31 Effective Home Remedies to Gain Weight

Home Remedies to Gain Weight

Today, most of the people suffer from obesity and then hit gym to shed extra fat. On the contrary, some folks strive to put on weight. Slim figure is a million dollar dream for the former while having a skinny appearance exasperates the latter lot.

In this article, the woes of being underweight have been discussed. When the actual body weight is 10 to 20 percent lower than the ideal body weight, that person will be considered underweight. Some common causes of being underweight are emotional stress, skipping meals, genetic factors, lack of sleep, excessive physical activity, fasting, weak digestive system, malnutrition, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalances, or anorexia. Besides, poor appetite, weakness and fatigue are other symptoms of continual weight loss. Putting on weight is not that major issue as you think it to be. It can be treated with some dietary changes. Read on to know the effectual home remedies listed below to gain weight.


Home Remedies to Gain Weight

1. Almond Milk

Two glasses of milk contain around 14 gram of protein while the polyunsaturated fats in almond add those extra calories when included in the everyday diet. Crush a handful of almonds and add it to the boiling milk. Simmer it for five minutes. You can sweeten it with a tsp of sugar. Then, pour it in a glass and sip it slowly. To make it more effective, you may put in dates and dried figs in the boiling milk. Drink it twice daily for two months.

2. Bananas

Bananas are instant energy boosters as they are packed with ample calories. Hence, you must consume them to put on weight.  Eat one banana in your breakfast followed by a glass of warm milk.

3. Peanut Butter

If your are trying hard to put on a few pounds, then spread a spoonful of this delicious butter on the toast or a piece of whole wheat bread. You can also prepare a peanut butter sandwich or add it to the milkshake to gain some extra calories.

4. Potatoes

Being loaded with carbohydrates, potatoes aids in weight gain. Regular consumption in any form adds extra kilos to the body. For instance, grilled or baked potato proved to be helpful. You can also eat French fries twice a week.

  • Alternatively, prepare salad from boiled potato slice and combine them with mayonnaise, buttermilk, and veggies.

5. Beans

This fiber, carbohydrate and protein rich food aids weight gain. A wide variety of beans are available; for instance, red beans, black beans, soy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, and lentils. Eat fresh bean salad or consume bean soup daily for two months.

6. Mango

Prepare a mango milkshake. Drink it twice a day for around 30 days. You will surely notice positive results. It is a rich source of vitamins and mineral, but low in calories. So, consider having a glass of milk after eating mango.

7. Eggs

Eggs are the complete package of calories, protein, fat, mineral and vitamin that makes them an excellent food for underweight. It helps build body muscles and energizes immensely. The white part of an egg can be eaten thrice a day. Scrambled egg whites or omelets can be included in your every day breakfast.

8. Clarified Butter and Sugar

Take an equal amount of sugar and clarified butter. Blend them properly and eat 30 minutes before your meal. You can add nuts for added flavor. Follow this remedy for one month.

9. Raisins and Figs

Figs are loaded with polyunsaturated fats and raisins contain essential fatty acids that will certainly add needed calories to your diet. Soak six dried figs and thirty grams of raisins in water. Leave them overnight. Eat them in two portions during the day. Do this for 30 days to put on weight.

10. Regular Exercise

Exercising on a daily basis will boost your metabolism and makes you feel hungry. Hit the gym to get a balanced weight. Do cardio exercises and aerobics. Moreover, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, and dancing will also prove to be helpful.

11. Yogurt

Being a rich source of protein, yogurt increases body weight. Have a bowl of yogurt on a daily basis with some added sugar to put on a few pounds.

12. Fruit Juices

Include fresh fruit juices in your daily diet to add a few pounds. Be sure while choosing the juice, as calorie rich fruit will be more effective.

13. Healthy Oils

Incorporate healthy oils in your everyday cooking to see a noticeable change in your weight. Oils packed with omega 3 fatty acids provide natural calories that lead to weight gain. You can use canola oil, fish oil, olive oil and flaxseed oil, etc.

14. Poultry

Cook poultry and meat in healthy oils and eat them daily to increase your body weight. However, consuming deep fried forms of these foods can be harmful for your body.

