13 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Moles In Yard

get rid of moles from your yard

Despite being rarely seen and living underground, moles still manage to cause damage to your yard or garden by creating unsightly piles of mud and soil across your lawn. Not to be confused with gophers or groundhogs, moles are not actually rodents and do bring some benefit to gardens as they eat slugs and insects that often destroy plants, and their tunneling can help aerate the soil. On the other hand, moles pollute silage [1] and leave great mounds of soil dotted across your newly tidied garden making them a pest that many people want to be rid of. How to get rid of moles in yard? Don’t worry, here is our best home remedies to get rid of moles and to stop moles from digging up your garden.get rid of moles in yard

Home Remedies For Moles

Before you start looking into our home remedies to get rid of moles, make sure it is these small mammals that you are dealing with. Here is how to be sure that it is moles messy up your yard or garden:

  • Moles live underground and dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills on the surface. These mounds of soil are the main sign of mole existence.
  • Moles don’t feed on plants but eat the invertebrates such as grubs, slugs, and worms that fall into their tunnels so any plant damage they may cause is incidental. PLant damage is usually a sign of gophers.
  • Molehills are symmetrical mounds of earth and should not be confused with hills made by gophers. Gopher hills can be identified by the fact they have a plug at the top, blocking the entrance to the tunnel. No such plug exists on a molehill.

Though moles do not feed on your plants [2], (unlike gophers), they can still affect your plants as their tunneling affects the roots of plants and grass.

If you find the troubles caused by moles outweigh their benefits, it is quite natural for you to want them out of your yard. You can get rid of garden moles using our effective home remedies listed below which will not harm your plants or garden.

How to get rid of molesHow to get rid of moles

1) Build an Underground Barrier

fenceAs the saying goes “prevention is better than the cure” and in the first instance, you should build an underground barrier around the perimeter of your garden.

Barriers will help your garden with long-term protection from moles [3]. The barrier should at least be 30 inches deep and about 6 inches above the surface.

2) Set mole traps

trapIf you are among the many who hate to kill any creature, with moles making no exception, we have one of the best non-violent strategies to see moles out.

Start at a molehill and find the tunnels working away from the hill. Dig down under one of the tunnels and place a glass jar or bucket in the area of mole traffic. Ensure that the jar or bucket is placed in such a way that moles fall into it as they run along.

Once they fall inside, moles cannot climb up the slippery glass. Pick up the glass and move the moles to some far off place.

You can also manually trap them if you have the patience, time and the willingness. Wait until you spot mole movement and block from both sides with two shovels so the mole gets trapped. Pick it up and relocate it to a distant place.

You can use worms as bait while trapping moles to make the traps more effective.

3) Castor Oil

castor oilCastor oil is an effective mole repellent as it causes them to itch and deters them from your yard.

You can take it one step further by mixing castor oil with some liquid detergent and water and spray it on the molehills and tunnels.

The mixture will not only make the soil unpleasant for the mole but may also change the taste of insects living in the soil thereby deterring the moles from staying.[4]

4) Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepperIn a similar vein, cayenne pepper can be generously sprinkled into molehill entrances and tunnels.

The hot and spicy powder irritates the moles and again may change the taste of the insects and soil preventing moles from hanging around in your garden.

Tabasco sauce, which contains cayenne pepper, can also be used as an effective mole repellent. Simply take a cup of water and add some Tabasco sauce mix well and sprinkle in mole tunnels.

5) Coffee grounds

coffeeCoffee grounds are actually a superfood for your garden. They are packed full of nutrients like nitrogen and potassium and naturally acidic which can be very beneficial to neutralize alkaline soils or enrich nutrient-poor gardens.

Coffee is also an excellent home remedy for getting rid of moles. The strong odor and caffeine content repels moles instantly and repeatedly sprinkled in your garden will keep moles away for good.

Simply sprinkle soaked (or used) coffee grounds in and around the mole tunnels daily until the moles move away from your garden.

6) Mole-Unfriendly Flowers and Plants

garlicInterestingly there are certain plants that repel moles because of their strong odor. Daffodils, marigolds and chocolate lilies are thought to deter moles and can be planted as a barrier to your garden or flower beds.

In addition, (and a universal home remedy) garlic bulbs [5] and allium (a close relative to the chive and onion) are said to repel moles with their strong scent.

The bulbs can be planted as a border around your garden or around flower beds.

7) Deprive Moles of Food Sources

snailMoles love your garden for the rich food that is available. If your garden has many earthworms, you can be sure of mole presence.

Moles eat earthworms and insects of all sorts that dwell in the ground. Try and use natural remedies to get rid of all the food sources, earthworms and insects that attract the moles to ensure you are rid of surface tunnels and mounds of soil [7].

Getting rid of garden slugs is a good place to start.

8) Invite Mole Predators

owlUnsurprisingly there are certain predators that will deter moles, two of which are cats and owls. If you own a cat, its scent alone should help deter moles or you can also take it one step further by pouring the cat litter down the mole tunnels to keep the moles away.

Attracting owls into your garden is slightly more complicated. First, you should try and create or buy a nest box. Owls never build their own nest – they’re nature’s squatter! – so will hopefully be attracted to yours.

Once they are in and are happy with the food sources that your garden offers, such as moles [8], you will hopefully see the moles retreat from your garden. Other mole predators include foxes, snakes, cats, and dogs.

9) Vibrating Stakes

vibrating stakePlace battery powered vibrating stakes that can be hammered directly into used mole tunnels to deter the mammals. Moles are repelled by the noise and vibrations but be warned this is usually a short-term solution as they can get immune to the noise after a while.

They also involve minimal labor and can be left for some time (until batteries need to be changed).

10) Fish Emulsion

fishThe notoriously bad smell from fish emulsion works effectively to get rid of moles. Fish emulsion is a known fertilizer so using it can also help make your soil more fertile.

Water your garden with fish emulsion a few times a week to eradicate moles.

11) Dryer Sheets

dryer sheetYes, as bizarre as it sounds, moles are apparently turned off by the scent of oleander, quite often an ingredient in dryer sheets.

Simply place the dryer sheets at the entry points of the tunnels that are actively used and the moles in your garden will start looking at alternative places to reside.

12) Flooding

floodingFlooding helps to flush the moles out of their tunnels [9]. Catch them as they try to escape the flooding tunnel and safely move them to far off places.

Insert a hose inside the active tunnels and turn the water on. As the tunnel gets flooded you will see these little furry creatures come out.

13) Use Cat Poop

catMost people try to deter cats from entering the garden to prevent poop on their lawns. However, if you have a pet cat and use a cat litter tray to collect your cats poop, you can use the waste to deter moles.

An unpleasant task for sure, but moles associate pet waste in its tunnels with their predators. Overtime fill up the entrances to tunnels with the waste cat litter and the moles will soon leave.

‘Killer’ Remedies

Those who are not averse to killing moles can try the following:

• Chewing Gum – Chewing gum can kill moles provided moles eat it. Place chewed gum on the entry points of tunnels and inside the holes.
• Dry Ice – Dry ice suffocates moles as it displaces oxygen with carbon dioxide in their dwelling. Drop dry ice pellets inside active holes. Being non-toxic, dry ice is safe to use.
• Burrow Blasters – Propane and oxygen combined in these detonators cause pulmonary hemorrhage in moles and kills them.

Get rid of moles if you must; however employing humane methods do work. Just a little more effort, but no need to kill the furry beasts.


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