48 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is an essential hormone for several important activities in our body such as muscle building, keeping up the confidence level, maintaining strength and libido levels, etc. It is more important for men than women, as it is often related to ‘manhood.’ Testosterone keeps a man healthy by keeping the mid-section fat away and giving them a leaner body. Testosterone levels decrease with the age. However, one can also suffer from testosterone deficiency from birth, or due to an illness or injury, which is also known as hypogonadism. This can cause lack of sexual desires, low mineral density, declined physical performance, reduction in muscle mass, poor metabolism and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, etc. It happens due to the imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. You can increase testosterone levels in your body by consuming these natural testosterone boosters:

natural testosterone boosters

Natural Testosterone Boosters

1. Oysters

Oysters contain zinc which is necessary for testosterone production. Zinc is lost through sweating. Thus, it becomes more important to consume it in proper quantity. It also contains magnesium and protein which increases your physical endurance. Consume oysters at least once a week for effective results.

Note: Don’t eat fried oysters as they may prove unhealthy.

2. Garlic

Garlic is rich in allicin which boosts testosterone levels naturally and reduces cortisol level. You can either consume garlic cloves directly or season your food with it. Garlic also improves the health of your heart and is good for your arteries.

Note: Let the garlic sit for a few minutes after you peel and chop it to ensure the full-effect of its health-boosting properties.

3. Orange

Orange is rich in vitamin C that decreases the stress hormone known as cortisol. Testosterone and cortisol are counterproductive i.e. a decrease in cortisol will boost the testosterone. Include orange juice or any other citrus fruit to your daily diet and witness the change.

4. Salmon

Protein and Omega 3 fatty acids support the testosterone levels and are found in salmon fish abundantly. It is also rich in vitamin D which is important for proper functioning of the body and health. Omega 3 fatty acids fight depression, improve memory, and promote a healthy heart. Eat two services of salmon a week to witness the boost.

5. Celery and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains zinc while celery is rich in androstenol and androstenone. It increases the production of testosterone. It is said that a flavonoid, luteolin, present in celery also helps in boosting the testosterone levels in the body. You can pour the mix of both as a sauce or seasoning to your snack or any other meal to increase testosterone levels.

6. Berries

Berries are the best natural testosterone booster foods. They are helpful in reducing the levels of estrogen which promotes the production of testosterone. Also, they contain less sugar than other fruits. The darker the berry, the more will be the antioxidant content, and the more you intake antioxidants, the less inflammation and oxidative damage occurs in your body. Berries, especially strawberries, are rich in vitamin C, which makes them the best fruit to boost the testosterone level.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is a rich source of indole-3-carbinol, which indirectly reduces estrogen production and hence promotes more testosterone levels. You can eat it raw or steamed, but don’t overcook it as the effective properties of it will fade away with overcooking. Cauliflower has same qualities as broccoli. So, you can also include it in your diet to improve the testosterone levels of your body.

8. Forskolin

This herb increases the amount of testosterone in men naturally but, you need to take it regularly for some time. It also targets blood pressure, digestion, and testosterone levels and helps in reducing body fat. You can consume its supplement in tablet form too.

Note: People diagnosed with low blood pressure or hypotension should consume this herb only after consulting a medical practitioner.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil contains healthy fats which are essential for the optimal functioning of your body. They help absorb cholesterol in a better way. This cholesterol is further used by the body to form testosterone. You can use olive oil as a drizzle over your salad or cook food in it. You can also consume raw olives for the testosterone boost.

10. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are rich in biochemical compounds and antioxidants. They also provide minerals and natural testosterone booster vitamins. When we talk about dark chocolate, the benefit lies in the fact that it contains a lesser amount of sugar in them. Choose a dark chocolate with the highest amount of cocoa in it.

11. Onion

Onion is a natural testosterone booster. It is obvious that it is not a very good idea to consume onion juice because of its bad taste. You can add onion to your daily diet by including it in different recipes. Consuming an onion daily will give you faster results in boosting the hormone than any other food.

12. Withania Somnifera

It is a herb loaded with a lot of qualities. Withania Somnifera is often considered as a natural booster of testosterone. Also, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, improves sperm quality, and increases physical energy. It suppresses cortisol and increases HDL-cholesterol, which is beneficial in healthy testosterone production. It is wise to choose a product with the optimal quality of the herb to gain the effective results.

Note: Pregnant women should avoid its consumption.

13. Nuts

Nuts are really rich in fats that promote testosterone production. Brazil nuts contain selenium which also boosts the testosterone levels. You can also consume walnuts to maintain your testosterone. Nuts improve the blood flow to muscle tissues and hence boosts the testosterone levels in the body.

Note: Make sure that you don’t overconsume nuts.