15. Noodles and Pasta

Both of these foods are loaded with ample carbohydrates and fats that fill your body with essential nutrients, minerals and protein. Thus, increases the daily calorie count. Noodles and pasta can be cooked easily without much ado. You may also add lean chicken and vegetables to it.

16. Crackers and Bagels

Both these munchies are extremely good for weight gain. Crackers and bagels are made from whole wheat, bran and sesame that add necessary carbohydrate to your diet. Spread honey, jam or peanut butter on them for some extra calories.

17. Avocado 

Avocados are highly nutritious fruit and chock-full of calories. It contains heart healthy fats and a good amount of vitamin E, folic acid, and potassium.  You can include this veggie in your salad, top it on bread slice, or spread it on the toast.

18. Whole Wheat Bread

To increase some pounds easily, include whole wheat bread in your weight gain diet. It is healthy as well as full of calories.  

19. Natural Granola

Have a bowl of granola in your breakfast to gain weight. Being loaded with oats, sugar, nuts and fats, it helps increase body mass. To make it crowded with calories, add yogurt, fresh fruits and honey in granola.

20. Custard Apple

This creamy-delicious fruit has manifold benefits. Those who wish to put on some weight must include custard apple in their diet. It increases the metabolism and triggers appetite. Besides, it provides instant energy to your body.

21. Ginger

Ginger can treat any digestive disorders and heals an upset stomach. In addition, it stimulates appetite very effectively and helps gain some pounds. Grate a ginger while cooking your meal or brew a cup of ginger tea. You can also have its little slices.

22. Flaxseeds

Since flaxseeds are packed with abundant fats it helps energize body and store fats in different parts of the body. Thus, solves the problem of weight loss.

23. Cheese

Being packed with protein, calcium, and fats, cheese helps obtain healthy weight gain. One serving of cheese can give enough calories to your body. It really tastes delicious. Choose cottage cheese as it contains high quality protein ‘casein’, which takes time to digest, and thus, results in weight gain. For quick result, eat it before bed time.

Herbal Remedies for Weight Gain

24. Asparagus

Take 2-5 grams of powdered asparagus. Add it to the boiling milk and further include a spoonful of clarified butter. Drink this concoction twice a day for two months to see noticeable results.

25. Indian ginseng (Withania Somnifera)

This woody ancient herb is majorly used in Ayurveda and packed with several healing properties. Fill a glass with lukewarm milk. Add one spoonful of clarified butter and two tablespoon of this powdered herb. Stir properly and drink up once a day for 30 days.

26. Chen Pi

This dried herb prevents indigestion and abdominal disorder. Besides, it helps stimulate appetite; increases body mass, and enhances gastric secretions.

27. Dandelion Root

The nutrients in this herb help put on body weight and enhance the appetite. To obtain its benefits, prepare a decoction in a cup of water and sip it. Add honey or sugar to sweeten its bitter taste. Moreover, it also treats constipation, gallstones, dyspepsia and improves digestion.

28. Gentian

First of all, wash the gentian root properly and cut it in small pieces. Now take some water and boil these roots for 20 minutes. Allow the solution to cool down and drink a cup daily to reach desired weight.

29. Blessed Thistle

This herb improves the digestion and increases your appetite. It has a bitter taste and is used as a tonic to treat the weight related issues.

30. Chamomile Tea

This herb effectively increases your appetite and resolves the underweight issue. Brew a cup of tea from chamomile extracts and see a noticeable change in your weight.

31. Licorice

Take one to five grams of dried licorice root and boil it in water. Have it thrice a day.Note: Consult a doctor for its dosage as it may affect adversely as well.


  • Increase the number of meals you have everyday. Intake a calorie and fiber rich diet.
  • De-stress yourself.
  • Sleep for at least one hour in the noon.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Sprinkle fresh coriander leaves on your favourite dish.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Practice yoga.


  • Quit smoking.
  • Don’t drink any fluids before your meal as it suppresses your appetite.
  • Do not skip a single meal.
  • Avoid eating fruits on an empty stomach as it leads to loss of body weight.
  • Do not consume processed foods.


  1. Its really hard to gain weight when your skinny, however your advice and you steps are very helpful, thank you very much for the information that you have provided. Follow these step and hopefully gain some weight.


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