19 Natural Home Remedies For Chancroid

home remedies for chancroid

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/SDI) caused by bacterial infection and is highly contagious [1]. Chancroid causes painful ulcers on and around the genitals in both males and females. Unlike common STDs such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, syphilis and herpes, cases of chancroid have been declining globally. However, it is highly infectious as just touching a chancroid sore is enough to contract the disease. The symptoms of chancroid are often confused with herpes, however, unlike herpes, it is bacterial so it responds well to antibiotics. If antibiotics are unavailable, there is a chancroid treatment at home you can try. If you want to cure chancroid, we would always recommend consulting a doctor, but in addition, why not try our natural treatment for chancroid.chancroid treatment at home

What is Chancroid

Chancroid is a bacterial infection that causes large open painful sores on or around the genitals of both men and women. It is a sexually transmitted disease that is rarely seen in the United States, occurring most commonly in developing nations.

The bacterium Haemophilus ducreyi is responsible for the infection. It infects tissue in the genital area and produces a large open sore called a chancroid or a chancroid ulcer.

After about 3-11 days since the moment of initial infection, people who contract chancroid will start to develop painful bumps around the genitals. Once the bump has appeared, it will quickly develop into an ulcer/sore.

The sore can be identified by its size and color. The chancroid sore will be quite large, from an eighth of an inch to as big as two inches wide. The color of a chancroid sore will be gray or yellow in the center and may well produce pus. Chancroids will typically also be accompanied by pain in the lymph nodes.

If the ulcer is touched, not only will it be incredibly painful but it may well bleed. The fact that the ulcers are so prone to bleeding will endanger the sufferer to a much more malign sexually transmitted disease – HIV. So it is imperative that if you or your partner develop chancroid, immediately refrain from sexual activity.

Chancroid vs Herpes Difference

The symptoms of chancroid are often misdiagnosed as herpes symptoms. Both these ailments will produce similar sores on the genitals, but with a difference.

Herpes sores tend to start out as small blisters on the genitalia as opposed to one large sore. Herpes sores will not respond to antibiotics as herpes is caused by a virus as opposed to a bacteria for which there is no known cure.

The blisters for herpes will come in waves, where each successive crop of blisters is less severe than the last, and these blisters can last for a year or beyond.

On the other hand, chancroid is a singular infection with typically one large sore which, when cured with chancroid home remedies or antibiotics, will not return.

Chancroid Symptoms in Females

Unfortunately for women, chancroid sores can often develop in multiple places at once around the genitals.

They will often appear around the vaginal lips and also between the anus and vagina. It is not uncommon for sores also to appear elsewhere on the body such as on the inner thighs, fingers, and chest.

Some women may experience flu like symptoms as well as vaginal discharge. Abdominal cramps similar to pelvic inflammatory disease has also been reported along side swollen nymph nodes.

Chancroid Symptoms in Males

The chancroid symptoms in males tend to be more localized. Like women, men have open and painful sores that suddenly appear on their genitals but typically, there will only be one, usually large, sore.

Painful urination is also a common symptom and an obvious pain while engaging in sexual activity, are also associated symptoms of chancroid [2]. The sores are soft to touch, will often bleed or pus when touched and they change quickly in size.

Chancroid sores on men are usually found on the foreskin, on the tip or shaft of the penis or on the scrotum.

Given the fact that the sores often appear on the foreskin, a common long term symptom associated with chancroids is phimosis, where scarring of the foreskin leads to the foreskin being too tight around the tip.

Natural Treatment For Chancroid

The best way to treat chancroid is to treat it while it is in the early stages. It is also when the home remedies for chancroid work the best. The principle behind the home remedies is that they are either antibacterial or anti-inflammatory, both of which will help cure you chancroid.

1) Garlic

Garlic as a home remedy for chancroid may not come as a surprise even to those who use garlic to treat various health conditions. Yes, that is the magic of garlic, which possesses potent antibacterial properties that are effective in fighting chancroid. Garlic is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Chew raw garlic on an empty stomach. Include garlic in your regular diet. Gently fry some garlic and use the garlic oil to swab the sore with cotton balls.

2) Turmeric

Turmeric is a wonderful kitchen ingredient with an inevitable role to play in treating health issues. It’s is a fantastic home remedy for chancroid and other sexually transmitted diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric prevent inflammation.

Being a powerful antioxidant, it inhibits free radical damage and quickens the healing process. Curcumin in turmeric possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, which aid in treating HIV and hence highly beneficial in curing chancroid [3].

Turmeric can be used internally and externally. Add ½ teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk. After it boils, simmer for about 10 minutes. Drink the turmeric milk warm.

Add some water to turmeric and mix well to make a paste. Apply it on the affected parts and wash after the paste dries.

3) Neem Leaves

Neem leaves have been used since ancient times to address various skin conditions. Neem leaves are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral and hence are successful in fighting bacterial infections [4]. Neem leaves are a fantastic chancroid treatment.

