8 Steps to Shed Your Weight via Self Hypnosis

Shed Your Weight via Self Hypnosis
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Self-hypnosis is one of the most recent methods adopted towards the weight loss as it motivates a person to stay focused on the goal.  It is a psychological approach to shedding pounds that reveal the hidden patterns of over-eating. Apart from this, hypnosis helps access the unconscious mind and takes it to a state where it accepts suggestions.

Through self-hypnosis, one can change the habits at a subconscious level. This approach constantly reminds an individual to make healthy food choices. It changes your perception, and your feelings towards what you wish to attain.

However, a number of doctors do not recognize this method and consider it unhealthy and mind controlling. But some have understood that hypnosis can assist a person in maintaining healthy weight.


Follow these steps at home to self-hypnotize for weight loss:

1. Find a Peaceful Place

Take out 30 minutes from your busy schedule and find a place in your house where you can concentrate without being distracted by the external factors.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

One must be comfortable during self-hypnosis. So, wear something comfortable that does not distract you in between the process.

3. Relaxed Posture

Either sit on a comfy armchair or lie down on a flat surface.

4. Visualize Your Ideal Weight and Focus on it

As per the law of attraction, what you feel in the moment is what you are going to attract. Close your eyes and free yourself from all negative feelings. Set your goal and time in which you have to lose weight. Develop a new-self image in which you are slim and attractive. Visualize yourself, after losing the desired weight. Feel the compliments and reactions of people on your weight loss.

5. Come Back to the Present State

Gradually, come back to the present moment. Perform this activity every day to train your subconscious mind about your desires.

6. Follow a Healthy Diet

The mechanism of hypnosis helps you choose a healthy diet. You have to eat and feel like a thin person. Hypnotherapy depends on a person’s will towards the goal. It will give effective results when an individual is in love with his/her exercise regime.

7. Stay Positive and Confident

Be positive and stop worrying about your weight. You need to let go of all the skepticism and mean every word you recite or think. Feel good about yourself.

8. Don’t Give Up

Not everything works and goes right the very first time. Don’t lose hope. If you workout for one day and expect results, then it is not going to happen. If you are unable to feel anything the first time, give a break and do it again after a couple of days.


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