20 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Worms in Humans

home remedies to get rid of worms in humans

The occurrence of intestinal worms in humans is surprisingly common. While tapeworms and hookworm infections are more prevalent in developing countries, giardiasis and toxoplasmosis infections are widespread in the west. For there are several types of worms in humans that infect the gut. For both children and adults, the symptoms of worms in stomach will vary depending on the type of worm but can be constipation, constant nausea, stomach cramps, unexplained weight loss, nutritional deficiencies and stomach ulcers. If you want to know how to get rid of worms in humans naturally then don’t worry. Our home remedies for intestinal worms will treat the gut and kill the gut parasite quickly.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of intestinal WormsHow do you Get Worms?

Worms usually enter the human body via contaminated water or undercooked food. Different insects like mosquitoes may also serve as a vector that carries them. Poor hygiene and high exposure to areas with lots of parasites are other reasons. [2]

You are more likely to get infected with worms if you have low immunity or often eat undercooked meat. [3]

The residents of tropical and sub-tropical areas are more likely to suffer from worms.

Parasitic worms exist in different sizes and shapes. They range from tiny microscopic bugs to worms that can grow to several meters in length.

The symptoms of worms in stomach in adults and children will depend on the type of worm you have contracted.

However, some typical symptoms include anal itching, cramping, weight loss, and nutritional deficiencies. They can even cause a number of diseases. [1]

Types of worms in humans

1. Threadworms (pinworms)

pinwormThreadworms are tiny worms that are common among children under 10 across the developed world. Threadworms are passed on from an infected person usually through unwashed hands.

A symptom of pinworms is an itchy bottom. These thin white worms may be seen around the anus or in the stool.



Roundworm infestations start by swallowing the eggs contained in contaminated food.

Symptoms are generally mild to non-existent. These worms are often spotted in the stool.



Tapeworms can grow up to 10 meters in length inside a person’s gut. They are contracted from contaminated food or coming into contact with human feces.

Tapeworm symptoms include stomach cramps and vomiting. Some species of tapeworm can spread to lungs, eyes, brain, and liver and these types of worms in humans can be fatal.



Hookworms live in soil contaminated by human feces. The worms can enter the body by simply walking barefoot or eating food with contaminated hands.

The symptoms of hookworms are stomach cramps, weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue, and anemia.



Giardia is a microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia. Giardiasis is an increasingly common waterborne disease that causes severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, and weight loss.

This parasite is contracted through water contaminated with human or animal fecal material.


whipwormA whipworm is a parasitic worm that hatches in the intestines. The eggs enter the body through contaminated water or food.

Symptoms of roundworm infections are abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss, and loss of poor appetite, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.



Toxoplasmosis is caught from undercooked meat or exposure to the feces of cats. This is one of the most common parasites worldwide. Although individuals with toxoplasmosis may manifest no symptoms at all, common physical symptoms include headaches, body aches, fever and swollen lymph nodes.

The following home remedies to get rid of worms in humans are a must if you are a victim of intestinal parasites.

Home remedies to get rid of worms in humansHome Remedies to Get Rid of Worms in Humans

  1. Go for Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earthFood grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is an effective home remedy for stomach worms in humans. It is non-toxic in nature and is used to get rid of fleas, termites, and roaches, but works great on intestinal worms.

Diatomaceous earth is a killer of all the parasites that occupy the gut. As per one study, it can kill intestinal parasites in hens. [4]

Even though diatomaceous earth is a powerful insecticide and parasiticide, it is safe for human consumption. The National Pesticide Information Center has approved the use of DE for humans. [5]

  1. Try Garlic

garlicGarlic is a natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial and antiparasitic plant. It is a fantastic remedy to get rid of worms in humans.

Garlic works to eliminate parasites from the body and prevents parasites from reproducing, making it an ideal treatment.

According to a research, garlic is effective against foodborne worms. It has successfully killed flatworms in laboratory trials and proven its potential. [6]

So, get some garlic cloves, crush them and add them to a bowl of yogurt. Consume it once every day to get useful effects.