Add a bunch of neem leaves to water and boil for about 15 minutes. Have a bath in the water after it gets warm. Neem leaves can also be added overnight to your bathtub filled with water for your morning bath.

Eat a few neem leaves on empty stomach in the morning.

4) Aloe Vera

The antibacterial properties of aloe vera make it an excellent chancroid treatment. It is effective in curing sores and hence highly recommended for chancroid.

Apply aloe vera gel in the affected parts and let it dry.

5) Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree possesses powerful antibacterial properties and hence is highly recommended for treating chancroid. It aids in relieving pain associated with the condition.

Apply tea tree oil over the affected parts.

6) Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-fungal. The oil not only destroys bacteria but is a great immune booster as well. You can use it as a chancroid treatment as it checks infections and breakouts as well as reduces inflammation.

Add a few drops of olive oil to oregano oil. Mix well and apply in the infected parts. The mixture can be applied three times a day till you find relief.

7) Olive Leaf Extract

Studies have proved the role of olive leaf extract in treating HIV [5]. Being antimicrobial, olive leaf extract is effective in curing chancroid. The extract boosts immunity, which is essential for fighting infections. Oleuropein in olive oil checks bacterial growth.

8) Yogurt

Probiotics in yogurt promote immunity and aid in fighting bacterial infections. Yogurt restores the pH balance in women, which helps to reduce symptoms of chancroid.

Have yogurt everyday to quicken the healing process.

9) Echinacea

Echinacea is one of those powerful herbs that boost immunity []. It supports hormone secretion thereby promoting healthy function of the body.

Echinacea relieves pain and itching. Hence, it is widely used in the treatment of chancroid and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Have 200mg of echinacea a day till the symptoms subside.

10) Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an inevitable ingredient in various gels and topical applications for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation.

Regular application of lemon balm helps with healing chancroid. Studies prove the anti-HIV activity of lemon balm [7].

Apply lemon balm on the affected areas thrice a day.

Take lemon balm tea twice a day.

11) Milk Thistle

Silymarin in milk thistle is an antioxidant and immune booster [8]. It fights infections and has been proved to be effective in treating STDs.

It is recommended to consume 400mg of milk thistle thrice a day.

12) Licorice Root

Licorice soothes the sores and relieves pain. Glycyrrehetinic acid in licorice root boosts immunity thereby aiding in curing and preventing infections.

Apply licorice gel in the affected areas.

13) Baking Soda

Baking soda relieves inflammation and pain caused by chancroid. It is also effective in curing itching sensation.

Apply baking soda over the sores.

14) Anthocleista

The roots of anthocleista have medicinal properties that fight bacterial infections. Studies have proved the efficacy of anthocleista in treating sexually transmitted diseases [9].

Wash the roots of anthocleista and add them to water. Boil for an hour. Filter and consume a glass of the extraction.

15) Golden Seal

Using goldenseal for chancroid produces desirable effects as the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of goldenseal speed up the recovery process of std. It can be used as a chancroid treatment.

Make a poultice using goldenseal and apply on the affected parts for relief from pain.

16) Suma

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of suma aid in curing bacterial infections. Saponins in suma boost immunity and destroy germs.

Add leaves, barks or roots of suma to water and bring it to boil. Filter and consume the decoction everyday till you are relieved of the symptoms.

17) Tea Bag

Tannins in tea reduce the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases including chancroids. Tea is also rich in antioxidants, which are vital in improving immunity and preventing infections.

Brew a tea bag in boiling water. Remove it and let it cool for some time. Apply the bag on the sores.

18) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar relieves infections associated with STDs. Washing the penis with vinegar or lime juice after intercourse reduces the risk of infections [10].

Apply cider vinegar on the sores using a cotton ball or, if this is too painful, pour a glass of vinegar in a bath and soak for half an hour.

19) Ice Cubes

Ice packs are applied to relieve pain. Using ice cubes for chancroid produces results by relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Apply ice pack on the affected area twice a day.

Do’s And Don’ts

To cure and prevent chancroid, here are the rules to follow:

1) Exercise

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. It is all the more important for those affected with chancroid and other sexually transmitted diseases. Regular exercise improves immunity and promotes healthy functioning of body and mind. It is also a stress reliever and hence helps in relieving stress and anxiety that come as a parcel with chancroid.

2) Diet

Easily deserving equal status as exercise, balanced diet plays a key role in maintaining optimum health. Have fruits and vegetables daily. Increase intake of foods that are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Avoid processed and fatty foods.

3) Sexual Abstinence

Practicing sexual abstinence may be very difficult but if you look to have a very speedy recovery, restrain from sexual activity for a good period of time. If not possible, be loyal to your partner and have sex only with your partner.

4) Maintain Optimum Hygiene

Following hygienic practices supports your treatment processes and aids in prevention of infections in future. Washing after intercourse can reduce risk of chancroid. Poor hygiene practices can cause the infection to spread and hence maintain healthy practices.

Above all, remember that chancroid is not as worse as most of the STDs. Hence, treating it can be comparatively easier if you start early and follow a healthy lifestyle.



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