28 Wonderful Health and Beauty Benefits of Cilantro

Health Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro or coriander may seem as just another green leafy vegetable to you, but it is an amazing herb, commonly used to add an aromatic flavour to your food. Besides being a delightful taste-booster, it also has a number of health and beauty benefits. All the parts of this plant are edible but, mostly, fresh leaves and dried seeds are used. The stems, leaves and roots of the coriander plant are packed with carminative and antiseptic properties that help treat various disorders in your body. Cilantro is rich in many nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin B, dietary fibres, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, etc., and antioxidants that make it a useful herb to be included in your diet. Here are some superb health and beauty benefits of cilantro.


Health Benefits of Cilantro

1. Controls Blood Pressure

Cilantro is a rich source of magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and calcium. Also, it has lower levels of sodium that helps control the blood pressure. The diuretic and antispasmodic properties of coriander reduce the risk of hypertension.

2. Beneficial for Heart Health

The richness of essential oil, antioxidants, dietary fibres, and vitamins in cilantro makes it a perfect herb for your heart. It reduces bad LDL (low-density lipoprotein) level and increases HDL cholesterol in your body. Thus, helps treat cardiovascular diseases.

3. Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep

Stress is the most common cause of sleep deprivation. The richness of vitamin B and magnesium in cilantro acts as muscle-relaxant and soothes the nerves, which can give you a sound sleep. Thus, reduces the damage caused by stress. By decreasing the levels of anxiety and stress, it can improve your sleep cycle and its quality.

4. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Cilantro works as an anti-diabetic agent. It stimulates the endocrine glands that help pancreas secrete the insulin. Coriander seeds are hypoglycaemic in nature which helps regularize the insulin level in the blood. It decreases the plasma glucose and improves serum lipid levels, which in turn, gives a stable blood sugar level.

5. Detoxifies Your Body from Heavy Metals

It is remarkable that cilantro acts as a chelation agent that means it detoxifies heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and aluminium from your body. These metals enter the body through non-organic food, smoking, eating fish, drinking water from conventional sources, using deodorants, cooking in aluminium pots or aluminium foil, etc. They can cause health disorders like brain deterioration, cancer, heart problems, kidney and lung diseases, weak bones and emotional problems. Cilantro separates mercury from the fat tissues. Thus, prevents toxicity and poisoning caused by mercury.

6. Good for Digestive System

It produces enzymes in your digestive tract that promote easy digestion and the health of your gut bacteria. Therefore, helps treat diarrhoea caused by microbial growth and other stomach disorders. It also helps reduce flatulence, bloating, and heartburn. The antioxidant properties of cilantro promote healthy liver functioning. It being a green leafy vegetable is, of course rich in dietary fibres. Thus, regularizes the bowel movements. So, it can reduce gastrointestinal difficulties. On the whole, it is a good food to be added to your diet for the sake of your gut!

Note: Over-consumption of cilantro adversely affects your liver and may upset your stomach.

7. Treats Menstrual Disorders

Being a natural stimulant, it promotes secretion from the endocrine glands and helps regularize the menstrual cycle. It also reduces the intensity of stomach cramps and bloating during menstrual period. A decoction prepared from cilantro leaves or coriander seeds can be taken to address the problem of delayed menstruation.

8. Works as a Natural Internal Deodorant

You might already like the pleasant aroma of cilantro, but do you know that it can also work to make your body odor better? It is highly rich in chlorophyll which helps detoxify the body. It removes the excessive bacteria from your body by flushing them out of your liver, kidney and digestive tract due to the presence of high oxygen content. So, now, these bacteria can’t get accumulated in your armpits and feet, which in turn, lead to a better body smell.

9. Helps Lose Weight

Cilantro has low-calories but, it is highly nutritious. Also, it helps absorb and assimilate the food and calories in a better way. Thus, adding cilantro to your regular diet can help you lose weight.

10. Good for Your Bone Health

It is rich in vitamin K, which is essential to keep bones healthy. This vitamin induces the production of proteins that aid in stronger bones by increasing the bone mass. Thus, gives you healthier bones.

11. Treats Smallpox

Cilantro is rich in essential oils that have antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-contagious properties. The presence of vitamin C and iron in this herb boosts your immune system. Therefore, it prevents and treats smallpox along with providing relief from pain and irritation associated with this disease. It soothes your skin as well as your mind, which fastens the healing process.