  1. Eat Papaya Seeds

papayaPapaya is a natural anti-helminthic fruit and is also effective against amoebic infections.

Papaya has an enzyme called Papain which is toxic to worms. It is effective in killing the larva and eggs of parasites.

In one study, 60 children were given a daily dose of papaya seeds, sweetened with honey and their stools were analyzed at the end of the trial.

The papaya killed 71 to 100 percent of all the parasites appearing in the stool samples.

As a home remedy to get rid of worms, it has to be the tastiest. [7]

To make the most out of this remedy, get the seeds of 5 to 6 papaya fruit and grind them. Add them to a glass of milk or water and drink it every day.

  1. Eat Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds are another easy way to get rid of intestinal worms. These seeds have anthelmintic properties enabling them to flush out all the parasites.

An article in the scientific journal ActaTropica indicated that these seeds can kill the parasites in 75% of the people. [8]

To use this remedy, you can either consume the raw seeds or grind them to form a powder.

  1. Opt for Onions

onionStudies have shown that onions can get rid of stomach parasites in humans. In this study trial, onion and coconut flakes were added to different foods.

All the participants that consumed these food items experienced a significant improvement. Moreover, onions also managed all the symptoms of parasites in the stool of patients. [9]

To use this remedy, you can squeeze out some juice from the onion. Mix it with yogurt and consume every day.

  1. Clove Oil

clove oilClove oil is a must try if you are looking for a parasite cleanse home remedy. It is particularly useful for killing tapeworms and other types of worms.

The Journal of Medicinal Microbiology has proven that clove oil has anti-parasite activity. [10]

It can clear parasites from the body and from the stool. To use it as a home remedy to get rid of worms in humans, simply add it to your cooking.

  1. Oil of Oregano

oregano oilOil of oregano is not difficult to find.

Adding it to your diet will not only boost your health but will also kill all the worms.

A 2000 study showed that oregano oil has anti-parasitic properties. The study used supplements with 600 mg of oregano oil for killing worms. [11]

Oil of oregano can reduce the gastrointestinal problems due to worms.

So, add it to your meals, salad dressings.

  1. Try Wormwood

wormwoodYou may not have heard of heard of wormwood but it is a fantastic treatment for intestinal worms in humans.

The journal Trends in Pharmacological Sciences confirmed the anthelmintic properties of wormwood. It is best known as a malaria home remedy, but it is also an effective way of killing worms in the body. [12]

Studies have shown wormwood to be especially effective against toxoplasmosis

To use wormwood, get it in dried form and add it to boiling water.

Let it steep for some time before you strain the solution. Enjoy the herbal tea and experience its magic on the intestinal worms.

  1. Buy Black Walnut

black walnutExtracts and tinctures of black walnut are conventional treatments for intestinal parasites. This is backed up by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia as well. [13]

So, find some black walnuts and start eating them if you suspect a worm infestation in your body.

  1. Consume Carom Seeds

carom seedsCarom seeds consist of thymol, an agent that can stop the growth of intestinal parasites. It is among the Ayurveda-certified home remedies to get rid of worms in humans.

Always use carom seeds along with jaggery for added results.

Consume a small jaggery piece in the morning. Wait for 20 minutes before eating up to half a teaspoon of carom seeds in crushed form. Repeat the remedy every day.

  1. Pomegranate Tree Bark

pomegranateThe leaves and bark of the pomegranate are very effective in the treatment of human intestinal worms.

The presence of an alkaloid named Punicine makes pomegranate toxic to parasites.

Get a cup of water and add a small piece of pomegranate tree bark in it. Boil it for some time until the water evaporates. Cool down the mixture and drink it thrice every day.

Next, eat a banana or a purgative food item that may improve your bowel movement.

Pomegranate seeds are also effective against intestinal worms and a lot easier to get hold of.

  1. Carrots

carrotsCarrots are a rich source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a vitamin A precursor and has an ability to kill worm eggs.

