36 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Irregular Periods

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods
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Infrequent or irregular periods are medically termed as oligomenorrhea. Most women have 11 to 13 periods per year, but those suffering from this condition have fewer than 6 or 7. There are many causes of irregular periods, but the primary reason is due to an imbalance of hormones. If your normal menstrual cycle is disrupted, you may also experience severe menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. However, if you want to know how to get regular periods then we got you covered. Our home remedies for irregular periods will help promote normal menses and menstruation. However, be aware: many remedies are also used for birth control. If you are trying to get pregnant, consult a doctor before using any of these remedies.

home remedies for irregular periods

What causes irregular periods

Irregular periods are caused by an imbalance of hormones, that disrupts the natural timing of egg release by the ovaries and the shedding of the uterine wall.

As you move through your cycle, two dozen or so eggs begin to mature in the follicles of the ovaries.

When one follicle matures, it releases the egg to be fertilized, while the other immature follicles shrivel up and are reabsorbed by the body. The remaining mature follicle starts producing progesterone, a hormone which prepares the uterus to receive the egg.

If the egg is not fertilized, the mature follicle whithers away, causing the uterus to shed its lining. This is what causes menstrual bleeding.

All of these stages in the period are disrupted if your hormone levels are out of balance and this leads to irregular periods. A range of factors can cause this:

If you have irregular periods, you are advised to see a doctor to ascertain which of these conditions is causing an irregular menses and seek appropriate treatment. In the meantime, there are several home remedies for irregular periods that can address the hormone imbalance and help return your period to normal.

how to get regular periodsHome Remedies for Irregular Periods

1. Turmeric

turmericThe warming properties of turmeric improve the hormonal imbalance and regulate the menstruation cycle. Its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties reduce the cramping.

Take a ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder and add it to the lukewarm milk. Take it every day, until you see improvement.

2. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seedsTake two cups of water and add one teaspoon of coriander seeds to it. Boil them until the quantity of water reduces to half. Strain the solution and drink it three times a day for a few days prior the onset of your period.

Follow this remedy for one or two months. Alternatively, you can also drink coriander juice on a daily basis.

3. Carrot Juice

carrot juiceCarrots are the good source of iron and regulate proper functioning of the hormonal system.

One should drink a glass of carrot juice regularly for three months to normalize an irregular menstruation cycle.

4. Sesame Seeds and Jaggery

jaggery sesame seedsSesame seeds and jaggery do wonders when it comes to curing the problem of irregular periods.

Sesame seeds help to regulate menstrual cycles by balancing your hormones.

The seeds have a high concentration of essential fatty acids which promotes healthy hormone production and whats more, they also contain lignans which help bind excess hormones.

Jaggery has a warming effect on the body which can aid menstruation.

Take a handful of sesame seeds and roast them. Then, grind them with one teaspoon of jaggery to form a fine powder. Consume one teaspoon of this powder every day on an empty stomach, two weeks before your periods begin. Follow this for a few months.

  • Alternatively, simply eat a piece of jaggery before periods commence.

Note: Do not use this remedy during your periods.

5. Unripe Papaya

papayaPapaya is an excellent home remedy for irregular menstruation due to stress and menopause.

Unripe papaya contains the enzyme called ‘papain’ which suppresses progesterone, a hormone used to prepare the uterus for conception and maintain pregnancy. (1)

Papaya also helps contract muscle fibers in the uterus that induce periods.

It is thought that fully ripe papaya does not contain enough enzymes to have a significant effect on the menstrual cycle.

Drink unripe papaya juice or eat chopped papaya for a few months.

Note – Do not drink it during your periods.

6. Grapes


Grapes and in particular, grapeseed extract, slow blood clotting. Early research suggests that taking grape seed extract reduce premenstrual symptoms, including pain and swelling.

Take grape juice daily to prevent irregularity in periods. Or else, incorporate raw grapes into your daily diet in a moderate amount.

Excess consumption of grapes may result in loose motions so use grapeseed extract where possible.

7. Parsley

ParsleyParsley juice is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for menstruation-related problems.

It’s believed to help balance hormones and prevent the symptoms of PMS.

Crush parsley and grind them in a blender along with some water to prepare its juice.

8. Figs

figFigs contain many beneficial nutrients and provide all the nutrients your ovaries need to function correctly. In particular, they are rich in calcium and magnesium which aids regular menstruation.

Take 5 figs and boil them in a cup of water.

Then strain this decoction and consume it daily. It will certainly regularize your menstrual cycle.

9. Saffron

saffronSaffron is another great remedy to regulate periods as it helps balance the body’s hormones.

Boil 1 teaspoon of saffron in a ½ cup of water. Simmer until its quantity reduces to 1 tablespoon. Divide this infusion into three portions and take it with equal quantities of water, thrice daily for a couple of days.

