28 Brilliant Hacks for the Most Organized Refrigerator

Brilliant hacks to have the most organized refrigerator

Keeping your refrigerator organized may get on your nerves, especially if you are a working woman and short of time. A well-ordered fridge is the key to keep your food fresh for a long time. So, think about the right place for your groceries to save money as well as time in cleaning the clutter. Read the article to find out 28 simple ways to keep your fridge clean and organized.


Ways to keep your fridge clean and organized

1. Keep Things in Place with Baskets

It is very easy to organize the things in baskets. Moreover, baskets are very easy to slide out.


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2. Label the Baskets

Put a label on the baskets, if you are forgetful.


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3. Label the Refrigerator’s Door

Label the door of the fridge with the help of a dry-erase marker, in order to remind yourself which items are available in the refrigerator and which items need to be used on priority.

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4. Line Your Shelves with Easy-To-Clean Mats

Line the shelves of your fridge with plastic easy-to-clean mats so that they can be wiped off easily in case of any spills.


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5. Keep Milk and Other Dairy Products Out of the Door

Milk goes sour in the door of fridge faster as temperature frequently fluctuates there, so avoid keeping milk and other dairy products in the refrigerator’s door.

6. Store Salads in Manson Jars

If you store salads in mason jars, they will stay fresh for more than a week.


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7. Avoid Dripping

Keep seafood on the bottom shelf to prevent unwanted drips. Wrap meat products properly and also keep them on the lowermost shelf to avoid accidental dripping and leakage.

8. Plastic Boxes

Make use of plastic bags or boxes to store juicy meats like bacon as they are very difficult to re-wrap once used.


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9. Take Help of Kids in Cleaning the Refrigerator

Ask your children to find out the expired items from the fridge. Teach them how to organize condiments, dairy and produce. Also, instruct them not to keep the door of the fridge open for a long time.


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10. Keep a Spreadsheet to Maintain a List of the Perishable Items

Prepare a spreadsheet of the items, you purchased, along with the purchase date, their shelf life, and quantity.


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It will help you keep track of the items that are going to perish earlier.

11. Stop Wine Bottle from Rolling

Make use of V-shaped clips to prevent wine bottles from rolling and keep them firmly stand in their place.


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12. Use a Binder Clip for the Bottles of Beer

Make use of binder clips to hold the bottles of beer in their position.


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13. Keep the Freezer Organized with the Help of Bins

Store the contents of your freezer in plastic labeled containers, in order to save the space.


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14. Magazine Holders as Freezer Shelves

Make use of magazine holders as instant freezer shelves.


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15. Know What Food Items You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

Potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, coffee, honey, onions, and garlic need not be chilled, so you can save precious space in the refrigerator by storing these food items elsewhere.

Foods-You-Should-Never-RefrigerateImage Source : https://facthacker.com/

16. Use Color Code

Make use of color code like red box to store the things that may stale in next 2 days, transparent or green box to store salads and cut fruits, etc.


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17. Avoid Buying Things You Already Have

Before stepping out for grocery shopping take a picture of your refrigerator or keep a checklist of the items you already have so as to avoid wastage of money in buying them and refrain from the nuisance of storing them.


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18. Organize the Door Shelves Using Six-Pack Containers

Make use of containers that can hold six bottles simultaneously and can be placed in the door of the fridge.


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19. Deodorize Your Refrigerator

Keep a container of activated carbon to absorb the odor from the fridge, and then it will smell good and fresh. Activated carbon works much better than baking soda.


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20. Tape the Containers

Keep a roll of masking tape handy near the fridge so that you can label containers with their open date. It will help you use the products before their expiry date.


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21. Store Eggs in an Egg Holder

Bring an egg holder to organize the eggs in the fridge. It will protect the eggs from cracking and you may even stack things on top.


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22. Save Money and Energy

Pull your fridge 1-2 inch away from the wall; this will reduce energy usage up to 40%.


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23. Cut the Containers of Aerated Drinks into Half

This trick will help you utilize the available space in the refrigerator optimally. Also, you can easily access the things.


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24. Mustard Caddy

Use an empty egg carton in the fridge door and use it to store mustard bottle.

This will aid in keeping the refrigerator’s shelves clean.


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25. Label as “Eat Me First”

Label your fridge containers that contain ready-to-use items as “Eat Me First”. This will enable you to use the food items efficiently and avoid rotting.

label eat me firstImage Source: http://ivaluefood.com/resources/food-storage/eat-me-first-sign/

26. Make Use of Zip Lock Bags

Use crystal light containers or zip lock bags to keep cut vegetables.


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27. Crisper Drawers

Crisper drawers are easy to slide out. Use them to store vegetables and fruits.


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28. Use Lazy Susan to Store the Items

You can easily store the leftovers, veggies, cheese and condiments in Lazy Susan. It also makes the things easily accessible.


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