28 Marvelous Health and Beauty Benefits of Radish

Benefits of Radish
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Crunchy and succulent radishes are one of the most used veggies in the form of salad globally. Radish is a root vegetable that is extremely low in calories and high in health benefits. They were first cultivated in Europe, but now, they are found in all the parts of the world. Scientifically known as Raphanus Sativus, it belongs to the family of Brassicaceae.  Radishes can be white, red, purple or black in color. In terms of shape, it can be round, long or cylindrical. Cultivators classify them by their shape, size, and color. It can be eaten raw, cooked or in the form of a pickle. Tender top leafy greens of radish are also eaten in some places.  Moreover, oil obtained from the seeds of radish is also very beneficial for the body. Let’s take a look at the health and beauty benefits that radish offers to you.

Health Benefits of Radish

1. Cures Urinary Disorders

Being diuretic in nature, radish naturally becomes an excellent remedy to cure burning sensation during urination. It also increases the production of urine. Also, it prevents infections and cleanses the kidneys.

2. Combats Cancer

Radish is widely used as a remedy for treating cancers of stomach, kidney, and colon. This vegetable gets its detoxifying abilities due to the high amount of anthocyanins, folic acid, and vitamin C. These detoxifiers along with antioxidants cause cancer producing cells to die and facilitate in combating this deadly disease.

3. Treats Jaundice

Radish is considered as a wonderful remedy for the treatment of jaundice. It acts as a powerful detoxifying agent and keeps a check on the health of liver and stomach by eliminating toxins and waste materials from the body.

4. Cures Leucoderma

The anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying properties of radish help get rid of leucoderma in an effective manner.

5. Aids in Weight Loss

Radishes, being amazingly stodgy, put a stop to the constant desire to eat something. They contain a high amount of water, fiber, and digestible carbohydrates; hence, regulate bowel movements and support weight loss.

6. Effective in Insect Bites

The antipruritic properties of radish are extremely effective in curing bee stings and insect bites. The juice of radish can be directly applied to the affected area to pacify and reduce the pain.

7. Cures Kidney Diseases

As said above radish is a superb diuretic that safeguards the kidneys from infection by removing toxins from the body. It reduces the burning sensation and prevents urinary tract infections.

8. Decreases Respiratory Disorders

Radishes are anti-congestive in nature; thus, alleviate the respiratory disorders caused by congestion in bronchitis, such as asthma and sinus infections. On the other hand, the richness of vitamins in radish also protects against contamination.

9. Cures Fever

Radishes are also helpful in curing fever by lowering the body temperature. It also reduces the inflammation caused by fever.

10. Maintains Liver and Gallbladder Health

Radishes should regularly be taken to regulate the production of various enzymes and pigments, which protect gall bladder and liver from ulcers and infections. Radish controls the production of bile and bilirubin.

11. Heals Piles

The main reason for the inception of piles is constipation, which can be cured by consuming a large amount of roughage. Radish is a very good source of dietary fiber, which helps in water retention and digestion. Moreover, the detoxifying properties of radish are also supportive in curing piles.

12. Controls Blood Sugar

Radish has low glycemic index, and hence, helpful in controlling the level of blood sugar.

13. Maintains Bone Health

Radish is one of the richest plant sources of calcium, which is useful for keeping the bones and teeth healthy.

14. Immunity Booster

Radish is loaded with antioxidants that help the body to perk up its immunity and fight off infections and diseases.

15. Induces Good Sleep

Radish is very useful for people having sleep disorders. It has sedative properties that promote sleep. Drink a glass of radish juice before going to bed. It will help you sleep tight.

16. Relief from Migraine

Radish cures migraine. It is very effective if taken at the first stage of migraine. Migraines are caused when the blood vessels of the brain constrict. Radish helps to dilate those vessels.

17. Cardiovascular Diseases

Radish consists of flavonoid, called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, thereby keeping your heart in the pink.

18. Constipation

Radish has a high content of fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements. The calming effects of radish soothe the digestive system and provide relief from indigestion and bloating.

19. Blood Pressure

Radishes are a good source of potassium. Potassium reduces the blood pressure by maintaining the normal flow of blood; thus, minimizing the risk of coronary disease and stroke.

20. Cures Cold and Cough

If you are prone to cold and cough, then it is good for you to include radish in your diet. Radish has anti-congestive properties, which clear mucus formed in your throat due to cold.

21. Keeps Hydrated

Radish comprises of a good amount of water; that is why it is the best option to keep the body hydrated. Proper hydration ensures absorption of nutrients from the food we eat, which, in turn, gives energy to the body.

22. Muscle Building

To build up muscles, several nutrients are required. However, the main building block of muscles is protein. Radish is a very good source of protein; hence, it should be included in your regular diet.

Beauty Benefits of Radish

23. Glowing Skin

Since the main constituent of radish is water, it keeps your body hydrated. It makes your skin healthy, glowing, and youthful. Moreover, vitamin C, zinc and phosphorus in radish keep your skin fresh for longer.

24. Clear Skin

The high fiber content of radish removes harmful toxins from your body; hence, keeps your skin clear. Smashed raw radish works as an excellent cleanser. It is also a very good natural face pack.

25. Cures Pimples and Acne

Radish has great disinfectant properties; this is why it can help fight skin disorders like pimples and acne.

26. Prevents Hair Fall

Radish consumption prevents hair fall. Juice of black radish, when applied on hair, stimulates hair growth.

27. Dandruff

Radish helps fight dandruff problem. Include a lot of radish in your diet on a regular basis. You can also rub your scalp with radish juice. After that, cover your head with a towel. Keep it for an hour and then wash off with water.

28. Healthy and Shiny Hair

Eat radish or apply its juice to your hair. It has a good amount of iron, which is essential for keeping your scalp and roots strong. Also, it makes your strands shiny.


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