10. Bitter Gourd

bitter gourdBitter gourd proved very effective for the treatment of irregular periods. Drink its juice once or twice every day for a few weeks.

Apart from this, bitter gourd juice protects your body from diabetes.

11. Buttermilk and Radish Seeds

buttermilk radish seedsGrind some radish seeds and add two large spoons of its powder in one cup of buttermilk. Stir properly.

Drink this mixture daily for at least three months. You will notice an improvement.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar reduces the insulin and blood sugar levels that help regulate the periods naturally.

Intake of 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with water once a day before your meal prevents irregular periods.

13. Cumin and Sesame Seeds

cumin sesame seedsTake cumin seeds and sesame seeds in equal amount and grind them to form a powder. Then add honey to this mixture. Consume one tablespoon of it daily.

14. Vitamin C

vitamin cVitamin C contributes to the production of estrogen that builds the uterine lining that is shed during your period.

Take high doses of vitamin C if your periods do not occur in 30 or 35 days. You can include orange, apple, tomatoes, berries, etc in your diet.

Note – Large dosage of vitamin C is not suggested for pregnant women as it may cause miscarriage.

15. Asafoetida

asafoetidaAsafoetida is a popular remedy to stop irregular periods. It contains chemical compounds that can treat a hormonal disorder.

Take a small amount of powdered asafoetida and fry it in the clarified butter. Add it to the goat’s milk with some honey. The recommended dose of asafoetida is 200 to 500 mg a day.

16. Sugarcane Juice

sugarcane juiceProcessed sugars can cause havoc with the bodies hormones and by extension, your menstrual cycle.

The natural sugars in sugarcane juice help to rebalance the hormonal system.

Drink sugarcane juice for a week prior your expected periods to regularize your menstruation cycle.

Herbal Teas for Irregular Periods

17. Mint Tea

peppermint teaPeppermint tea will help with the pain associated with contractions and spasms of your uterine muscles. It is anti-spasmodic.

A combo of one teaspoon each of honey and dried mint powder is an excellent treatment for irregular menstrual periods.

Consume it three times a day for some weeks.

18. Fennel Tea

fennel teaAn emmenagogue a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow. Fennel is a very efficient emmenagogue which makes it an excellent home remedy to regulate periods naturally.

Apart from this, its antispasmodic properties relieve the cramping associated with premenstrual syndrome.

Take two tablespoons of fennel seeds and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Strain this solution in the morning and drink it. Do this daily for a month to see effective results.

Or else, grind one teaspoon of fennel seeds to make a fine powder. Add this to one cup boiling water and steep it for five minutes. Then, strain this mixture and drink it.

19. Chamomile Tea

chamomile teaChamomile tea, also termed as garden marigold or calendula, is a rich source of flavonoids and quercetin that balances blood circulation.

The analgesic properties of this flower relieve premenstrual pain.

Simply, add 2 grams of dried calendula flowers in 200 ml boiled water. Let them steep. Strain and drink this infusion two times a day.

20. Cinnamon Tea

cinnamon teaThe warming effect of cinnamon reduces menstrual cramps and helps regulate periods.

A compound called ‘hydroxychalcone’ present in cinnamon also helps regulate insulin levels.

Studies have shown that cinnamon improves menstrual cyclicity in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. (1)

Take a ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and add it to a glass of milk. Drink this daily for a couple of weeks.

Moreover, you can also drink cinnamon tea, sprinkle cinnamon powder on your toasts, or chew cinnamon sticks frequently.

21. Ginger Tea

ginger teaGinger helps regulate monthly periods in women. It promotes menstruation flow and also relieves the unbearable pain.

Just boil ½ tsp of freshly grounded ginger in one cup of water for 5-10 minutes. Then add a little sugar or honey to enhance the taste. Strain this mixture and drink three times a day after every meal for around one month.

22. Raspberry Leaf Tea

raspberry teaMenstruation is driven by the balance between progesterone and estrogen, in the body.

Red raspberry leaf cleanses the blood and body of any excess of these hormones, thereby minimizing the hormonal imbalance and aiding regular menstruation.

The tea contains tannins and fragarine which help the symptoms of PMS, alleviates cramps and helps with nausea.

The tea also helps to tighten the muscles in your pelvic region

23. Yarrow Tea

yarrow teaThe flowering part of this plant can be used to treat a menses problem.

Yarrow has analgesic properties and may be used for menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea). It is also a hemostatic which means it will help those women who have very heavy periods, reducing the bleeding.

Have its tincture or brew the herbal infusion or drink its juice to cure irregular periods.

24. Black Cohosh Tea

black cohosh teaAn imbalance of phytoestrogens is a common cause of irregular periods. Phytoestrogens present in this black cohosh tea normalizes the working of hormones in the body, thus helping with menstruation issues.

