11 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Crows

Home remedies to get rid of crows

Crows are adept birds that learn new skills all the time. Far from having a ‘bird brain’, they are extremely intelligent showing aptitude for using twigs and rocks as tools. They are one of the most successful species of bird on the planet, colonizing every continent. This intelligence brings them close to human habitation as they have long since realised that humans provide an almost endless supply of waste food. Crows are quite social and if you spot a crow, it is likely to be accompanied by others. Crows have loud, hoarse voices which also makes them unbearable, especially around houses. If you have had enough, and want to know how to get rid of crows, then don’t worry. Our home remedies for crows will keep these birds away from your property for good.

get rid of crowsWhat Attracts Crows to Your Yard?

Keeping in mind the lifestyle of a crow, a well-landscaped yard or garden can be quite appealing.

Crows are not stupid. They realize that your yard or garden has few natural predators, plenty of insects, open spaces to roost and a plentiful supply of food.

Crows often roost as high as 60 feet in the air. So, yards surrounded by tall trees will attract these birds. From March until June, crows raise their young and these juveniles return to their neighborhood and may settle in your garden if it has tall trees.

If these roosting spots overlook your yard, all the better.  As soon as your back is turned, crows will descend on any food you have left out. No need to scavenge afar when humans are nearby.

Like any animal, if you create an environment that is lacking in food and shelter, the crows will not thrive. See your yard how the crow would see it, and adjust accordingly. Our home remedies to get rid of crows will help you do just that.

How to get rid of crowsHow to Get Rid of Crows

  1. Store the Trash Away from Crows

Crows can and will tear the plastic bags and rummage through the trash. Hence, if you want to know how to get rid of crows but not other birds, then securing your trash bags is the first step.

Be sure that your trash can is not overfilled as an overfilled bag may attract crows. If your trash can is frequently targeted by crows, replace it with a bigger one that has a lid.

Once a crow gets to know about a food source, it is likely to return every day to the exact same place. [2]

Cover all the trash cans and lock their lids. Secure their handles to avoid these cans being knocked over.

  1. Cover all Compost

Crows are omnivorous which means that they will eat anything they find. To get rid of crows, you need to remove all food sources. Food scraps on a compost heap must be secured.

So, cover your compost or place it in a bin to avoid crows from targeting it. [3]

Once the food is out of reach, crows will move on

  1. Secure your Garden

Crows can be beneficial for your garden as they will eat slugs, grubs, and insects. However, they also will eat some plants and feed on your fruits and vegetables. It is important that you secure your garden.

If you want to know how to keep crows away from your garden, then the answer is bird netting. You can get bird netting from a local hardware store. Buy a four-inch net that will allow smaller birds to access the garden but will keep the crows away.

Use the net in the areas where you are growing crops. Suspend them above the crops before the fruits start ripening. You may also place the same net on bushes and fruit trees. [4]

  1. Use Special Bird Feeders

Another way to keep crows away from your garden involves special bird feeders. These bird feeders will automatically close on the entry of larger birds.

You can also try a feeder that has a wire mesh to stop crows from entering in. Make sure to clean spillage of any kind to deter crows from lurking around the feeders.

  1. Get Crow-Proof Nests

One of the best ways to get rid of crows involves using crow-proof nest boxes.

Crows often eat the hatchlings of other birds. If these predators are able to take out a hatchling, they may keep returning to the same place every year. [5]

So, make sure that you use nest boxes that are at least 6 inches deep. Moreover, take out the perch from under the hole of a box. This will make it difficult for the crow to stand while waiting for a hatchling to come out.

  1. Get Rid of the Nesting Areas

Removing potential nesting areas from your garden can reduce crow numbers. To use this remedy, start by pruning all the dead branches from trees in your garden.

Crows often gather in groups and find open spaces for roosting. Branches that are dead with no foliage make a great roosting site for a ‘murder’ of crows (Yes, that is the collective noun!)

Bird spikes can be used to get rid of crows from your yard. Install these spikes on the trees as a permanent way to deter crows from landing. These spikes prevent the crows finding their footing.

Well-lit areas are also a major attraction for crows as it allows them to scavenge when sunlight fades. Reducing outdoor lighting will your garden a less attractive place to nest. [6]

  1. Use Fake Animals

Fake animals, especially predators or competitors, can deter crows.

Indeed, fake crows can scare the real ones away. Try hanging Halloween style crows from branches with elastic bands to give them movement.

Rubber snakes and plastic horned owls have also been known to work

However, a garden full of plastic animals will not work indefinitely. Crows will figure out the trick soon enough. Remember to move the animals regularly to prolong the deterrent.[7]

  1. Use Reflective Objects

Crows and other birds are scared of reflective objects, especially when they move. Using shiny objects to get rid of crows is pretty simple.

Just attach shiny streamers to tall poles to protect a vegetable plot. If you want to get rid of crows in trees, dangle them from branches and other places where they roost.

Keep moving the location of the streamers in a periodic fashion to keep the trick alive.  Old CDs, reflective pans, and tinfoil flags all work just as well.  [8]

  1. Use Loud Noises

Crows are not fond of loud noises. Any loud banging, explosions, and alarms will scare crows and indeed, any other birds away. You can use these noises to get rid of crows from your yard.

Recorded audio of any crow predator works to scare the birds away. Hawks and owl chirps do the trick. Firecrackers and airhorn noises work but can be just as annoying to humans as the crows. Natural recordings are available to buy.

Depending on your resourcefulness, movement-triggered audio systems can also be purchased to save you the effort of looping the noises from a hi-fi.

  1. Make a Scare Crow

if you are feeling creative, making a scarecrow can help. Get busy in your shed and build yourself a strawman.

Not much to it. Bind some poles in a cross shape, dress the cross with some old clothes and stuff the clothes with straw. (Get the kids to help!) The more realistic you can make it the better.

Now, place it in an area where crows are common and watch these birds fly away. [9]

Remember to move the scarecrow every few days.  Also change its clothes every so often to confuse the birds further.

  1. Use a Bird Gel

Using bird gel is a great way to get rid of crows in trees and other roosting areas.

Tactile bird repellents involve the use of sticky substances that deter birds from landing because of their ‘tacky’ feel. They can be applied as pastes and liquids on ledges and other roosting structures to deter settling birds.

Anything sticky that will resist the elements will do. Axle grease is great for fences, ledges, and branches. Or there are commercial products available to buy which can be sprayed on for wider coverage.

Once you have decided on your own bird gel, start spreading it on the tree branches. Cover all the areas where crows commonly roost.

The sticky bird gel makes it unpleasant for the crows to land on branches. It will also prevent them from making a nest in your garden. [6]


  • Use CD’s to make fluttering sounds that keep the crows away
  • Disrupt the arrival of crows during early winters to prevent their roosting
  • Use bird nettings properly
  • Try to scare crows in the evening when they are roosting and looking for somewhere to rest for the night. Keep the scare tactics up for a week. Consistent ‘sleep deprivation’ works on any animal


  • Avoid making excessively loud noises continuously
  • Avoid feeding the crows
  • Avoid setting traps that may harm the crows


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