16 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Frogs

Home remedies to get rid of frogs

Frogs are fascinating creatures that invite wonder and revulsion in equal amounts. There are several species of frog in the US, and while some are protected, others are considered pests. When their environment is just right, with plentiful food and damp surroundings, their numbers can quickly multiply attracting unwanted predators such as herons, raccoons, and snakes. Frog infestations are surprisingly common and before you know it, frogs have left the sanctuary of the pond and are hopping through your home. But don’t worry, help is at hand. Whether you want to know how to get frogs out of your house, or just to stop frogs croaking and keeping you awake at night, then try our home remedies to get rid of frogs.

Home remedies to get rid of frogs

What Causes a Frog Infestation?

Frogs are amphibians. [4] This means they can live on both dry land and in water. Places with ponds or swamps nearby are likely to have a high number of frogs. If you live near such a place, this will be the source of the frog population.

The biggest thing that attracts the frog from the pond/swamp into your yard or garden is food. Frogs will eat almost any insect it can catch and flies, mosquitos, and roaches are all on the menu. If there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes in your backyard, you will attract frogs. [5]

Other factors for frog infestation include an ideal environment. Dense vegetation is often used by frogs as hiding spots. Long grasses and weeds particularly attract frogs as well as many other pests.

There are not a lot of commercial frog repellents available but many will involve noxious chemicals that a poisonous to the wider environment. However, there are many home remedies to get rid of frogs that can help you out. These remedies are effective and are also safe for other flora and fauna.

Before you try the following home remedies to get rid of frogs, there are some things you should know. It is vital to identify the species of the frogs in your backyard. Some species of the frogs are protected by the law.

After checking the laws, then try our home remedies.

how to get rid of frogsHow to Get Rid of Frogs

  1. Get Rid of Water Sources

As frogs are amphibians, they are attracted to moisture and lands with any source of water. Standing water is also needed by the frogs to lay eggs. Get rid of the source of moisture in your backyard to keep the frogs away. [6]

This is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of frogs. It will also help to avoid an increase in the population of the frogs. Examples of water sources include bowls of water and bird baths. Artificial ponds and garden fountains can also attract frogs.

If you remove the standing water, it will also get rid of mosquitoes and insects. Frogs feed on these insects. Less of these means frogs will have no food and will leave.

If you do not want to get rid of the fountain in your garden, try keeping it running for a longer time. Running water will keep mosquitoes away. With fewer food sources, the frogs will leave. The frogs will be interested in the water but with no food, will soon move on.

  1. Trim Tall Grass and Weeds

Dense vegetation in the garden is perfect for hiding. Tall grass and weeds are used by frogs and other pests for hunting insects and for resting at night. If you clear the extra shrubs and grasses from your backyard, it will expose the frogs.

Vegetation around standing water is particularly bad. If must have tall shrubs and grasses, make sure they are placed far away from any water source.

This is the most important home remedies to get rid of frogs. You absolutely must follow it to keep frogs from returning.

  1. Clear Your Backyard

Frogs and other pests can make use of any extra stuff in your backyard. Random clutter can also be used as hiding spots by frogs. Clear up woodpiles and fallen leaves.

Get rid of all old lumber, empty pots, and other detritus. Make sure there is no object that frogs can use to hide in your garden.

  1. Turn Off the Lightening Outdoors

Turning off lights is another simple home remedies to get rid of frogs. Outdoor lightning attracts frogs and many others pests. Turn off the lights in your backyard to decrease frog population.

Turn off your porch lights along with your garden lights. Also, close the curtains and drapes in your house so no light filters out from the inside.

  1. Keep Pet Food Inside the House

Frogs are seen to feed on insects and flies most of the times. But sometimes, they can also feed on your dog or cat’s food. You may have also seen many insects in your pet’s food. It  happens when you keep the food outside.

Try feeding your cat or dog inside the house. Keep the dish inside the house when your pet is not eating. Never leave the food outside for a long time or overnight.

  1. Try Setting Up Fencing

You can also try setting up a fence around your garden to keep frogs from coming inside. If you have a pond, this is one of the home remedies to get rid of frogs you should try.

Keep in mind to not use chain-link fencing and chicken wire. Frogs can pass through these two with ease. Make sure the fence starts on the ground and is tall enough to stop frogs.

Frogs can jump to a considerable height. A standard size fence will work better than a small-size fencing. Bury the fence under the ground to keep it stable and ensure no gaps.

You can keep checks on the fence from time to time. Maintenance of the fence is also important. Broken fences will allow the frogs to pass through.

  1. Try Used Coffee Grounds

This is one of the easiest home remedies to get rid of frogs. All you need is your used coffee grounds. Sprinkle the used coffee grounds in your garden. You can do this around your shrubs and grasses as well.