Use its extract or tincture to regularize the periods.

25. Motherwort Tea

motherwort tea Volatile oils and alkaloids in motherwort can help treat inconsistent periods in women.

Prepare herbal decoction from its leaves or take its tincture to obtain its health benefits.

26. Neem Tea

neem tea

If you are pregnant or lactating, you need to avoid drinking neem tea wherever possible. Neem is a natural contraceptive. (4)

However, neem tea is effective in regulating your period as it contains phytoestrogens which help balance your hormones.

Pour two cups of water in a bowl and soak three cups of Indian lilac bark in it for 20 minutes.

Strain the decoction and have one cup three times a day. Follow this remedy until you notice an improvement.

Herbal Remedies for Irregular Periods

27. Chaste Tree

chaste treeIt is one of the best herbs for regulating your menstrual cycle. The active ingredient found in chaste tree regularizes the working of the pituitary gland and balances the hormonal discharge from the ovaries.

It should be regularly consumed to normalize the timing of the menstrual cycle. A standard dose of 30 to 40 mg is considered safe.

Note –

  • This herb is not recommended if you are taking any fertility drug.
  • It should not be consumed during pregnancy.

28. Bark of Saraca Asoca

saraca asoca
The Ashoka herb also helps to encourage urine flow and also treats conditions that cause painful urination.

The herb benefits the endometrium and uterine muscles and making it an effective uterine tonic for irregular menstrual cycles and miscarriage. (3)

Take a bowl; add one cup of milk, two tbsp of bark extract and a glass of water.

Simmer this mixture until it reduces to half. Take this on the 3rd and 4th day of your period, at least three times a day.

29. Banyan Tree Roots

banyan tree rootAccording to Ayurveda, the roots of the banyan tree are effective in treating female infertility and irregular periods.

Boil fresh roots of a banyan tree in a cup of water for 10 minutes.

Afterward, include three tablespoons of cow’s milk to the solution. Have it every day before your bedtime to regularize your menstruation.

30. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

The ovaries are heavily involved in hormone production for women producing a variety of hormones for reproduction and development.

Research shows that aloe vera gel can stimulate the ovaries to develop mature eggs.

Aloe Vera also has favorable effects on estrogen synthesis and can increase the estrogen level. Aloe vera also helps balance hormones and promote a regular menstrual cycle. (4)

Squeeze out fresh pulp from three aloe leaves and boil it till the color of gel turns brown. After it cools down, take one tsp with a cup of water. Have it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Note:  Don’t consume it during your menstruation.

31. Bamboo

bamboo leavesBoil handful of bamboo leaves in some water. Strain the decoction and consume it regularly until you see the improvements. It has therapeutic properties that regularize the menstruation flow.


32. Blue Cohosh

blue cohosh rootBlue cohosh works as an emmenagogue that stimulates the menstrual flow.

Intake of this herb expands the blood vessels in the uterus and leads to proper circulation. Take its tincture or extract prior to your menstrual period. For its accurate dosage, consult a healthcare physician.


33. Shepherd’s Purse

shepherds purseShepherd’s purse, also known as Chinese cress, is an excellent home remedy for irregular periods. The herb is a powerful astringent.

It tightens the uterine muscles, which treats not only irregular periods, but also prevents excessive bleeding as well.

Consume this herb in the form of tincture or extract, to experience its health benefits.

34. Lady’s Mantle

lady's mantleThis herb contains tannins that help prevent menstruation irregularities.

Besides, it has salicylic acid that soothes your muscles and eases cramps.


35. Holy Basil Leaf

holy basilCrush some fresh basil leaves to extract its juice. Combine one tsp each of honey and basil juice.

Now, sprinkle a dash of pepper powder on this mixture and have it two times a day to treat the problem of irregular menstruation.

36. Hibiscus Flower

hibiscus flowerHibiscus flower helps balance the estrogen and progesterone level in the body and regulate the monthly cycle.

Take five fresh hibiscus flowers and crush them in a juicer to form a smooth paste. Have this with some water in the morning prior your breakfast.  It should be taken seven days before your menstruation cycle starts.

These remedies can regularize the periods. Also to this, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you constantly face irregular periods, then consult a gynecologist for proper treatment, especially if you are above 40 years.

Note: Before you start with any of the above herbal remedies, consult a physician.


  • Exercise regularly.
  • De-stress yourself by practicing relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  • Take multi-vitamins.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Take a nutritious diet.
  • Have vegetable juices.
  • Include corn, beets, lettuce, drumsticks, and pumpkin seeds in your daily diet.


  • Avoid over-exercising.
  • Avoid smoking and drugs.
  • Say no to excessive traveling.
  • Don’t overdose birth control pills.
  • Do not take an excessive quantity of carbohydrates.
  • Refrain from caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.



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