14. Spinach

It is one of best sources of magnesium which is crucial in muscle development and enhancement of testosterone production. It is very important for the reproductive system of men, whether young or old, sedative or active. You can include it in your salad or try various recipes including it. Either way, it will serve you the benefits. One cup of cooked spinach gives nearly 160 milligrams of magnesium, which is almost half of what you need in a day.

15. Egg Yolk

Egg yolks are rich in dietary cholesterol, vitamin D, calcium and mono-saturated fats which boost the testosterone level. Apart from the essential fatty acids, a whole egg is high in aspartic acid, which is an amino acid that triggers the production of testosterone. You should include a few whole eggs to your weekly diet to increase the production of the hormone in your body.

Note: Organic eggs are the best in dietary fiber. If possible, consume them instead of regular eggs.

16. Beans

Beans are a rich source of zinc, protein, testosterone-boosting minerals and several vitamins. It is a good vegetable staple for testosterone enhancement. You can opt for any beans like kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, black beans, etc. Canned beans are more nutritious when they are dry and are cheapest, plus, it saves the time of cooking!

17. Shrimp

Shrimp improves the vitamin D levels which further enhances the testosterone production. Vitamin D is a major nutrient that promotes the hormonal balance, deficiency of which can lower the testosterone levels in the body. You should include shrimp in your diet to get increased levels of testosterone.

18. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, which plays a vital role in several enzymatic functions in the body and hence, boost the testosterone levels. You can add these seeds to your yogurt, salads, oats, and also protein shakes.

19. Ricotta Cheese

It is one of the best sources of whey protein which is good for your muscles. Studies suggest that higher levels of whey protein reduce the stress hormone cortisol. You can consume this delicious dairy product in your diet to boost testosterone levels without thinking.

20. Coconut

Coconut contains saturated fats which are helpful in increasing testosterone levels. You can consume it raw or include it in any of your exotic recipes. It will help boost your hormonal levels and reduce the risk of coronary woes.

21. Wheat Bran

It is a rich source of magnesium. You can add wheat bran to your diet by adding it to pancakes, oatmeal, protein shakes, etc. You should pair it with high-intensity exercise to bolster the testosterone levels in your body.

22. Avocado

Avocados are very high in dietary fats. Increased dietary fat intake is directly related to the increased testosterone production. For a healthy production of testosterone, avocados have fat-soluble vitamins. It is also rich in vitamin E which boosts testosterone naturally as well as lowers the estrogen levels. So, it is really a wise decision to include avocados in your regular diet.

23. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin D, especially the white button mushrooms. This vitamin D stimulates testosterone levels. However, you must consult your doctor before including mushrooms to your regular diet.

24. Lean Red Meat

Lean red meat is a natural testosterone booster. It is not only rich in amino acids and proteins but also contains a high amount of minerals like zinc and iron. Also, the zinc found in lean red meat is easily absorbed by the body. Thus, it is a great choice to add meat to your diet for a few times in a week.

25. Bananas

Bananas have many nutrients which are essential for boosting testosterone levels such as B vitamins, potassium, and bromelain enzyme. They are also helpful in increasing the libido of your body. All of these qualities make bananas a potent food to be included in your daily diet.

26. Fish Oil

Fish oil is really rich in omega-3 fats which is a good fat. It doesn’t increase your blood pressure or block your blood vessels. In fact, they tend to reduce bad fat and high cholesterol. Omega-3 fats help in the production of hormones. Thus, it is good to intake fish oil supplements to promote the testosterone levels.

27. Steak

Steak is a great source to increase the cholesterol level in your body, which is the building blocks for the production of testosterone. So, if you wish to increase your hormonal levels, include steak in your diet plan.

28. Matcha Green Tea

Green tea acts as an anti-oxidant and fights free radicals in your body. These free radicals can damage the testicles and thus, reduce the levels of testosterone in the body. Green tea combats the damage caused by these free radicals and promotes healthy sperm cells. Match green tea is usually found in Japan and is considered to be a great source for balancing the hormonal levels.

Note: High amount of caffeine content in it may cause problems to some.

29. Salt

Salt is often associated with high-blood pressure and heart diseases but the thing that people don’t know is that it is all about the kind of salt you consume. If you use himalayan crystal or sea salt, then it will do good things to your body by balancing the potassium-sodium levels. These salts are unprocessed and therefore, are in the most natural form for your body.

30. Grapefruit

Citrus foods can lower the estrogen levels in your body and thus, boost up the testosterone levels. A less amount of estrogen leads to more amount of testosterone. Grapefruit is also low in sugar and carbs. You can consume the fruit or drink its juice instead of a dessert to boost up the testosterone hormone in your body.

