30 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Avocado

Benefits of Avocado
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Avocado is among those rare foods that contain healthy fats more than carbohydrates. It is also termed as an alligator pear. No wonder this versatile fruit is categorized as ‘superfood’ because of its high nutritional value. For instance, this fleshy fruit has abundant potassium, calcium, monounsaturated fatty acids and high folate levels along with 20 plus minerals and vitamins. In Mexico and South America, folks incorporate this buttery fruit in their daily cuisines. However, people from around the globe, who are fitness freaks or diet conscious also show inclination towards this fruit. Consumption of avocado not only makes you fit but also enhances your looks. In this article, we have mentioned some amazing health and beauty benefits of avocado.

Health Benefits of Avocado


1. Heart Healthy

Avocados are free from trans fats, sodium, and cholesterol which makes it a heart-healthy food. It helps lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol). To prevent cardiovascular disorder, eat this buttery fruit multiple times a week.

2. Relieves Upset Stomach

Half an avocado contain 7 gram of fiber that promotes healthy digestion and prevents constipation. It is packed with stomach-friendly oils, which keep stomach disorders at bay.

3. Lose Weight

Avocado is rich in fiber and low in carbs. It is an excellent hunger suppressant as it makes you feel fuller for long, thereby keeps your weight under check. Replace cheese on salads with a healthy avocado slice. You can even consume it in raw form.

4. Protects Eyes

Avocado contains lutein and zeaxanthin that are necessary for the health of eyes. They reduce the risk of eye disorders like macular degeneration and cataract in elderly people.

5. Anti-Cancer

Avocado is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it has the potential to fight cervical, colon, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

6. Relieves Arthritis

Avocado alleviates joint inflammation and reduces the symptoms of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, as it averts the synthesis of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin E2 in the connective tissues. Besides, the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C and E in it maximizes its benefits.

7. Anti-Depressant

Avocado is rich in protein, folate, omega 3 fatty acids and several vitamins that help fight depression. Folate prevents the excess production of homocysteine as an increase in these levels interferes with the secretion of “feel good” hormones. Thus, include avocado in your daily diet to uplift your mood.

8. Detoxifies Body

The plenty of fiber and antioxidants present in avocado makes it a natural detoxifier. This fibrous fruit is packed with “good” fats that stimulate the absorption of vitamin A. Thus, helps flush out the toxins from the body and safeguards you from several diseases.

9. Benefits Pregnant Women

Avocados are loaded with folic acid, which is essential for the initial development of the fetus and help treats leg cramps during pregnancy. Half a cup of this sliced buttery fruit contains 59mcg of folic acid.  In addition, the richness of minerals and vitamins in avocado is excellent for moms-to-be.

10. Regulates Diabetes

Avocado is high in monounsaturated fats, which are good for diabetics, as it reduces high triglyceride levels, controls blood glucose levels and insulin functions.

11. Boosts Immunity

Along with essential fatty acids, avocados are full of vitamin C, A and E that improves immunity. It also contains glutathione that regulates the proper functioning of immune system.

12. Treat Eczema

Avocado oil is found to have positive effect on eczema. You can use it while cooking or for applying topically to moisturize your skin. The richness of vitamin E, D and A relieves the itchiness, redness and irritation caused by eczema. Add it to your favorite sandwich or salad to acquire its benefits.

13. Combats Free Radicals

Avocado oil enhances the resistance against free radicals and keeps you healthy for longer.

14. Sound Sleep

It contains tyramine, a compound that helps alert the neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Consume it after 5 pm. A few slices will be enough to regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

Beauty Benefits of Avocado

15. Cleanses Skin

Avocado contains glutamine amino acid, which deep cleanses your skin by removing dead cells, and protects it from harmful UV rays. It increases the blood circulation and restores the essential nutrient.

16. Anti-Ageing

The antioxidants in avocado protect your skin from toxins, thereby slow down the process of ageing. Eating avocados or applying mashed avocados on your face reduces wrinkles.

17. Treats Psoriasis

Avocado relieves the itching caused by psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado oil quickly heal the skin by removing scale; thus, reduces the discomfort associated with this disease.

18. Cures Sunburn

Natural healing properties of avocado oil eliminate the sunburn and heal tanned skin. Besides, it protects skin from being damaged by the harsh sunlight.

19. Treats Acne

Avocado acts positively on acne prone skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of avocado reduce the inflammation of the sebaceous gland, which is the main cause of acne.

20. Tones Skin

This creamy fruit supplies healthy fats to the skin and makes it radiant, supple and glowing. Apply mashed avocados mask on your face and neck; and leave it for 5-10 minutes for healthy skin.

21. Hydrates Dry Skin

The moisturizing properties of avocado hydrates dry skin. Apply avocado oil daily on your skin before you hit the hay.

22. Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss is usually the result of the deficiency of vitamins. Avocado is rich in vitamin E and B, and that’s what makes it a perfect home remedy to prevent hair loss.  This fruit repairs the irritated scalp and strengthens hair strands.

23. Good Conditioner

This buttery fruit is an effective homemade conditioner. All you have to do is massage your hair with its paste, and you will get soft, smooth and healthy hair.

24. Anti-Dandruff

Avocado has loads of protein and vitamins. The powder of avocado seeds effectually removes dandruff and moisturizes the scalp.

25. Reduces Split Ends

Apply mixture of avocado and a tablespoon of olive oil onto your hair from top to bottom. Wear a shower cap. After half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo as usual. It will help you get rid of split-ends.

26. Shiny Hair

Oil of avocado keeps the scalp moisturized and stimulates hair follicles. This also increases blood circulation, thereby treats dry hair. Apart from this, it is loaded with ample vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that give shine to dry and dull locks.

27. Promotes Hair Growth

Avocado contains a higher content of monounsaturated fatty acid, phytosterols, and antioxidants. All these nutrients unclog the follicles and stimulate hair growth. Besides, it protects your tresses from ill-effects of harmful chemicals.

28. Gives Strong Nails

As avocados are rich in proteins and healthy fats, they help you repair brittle nails. Massage your nails and cuticles with avocado oil regularly to make them stronger.

29. Combats Bad Breath

Bad breath is often caused due to microbes in the intestine. This buttery fruit wonderfully decomposes food in the intestine. Drink avocado juice or eat it in raw form to prevent bad breath.

30. Excellent Body Lotion

Avocado has the potential to nourish your skin along with making it soft and supple. Apply avocado oil on your body. Wash after 5 minutes. It will penetrate deep into the skin.


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