Coffee grounds contain nitrates which are useful for the plants. They will not harm your garden plants and keep frogs away at the same time.

The only concern is the acidity of coffee. Avoid sprinkling the grounds near plants which are sensitive to acids.

  1. Spray Saltwater

Salt is an effective frog exterminator. Salt water can cause problems for frogs as well as the insects they feed on such as slugs. Salt burns the sensitive skin of the frog and they will avoid it all costs.

Try sprinkling salt around your pond making a salt perimeter. The frogs will not cross this line due to the toxicity. Be careful using salt near plants.  High levels of salinity can kill many species of plant.

Do not sprinkle salt into the pond. You will kill the frogs and everything else with them.  However, the salt remedy works well for standing water that is not a natural ecosystem.

Water in buckets, bowels or ornamental ponds can be salted to keep the frogs away.

You can also spray some salt water on your porch if frogs come inside your house. It will stop them from coming even near to the porch.

  1. Make a Citric Acid Spray

The citric acid spray is an effective frog exterminator. It is also among the simplest home remedies to get rid of frogs. For the spray, you need dry citric acid and water. Mix 1.3 lb or 600 grams of citric acid with one gallon of water.

Add the solution to a large spray bottle. Spray the solution on your property to keep frogs away. This is also a good frog killer spray. If you spray it directly on the frogs, it will kill them right, but if you are uncomfortable killing frogs, then it also works as a deterrent.

Be careful about spraying it on vegetation. Citric acid can harm plants that are sensitive to high acidic levels. Spraying the solution directly on the on frogs is better than spraying on vegetation.

  1. Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Lemon Juice

If frogs tend to gather at one spot in your garden, this is the solution you need. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and lemon juice. Spray the mixture on places where frogs gather. The frogs delicate skin is hypersensitive to the acidity of the vinegar and lemon juice.

Using this out of all other home remedies to get rid of frogs will also stop the frogs from returning. Do not use this spray on plants. Spray it only on areas with not important vegetation.

  1. Get Frog Predators

Some types of frogs are food for a wide range of predators. Fish eating birds such as herons will snack on frogs. Snakes and raccoons are also natural predators. Even your pet cat will eat the occasional frog.

Keep in mind that some frogs are poisonous. [3] Letting your cat go near them can also harm your cat. Do not introduce any predators that can be sensitive to the poisonous frogs.

You can research on predators of specific frog species. Hawks and other birds also feed on some types of frogs.

  1. Use Bleach

Bleach has also been seen to work well as a frog exterminator. If you have nothing, this is one of the home remedies to get rid of frogs that you might want to consider. Even if the solution is weak, it is enough to keep frogs away.

Mix 3 gallons of water with 1/3 cup of bleach. This is an effective frog killer spray. You can spray it on frogs or use it on your porch and yard as a frog deterrent. Do not use this solution anywhere near plants. Bleach can kill plants. [8]

  1. Try Hot Water Treatment

Like many critters, frogs are also sensitive to hot water. This is a good way to kill small frogs and others pests in your backyard. All you need to do is spray a mist of hot water on the frogs. The water should be at least 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Create a Frog Haven

If you only want to confine the frogs in your garden in a specific place, you should consider creating a frog haven.

Choose a spot in your garden and add water and shelter for the frogs. A place with insects is better suited than others. Consider using a salt, vinegar or bleach perimeter to keep the frogs in situ.

Keep in mind that following this step might bring some unwanted effects. By providing food and shelter to frogs, you might increase their population. The frog haven may even attract more frogs. This remedy has to be followed with caution.

  1. Get Rid of Tadpoles in Your Pond

Frogs lay 1000s of eggs in still water, typically at the edge of ponds. The eggs soon turn to tadpoles and are easy to spot.

You would need a standard aquarium fish net to gather the tadpoles. You remove tadpoles from your pond and other water sources using this method. [9] [10]

After capturing the tadpoles lay them out in the sun. The dry heat is a natural killer for the frogs. Or simply transfer them to another pond far away.

  1. Set Traps Inside

If frogs have entered your house, usual mouse traps can help you. Mouse traps are effective frog terminators indoors. Set the traps up near doors, windows, and all places of entering the house. The traps will kill any frogs in your house.


  • Keep the grass short and maintain the lawn
  • You can also try covering your pond and water sources
  • Clean your backyard after gatherings and parties


  • Do not let your pets go near the frogs especially if they are poisonous
  • Do not dump food leftovers in your garden


  1. The way you treat the voiceless is all God needs to know about you… so choose deterants over the killing methods, so they can just relocate and live their natural lives some place else.


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