31. Red Grapes

Red grapes are a rich source of revesterol and have some anti-oestrogenic properties. Regular consumption of revesterol can improve the sperm health to a great extent. It also contains quercetin which fights against enzymes reducing testosterone levels and hence increase its production.

32. Tuna

Tuna is rich in vitamin D, which supports the testosterone production. Testosterone levels can be increased up to 90% from the consumption of vitamin D. You can eat a single tuna to fulfill the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

33. Mineral Pitch

It is a natural substance found in Himalayan mountains in abundance. A high quality of mineral pitch can increase your testosterone levels. It contains more than 85 minerals in ionic form, fulvic acid, vitamins, and important phytonutrients that aid the testosterone production. It also improves fertility and erectile capacity.

34. Honey

Honey is rich in B-vitamins and boron, which are necessary for the production of testosterone. It helps regulate the blood flow due to the presence of nitric oxide and gives a better erectile capacity. Four teaspoons of honey a day can increase the production of nitric acid by 50%.

35. Cabbage

Cabbage is rich in indole-3-carbionol which decreases oestrogen levels in your body. A good intake of around 500 mg of cabbage daily in the meals can boost up the testosterone levels. So, it’s time to chomp on to cabbage to have an energized sex drive.

36. Spicy Foods

Men who intake higher amount of spicy foods have higher testosterone levels. A compound named capsaicin present in these fiery chillies causes increased T-levels, decreased belly fats, and larger size of sex organs.

37. Potatoes

Potatoes are highly rich in carbohydrates, which are necessary for a healthy testosterone production. Also, they are gluten-free and dense in nutrients which adds more stars to their utility as a testosterone boosters. You can consume white potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, russets, purple potatoes, etc. It just needs to be a potato, that’s all!

38. Raisins

Raisins are an abundant source of antioxidants like revesterol and are anti-inflammatory. It lowers estrogen levels while increasing the testosterone. They also contain boron that is helpful in promoting the testosterone production.

39. Parsley

Parsley is a magical plant with excellent testosterone boosting qualities. It contains apigening, which is known for increasing StaR (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein) inside the testicular leydig cells. It is a protein that helps transport cholesterol into the mitochondria inside your testicles and converts it to free testosterone. So, you better consume it often.

40. Asparagus

Asparagus is a known asphordisiac which contains potassium, vitamin E, and folic acid that promotes the production of testosterone. It also enhances the metabolism. Asparagus is not just an ingredient for men. This vegetable increases the sex drive in women too.

Note: Pregnant women should avoid using it.

41. Pomegranate

This fruit enhances the nitric oxide levels in your anatomy, which improves the overall erectile capacity. It also has anti-estrogenic properties that reduce the amount of estrogen hormone and increases testosterone. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice every day for a good boost in your testosterone levels.

42. Porridge Oats

Oats produce a chemical compound avenocoside which is a high testosterone boosting compound. It increases testosterone levels in your bloodstream. They are high in L-arginine, B vitamins, manganese and zinc, which boosts your sexual performance. Have a bowl or two daily to see the difference in your sex life.

43. Ginseng

It is a wonderful herb that has the ability to increase libido by stimulating the hypothalamus, necessary to create sex hormones. It stimulates central nervous system and improves the overall sperm health which ultimately helps in better erection in males.

Note: Long-term usage may be unsafe for some.

44. Watermelon

Watermelon is known as a natural viagra as it improves erection quality due to the presence of an amino acid called citrulline, which turns into arginine in the body. It also has vitamin B6, which increases the male testosterone hormone production.

45. Goat Weed

It is a natural herb that boosts testosterone levels. Goat weed has nitrous oxide, which increases blood flow to sexual organs. One of its ingredients icariin, mimics and promotes the testosterone levels of the body. You can consume it with icariin supplements available in the form of a tincture, raw powder, or icariin extract.

Note: High doses may prove unhealthy.

46. Kale

Kale is abundant in vitamin A and C. Both of them are responsible for inhibiting estrogen levels. It also contains indole-3-carbinol that reduces the activity of aromatase enzyme, which is an enzyme that promotes the production of estrogen. Reduction in estrogen levels allows testosterone levels to increase significantly. Slightly steam your kale to preserve its nutrient content and enjoy it in the meals.

Note: If you experience gas or bloating while eating kale, it’s best to avoid eating it.

47. Acerola Cherries

These cherries contain the highest amount of vitamin C. It reduces cortisol levels and increases the testosterone. You can consume these small red cherries or can intake its juice to boost up your male hormones.

Note: It may cause nausea, diarrhea, and cramps to some people.

48. Beef

Beef is a rich source of protein, zinc, and fatty acids. All of these components are necessary for muscle, fat, and cholesterol production which ultimately makes up testosterone. So, to increase your sexual activities, you should involve beef in your daily diet.


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