into a university or trying to obtain a driver’s license, you are always asked to provide with a clean drug test. Some major factors that determine the result of the given remedies are the severity of the drug, person’s age, health, etc. Read on to find a few helpful remedies that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

home remedies to pass a drugs testHome Remedies To Pass A Drug Test

1. Water
Saturate your body at the max to remove the toxins. You need to consume at least 64 ounces of water a day. Sip water slowly at regular intervals instead of gulping all at once. Increase your water intake, a week before. This works as an effective home remedy to pass a urine drug test. Besides, it also serves as a home remedy to pass a saliva blood test.
Note: Don’t over drink water as it may harm your organs internally.

2. Exercise
Exercising helps you lose extra fats in your body. Due to this, the drug components stored in your fats will be removed out. This remedy will not help if your drug test is due in a few days. You can’t expect to lose fats overnight. To pass a drug test, you need to work out regularly.

3. Sauna Bath
Take sauna bath as it helps increase the body temperature which in turn makes you sweat thus, flush out toxins from the body. Do this a couple of days before your drug test is scheduled. This method is more effective when clubbed with exercise and water intake.

4. B-Complex vitamins
Water and diuretics take away the yellow color from your urine which could raise suspicions. To solve this, have 100 mg of b-complex vitamin two hours before your test. This vitamin will help you restore the yellow color in your urine.

5. Abstinence
Be sure to practice abstinence for at least one-two months before the date of your test. This will help you get a clear urine sample.

6. Iced Tea
Iced tea is diuretic in nature that helps increase the number of times you urinate. It will speed up the metabolism of your body which in turn burn fat that contains the drug components. Drink at least a gallon of this to cleanse your system.
Note- Caffeinated diuretics may have adverse effects

7. Grape Juice And Cranberry Juice
Grapes and Cranberries are antioxidants that speed up the detoxification process. Consuming grapes and cranberries in the liquid form will increase water content in your body which will cause frequent urination. This will cleanse your body.
Note: Drink fresh juice and not canned one for faster results.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar
Although it tastes bad, apple cider vinegar provides the best results. You need at least seven days for this to work. Drink a big sip of this followed by water. Do this regularly for minimum seven days and you will increase the chances of passing a urine test.
Note: Excessive consumption of ACV may hurt your system.

9. Fruits
Fruits like apples, berries, watermelons, Juniper berry and grapes have high water content and thus, act as diuretics. Increase their consumption which will help flush out the toxins.
Note: Patients with kidney problems shouldn’t consume juniper berries.

10. Vegetables
Carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and tomatoes have high water content in them. Have these vegetables on a regular basis. They will help you get rid of the toxins from your body very quickly. Also, they are healthy.

11. Fiber Intake
Fiber acts as a catalyst and also boosts the metabolism of the body which in turn burns fats and thus flushes the toxins out. A lot of fat will get flushed out in the form of stools.

12. Synthetic Urine Substitute
You could buy these substitutes online and submit them.
Note: These can be detectable and is punishable in many places.

13. Dilute the sample
Take some water and dilute the sample with it. This is rarely useful, but when you have no other way left, this could be your only hope.

Herbal Remedies to Pass a Drug Test

14. Chaparral Poke Root
Take the Chaparral root. Prepare the tea of this dried herb and sip on it several times a day.

15. Burdock Root
Take the burdock root. Break it and take the sap out. Put some water to boil, add the root and make a mixture. After it has cooled down, consume the tea at least twice a day every day.

16. Red Clover
Take a few red clovers. Take the clovers and grind them. Heat water in a pan and add ground clovers to the water. Boil the mix and consume it 3-4 times a day.

17. Dandelion Roots
Dandelion roots have been used as a folk medicine for years. It acts as an excellent cleanser. Boil its roots in water to brew its tea and drink this tea every day at least 3-4 weeks before your test.

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test Home Remedies

18. Lemon Juice
Fill a bucket full of water and leave it overnight. The next morning, add lemon juice to it generously and then proceed to wash your hair. This will help detoxify your strands.
Note: This is effective only for some seldom users of cocaine and marijuana.

19. Rosemary Shampoo
Take dried rosemary leaves and mix it with grapeseed oil. Heat it in a kettle for three hours. Drain this oil and cool it overnight. Next morning, apply this oil on your scalp thoroughly and rinse it. Repeat as required

20. Vinegar
Rinse strands with vinegar and washes them off with salicylic acid. Then, give final cleanse with a detergent.
Note: Effective only for light marijuana users.

21. Sea Salt
Mix 2 cups of bicarbonate soda with 1 cup each of sea salt and apple cider vinegar. Soak your hair in it for 10 minutes. Wash off later.

22. Baking soda
Make a paste of baking soda and water and massage it into hair and scalp. Dilute apple cider vinegar in warm water and rinse your hair. Massage your hair thoroughly while doing this process.

23. Shave
Try shaving your head and all of your body. You could give any excuse and request for some other form of test.

Home Remedies to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

24. Aspirin
Take a few aspirins a few hours before the drug test. This may camouflage the usage of drugs.

25. Mouthwash
Get a toxin clearing mouthwash and gargle with it for at least half an hour.

26. Red meat
Eating red meat which is rich in protein helps bring the creatinine in your body to a normal level. Eat red meat 3 days before your drug test.

Home Remedies to Pass a Drug Test for Methamphetamine

27. Baking soda
Two or three hours before the test, take 3 spoons of baking soda and mix it with water. Drink this in one go at least twice. Drink plenty of water after this to prevent dehydration. After some time when you urinate, your body will flush out all the soda and not the Meth.
Note: Consumption of baking soda has some adverse effects.


  • Cleanse your body
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Do yoga
  • Detox regularly
  • Keep the drug use in check


  • Do not mess with your local laws.
  • Do not consume any cleaning products.
  • Don’t pass someone else’s urine in place of yours. You might get caught and end up ruining your life.
  • Don’t add vinegar, bleach, ammonia or salt to your sample. It won’t help you.

Note: Please note that remedies’ results differ from person to person. Also, these remedies do not guarantee that their usage will give you a negative drug test report.


  1. Peroxide for 5 mins before walk in to do swab mouth. Golden seal for urine. And hair. ..again peroxide and vinegar.


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