12. Oral Health

Cilantro can kill harmful microbes present in your mouth and refreshes your breath. It removes the bacteria that can cause gingivitis and cure teeth and gum disorders. Besides, gargling with coriander tea cures mouth ulcers. In case of metal filling in your mouth, it reduces the risk of metal poisoning.

13. Cures Inflammation

Cilantro has effective anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can help relieve pain and discomfort caused by inflammation. It is also helpful in treating stiffness and swelling due to inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Besides, it plays an important role in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases like heart diseases, autoimmune disorder, fatigue, brain fog, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

14. Eye Care

The richness of vitamin C and A in cilantro prevents macular degeneration. Thus, relaxes your eyes and reduces inflammation in eyes caused by conjunctivitis.

15. Treats Anaemia

This natural herb is rich in magnesium and iron. Both of these minerals help treat anaemic conditions. It increases the levels of haemoglobin in your body. Besides this, cilantro can cure other diseases associated with the deficiency of iron.

16. Cures Skin Diseases

The antifungal and antiseptic properties of cilantro can treat skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis. It is a good cleanser which keeps the skin infections at bay and promotes a healthy skin. This herb can also treat skin disorders caused due to inflammation.

17. Improves Memory and Prevents Alzheimer’s

The antioxidants present in cilantro defend your body from the damage caused by free radicals. Also, the component of vitamin K in this herb helps treat the Alzheimer’s disease as it prevents nerve damage. Thus, give a boost to your memory.

18. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

The cooling effect and antibacterial properties of cilantro help treat UTI that causes burning sensation while urination. Seeds of coriander are widely used to get relief from the symptoms of urinary tract infection.

19. Fights Colon Cancer

The presence of phytonutrients and flavonoids in cilantro helps prevent colon cancer. It is packed with antioxidant properties that protect your body from free radical damage. You can have coriander tea to avail its benefits.

20. Prevents Food Poisoning

The antibacterial properties of cilantro protect your body from water and food borne infections. A natural antibiotic present in this herb called dodecenal, helps treat food poisoning. Drink coriander tea to prevent salmonella, listeria, dysentery, and cholera.

21. Fights off Bad Breath

Consumption of certain foods causes bad breath. The presence of chlorophyll in cilantro helps get rid of bad breath. Either gargle with coriander tea or chew its fresh leaves to mask foul odor from your mouth.

22. Relieve Kidney Stones

The detoxifying properties and diuretic nature of coriander reduce the risk of kidney stones. Prepare concoction from coriander seeds and its leaves; drink it daily to improve the functioning of kidney.

Beauty Benefits of Cilantro

23. Treats Acne Removes Blackheads

This herb can do wonders to your acne-prone skin. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of coriander help treat several skin disorders caused by bacterial infections. As it works as an anti-inflammatory agent, it soothes the skin and reduces blemishes caused by pimples. Besides this, the richness of vitamin E improves your skin health. The presence of water, iron and other nutrients in cilantro helps treat pimples and blackheads.

24. Good for Oily Skin

Cilantro herb is a boon for people with oily skin. Its juice can absorb excessive oil from your skin and thus, can give you an even skin texture. It can also remove dead skin cells and promote the production of new cells.

25. Gives You Younger Skin

As cilantro slows down the process of aging, it gives you a younger looking skin too. This herb is rich in antioxidants, which help prevent free radicals that damage skin cells. Thus, helps treat several skin conditions like wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin.

26. Treats Dark Lips

Our lips lose their natural color due to the excessive use of lipsticks and lip balms. Cilantro can be used to exfoliate your lips by removing the dead skin. You can restore the lip color by using cilantro juice on your lips.

27. Reduces Hair fall

This natural herb can give you beautiful and voluminous hair. Cilantro contains all the essential vitamins and proteins required for hair growth. It has vitamin A, C & K, which strengthen the roots of hair by giving them proper nutrition. Cilantro also promotes new hair growth. The anti-microbial properties of cilantro can thoroughly cleanse your scalp, which in turn, prevents dandruff in your hair. This dandruff treatment reduces hair fall naturally.

28. Shiny Hair

Cilantro works as a natural hair conditioner and gives your hair a more stunning look. It treats oily scalp and helps get rid of dry and frizzy hair. Thus, keeps your hair healthy by providing them the needed nutrients.


  1. People, who are on anticoagulant (blood thinner medications), should avoid consuming cilantro as it may interfere the functioning of medicines due to the presence of vitamin K.
  2. High consumption of vitamin K rich food like cilantro may damage your kidney.
  3. Using higher quantity of cilantro may cause diarrhoea, inflammation, irritation on skin, dehydration, etc.


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