This along with high zinc and vitamin C levels in calcium make sure to enhance your immunity. For all these reasons, carrots are one of the most useful home remedies to get rid of worms in humans.

Get two carrots and grate them. Consume them on an empty stomach and avoid eating other food items during the entire morning. Add carrots to evening meals.

Repeat this remedy every single day for at least a week to notice any difference.

  1. Neem

neemIndian lilac, also known as neem, is a great solution for intestinal worms and parasites. It can not only kill the pesky worms but also gets rid of all the toxins they leave behind.

Make sure to get neem flowers in dried form and add them to one teaspoon of butter. Eat this mixture along with boiled rice two times every day.

Adding the dried leaves in a glass of milk is also among the simplest home remedies to get rid of worms in humans.

  1. Go for Turmeric

turmericTurmeric has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. [14] It can easily get rid of all the worms while making associated nausea, gas, and pain go away.

If these nasty creatures are troubling you, add turmeric to your diet. Extract some turmeric juice and drink it every day.

You can also add turmeric juice in one glass of buttermilk and enjoy the benefits.

  1. Oregon Grape Root

oregon grapePowdered Oregon grape root is another effective treatment for intestinal worms.

It contains the compound berberine which helps boost the immune system and helps your system fight the parasite.

To use Oregon grape root to get rid of intestinal worms,

  • Consume it orally in pill form,
  • Add 1 teaspoon the dried powder to hot water for 20 minutes to make a tea.
  1. Bromelain

bromelainBromelain is available as a supplement. It is used to tenderize steaks, heel bee stings and treat hayfever. It is a very versatile compound.

It is found in many fruits but is particularly plentiful in pineapple. One of its proteins is an effective home remedy to get rid of intestinal worms as this protein breaks down the protective layers of the tapeworm.

These secreted layers enable the tapeworm to avoid being digested by stomach acids. Bromelain does away with this protection and your stomach acid does the rest.

To use it to get rid of worms, simply take daily supplements of bromelain.

  1. Goldenseal

goldensealGoldenseal has been used for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses. It has been proven to be effective at fighting bacteria, fungi and yeast.

It is also a proven home remedy to get rid of parasites and worms in humans, especially effective against toxoplasmosis.

Studies have shown that berberine, the active compound in goldenseal, is also effective against roundworm and smaller protozoa such as giardia. (15), (16)

  1. Psyllium Husks and Other Fiber-Rich Foods

psyllium husksHigh fiber foods work to flush parasites from the intestinal walls. If you are suffering from intestinal worms, fiber-rich foods can support your treatment.

Psyllium husks are particularly fibrous and while other high fibers foods will do the job, these husks work best.

Psyllium husks can be purchased from organic stores. Simply mix the husks in a glass of water and drink. Use alongside the intestinal worm home remedies detailed here.

If taken daily, psyllium husks keep your digestive system clean and accelerate the cleansing process.

  1. Coconut oil

coconut oilCoconut oil has many health benefits and can be used to combat illness and promote overall wellness.

Coconut oil provides an effective defense against many parasites including giardia. The giardia parasite finds the compound MCFA toxic. MCFA is in abundance in all parts of the coconut plant.

Research has confirmed the effectiveness of MCFA in destroying giardia and other protozoa.

Natural anti-parasitic properties of coconut oil make it an ideal home remedy to get rid of worms. Even drinking coconut water is helpful if you are suffering from toxoplasmosis.

  1. Pineapple

pineapplePineapple is absolutely delicious but it has a trick up its sleeve when treating intestinal worms.

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain.

As mentioned, Bromelain is an enzyme that has been shown to help in the fight against parasites. The enzyme works by breaking down the parasite’s larvae and eggs.


      • Observe sanitation inside your house
      • Cook your meals properly
      • Buy meat from high-quality stores only


    • Do not eat processed foods or anything with high sugar content
    • Do not drink alcohol as it can weaken your immune system


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