31 Home Remedies To Reduce Unwanted Face Fat

home remedies to lose face fat

While a chubby face may make you look like a kid, a well-shaped face gives you a more beautiful and confident appearance. Many people own a perfect body but have a chubby face. It doesn’t look good, plus, it gives them a childish appearance. It is easy to reduce fat from your whole body, but, technically, it is a bit difficult to lose fat in the face. Here is a list of some home remedies to lose face fat fast. Check them out!

Home Remedies To Lose Face Fat


1. Cocoa Butter
Proper hydration maintains elasticity, plumpness and resiliency of the skin (1). Cocoa butter hydrates your skin and improves its elasticity (2). Heat a few spoons of cocoa butter in the oven or on a stove. When it is warm enough, massage it in your face, neck and chin. It should be done twice: before taking a shower in the morning and when you hit the hay.
Note: Make sure that butter is not too hot to be applied on your skin.

2. Egg Whites
Egg contains Vitamin A which has lot of skin benefits. It helps improve the resilience of the skin (3).

Blend two egg whites with one tbsp each of milk, honey and lemon juice. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Apply this mask on your facial skin, including chin and neck area. Leave it for half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry your skin with a towel. Do it daily to lose face fat fast.

  • Alternatively, you can mix two egg whites with some apple cider vinegar and a pinch of Epsom salt. Stir well to make a paste of it. Apply it on your face.

3. Glycerin
Glycerin keeps your skin healthy and tight by hydrating it (4). There are many reports regarding the use of gylcerin in improving skin elasticity and moisture (5).

You can make a mask by mixing one tbsp of glycerin with half tbsp of Epsom salt. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to it. Use a cotton pad to apply it on your cheeks, chin and neck area. Leave it for sometime, so that the skin absorbs it. Later, rinse it off with cool water. It should be done three to five times to lose face fat in a week.

4. Vitamin E
The beauty benefits of vitamin E cannot be denied (6). You can massage vitamin E oil on your facial and neck area to enhance the elasticity of your skin. This vitamin enhances the ability of the stratum corneum to balance ts humidity which helps reduce face fat (7).


  • Alternatively, include vitamin E rich food like nuts and seeds, beans, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, dairy products, brown rice, barley and legumes in your diet (8).

5. Melon
Melon acts as a skin-tightening agent. It contains Vitamin C that has anti-aging properties (9, 10).

Just extract melon juice in a dish and apply it topically on your face using a cotton ball. Wash off your face after five minutes. It will help to lose face fat in a week.

  • Alternatively, you can consume melon juice to lose face fat fast. It helps flush out the toxins from your body and also keeps a check on your food cravings.

6. Milk Massage
Milk is packed with several essential nutrients that tone-up and tighten your skin. It also acts as an anti-ageing agent that helps retain the elasticity of your skin (11). Sphingomyelin, is abundantly found in milk. It is an essential phospholipid for the skin. A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial proved that consuming milk regularly enhances skin moisture and improves skin condition (12).

Take some raw milk and massage it in the face and neck. Wash it off with lukewarm water. It will help you to get rid of double chin.

  • Alternatively, make a paste by mixing a few drops of honey in freshly extracted milk cream. Apply it on you face as well as chin and neck area. Rinse it off after few minutes.

7. Hot Towel Treatment
Hot towel treatment causes your facial skin to sweat. It gives you steam that reduces facial fat. It is a important aspect of facial beauty treatments because it tightens and rejuvenate skin (13). To execute this, first, boil some water in a pan. After removing it from the stove, wait until it cools down a little. Soak a towel in it, squeeze the extra water and press it on the fatty areas of your face. Repeat it for at least five times. It will tone down your chubby cheeks and open up the pores of your skin.
Note: To get better results, perform it before going to sleep.

8. Clay Mask
It was evaluated in one treatment that applying clay on skin increases collagen level of the skin (14). Clay mask helps tighten your skin and prevents it from sagging. It absorbs excessive oil and water beneath the skin through the process of osmosis. Natural clay masks give a slimmer look to your face. You can apply it twice a week, combining with the facial massage

9. Lemon Extracts
Lemons helps burn fat (15). Dilute lemon extracts in a glass of warm water. Add half a tsp of honey to it. Drink it on an empty stomach to get better results. It will not only reduce fat from your face but works on the entire body.

10. Almonds
Almonds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and B6. It tightens your skin and moisturises it deeply. Apply almond oil to your face to retain its elasticity (16, 17).
Note: Avoid using it, if you are allergic to almond oil.

11. Whole Grain Cereals
The consumption of refined food accumulates fat in your body as they are high in sugar and have carbohydrates. Both of them instantly get converted to fat. So, start consuming whole grain cereals which are low-fat and high in minerals and vitamins.

12. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a good skin cleanser and a natural moisturiser (18). It is also rich in vitamin E which helps improve the resilience of your skin (19, 20). This oil also keeps skin hydrated which is a very important factor to maintain skin flexibility and elasticity (21, 22). You can apply it topically on your facial skin to see the results. For quick results, include this oil in your everyday diet as well.

13. Turmeric

Curcumin is a most important ingredient of turmeric. It has anti ageing properties which assist to maintain healthy skin (23). Mix gram flour with ground turmeric, and yogurt to make a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for few minutes. Wash it off with water. It will ensure a younger texture to your skin if applied regularly.

14. Cucumber Peel Mask
Cucumber can help to reduce the bloated face. It gives you a youthful and refreshed skin. Make a paste from freshly obtained cucumber peels. Apply it on your face. It will reduce any swelling on your face with its cooling effect (24).

15. Mineral Oil
Proper hydration keeps your face slim. Mineral oil improves skin hydration (25, 26). You can use mineral oil chin wraps to reduce fat from that area. Apply mineral oil on your chin with a cotton ball. Wrap it there using a plastic wrap. Leave it for 45 minutes. It will show you immediate results.

Face Exercises To Lose Fat

16. Chew Sugarfree Gum
Chewing gum is the best workout to lose face fat. It is really effective in keeping your muscles active as well as toned. It cuts down the calories from your chubby cheeks. To make your face look slimmer, you should do it for 20 minutes twice a day (27, 28).

17. Blow Balloons
It is a fantastic way to reduce excessive fat from the face. When you blow a balloon, your face muscles expand. Repeat the procedure ten times to get a noticeable difference in your cheeks. This technique helps to lose face fat in a week.

18. Rotating Tongue Exercise
It is one of the easiest face exercises to lose fat. All you need to do is to rotate your tongue with the mouth closed. It should touch the outer surface of your upper and lower teeth. Perform it for 15 minutes each clockwise and anti-clockwise.

19. Gargle Exercise
It should be done with warm water. To shed those extra calories from your face, you should do warm gargles, 3-4 times a day. Take a mouthful of water and twirl it inside your mouth. It gives best results when you do it before going to the bed.

20. Puffy Cheeks Exercise
You can do this exercise anytime anywhere. Close your mouth and puff up your cheeks by blowing air. Try to move the air to your right cheek and hold it there for 10 seconds. Do the same with your left cheek. Repeat it for 10 times. This exercise strengthens facial muscles and makes your face look younger. It is the best exercise to reduce fat from the upper and middle parts of your face.

21. Face Stretching Exercise
This will not only strengthen your facial muscles but reduce fat from lower parts of your cheeks. Just open your eyes and stick your tongue out. Try to touch your chin with your tongue. Hold for ten seconds. Perform it for five times. It will surely make your face thinner and attractive (29).

22. Smiling Fish Exercise
It tones-up your facial muscles by reducing fat from the lower part of your face. Suck in your cheeks a bit more than a pout. Hold this posture for 10 seconds and try to smile. Repeat it for five times (30).

23. Move Your Jaws
Sit straight on a chair and open your mouth. Push your lower lip forward. It will cause your jaw to move. Keep stretching until you feel stressed near your ears. Hold it for 8-10 seconds. Move your jaw backward. Repeat it for 8-10 times. It helps in reducing fat from the lower portions of your face.

24. Smile With Closed Lips
Keep your lips tightly attached to each other. Try to smile with the closed mouth. Make sure that your lips don’t go apart. Hold it for a few seconds and relax. Repeat it for 8-10 times (31).

25. ‘O’ Exercise With Mouth
Take a deep breath and exhale. Now, fill the mouth with air and close your lips. Hold for a few seconds. Then, open your lips in a small ‘o’ shape. Blow out the air as if you are whistling. Move your face upwards and blow out the air. It will help reduce fat on your chin. Relax and repeat it for 5 times.

26. Facial Twist Exercise
Keep your head straight while sitting on a chair. Stretch your lips to the right while keeping them closed. Keep stretching until you feel tension on your left cheek. Hold it for a few seconds. Now, repeat the same on your right cheek. Do it 5-6 times a day.

27. Lower Lip Exercise
It is a good exercise to reduce fat from your chin. Move your lower lip over the upper lip. Stretch it to touch your nose. Hold it there for ten seconds. Relax and repeat it for five to ten times (32).

28. Stretching Of Facial Skin
Put your index and middle finger on your cheek bones and pull your skin towards your eyes. While holding it, open your mouth in an oval shape. Hold it for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat the procedure for three-four times. It is helpful in getting rid of double chin.

Herbal Remedies To Reduce Facial Fat

29. Wheat Germ Oil
Wheat germ oil is rich in tocopherol. Vitamin E is made of tocopherol and vitamin E plays a very significant role in reducing facial fat and skin tightening (33). This remedy is to be done before going to bed. Apply wheat germ oil on your chin area. Gently massage from the bottom of your neck to the upwards of the chin for 15-20 minutes. It will reduce your double chin. Perform it daily to have faster results.

30. Indian Lilac Extracts
Indian lilac is known for its benefits. Take a few leaves of Indian lilac and boil them in water. Keep boiling till the water turns green. Take the leaves out and grind them to make a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with the neem extract water. It will give a refreshing look to your face.

31. Green Tea
Green tea has caffeine which can’t be stored by the human body. It is excreted through urine after up to six hours. Thus, it helps your body to reduce water retention. It is also beneficial in reducing weight as it boosts your metabolism due to the presence of antioxidant elements in it (34, 35). Drink 3-4 cups of green tea in a day. Don’t need to worry about its caffeine content as green tea has very less quantity of caffeine. Also, you can enjoy it in different flavours.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Drink lot of water and that to cold (36).
  • Take proper sleep (37).
  • Opt for hairstyles that make your face look slimmer.
  • Apply make-up in a way that it hides your face fat (38).
  • Try to practice the correct posture while standing as bellowing your face makes it look chubby.
  • Include calcium-rich food in your diet as it reduces water retention.
  • Take a balanced diet (39).
  • Cut down consumption of salt.
  • Go on a low-calorie diet.


  • Don’t eat junk food as it tends to increase the fat (40).
  • Don’t jump onto trying out easy ways to lose face fat.
  • Don’t take any medication without consulting a doctor as it induces water retention in your body.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking as it causes sagging and fine lines which make you look chubby (41).


  1. Thankyou for the remedies Gonna try for it everynight. I have a problem with my asymmetrical face. My left brow is higher than the right, and I have an eyebag just under my left eye also my right cheek is chubbier than the left. It appears to be weird in every photos. This make me unconfident to take picture with my friends. Well, that’s why I am here.

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