12 Effective Home Remedies To Stop Babies Crying

how to stop babies crying

As a nursing mother, it is quite natural that your body, mind, and soul are engaged in a completely different world where every single thought revolves around your child. Yet, new mothers have to deal with a host of challenges from shedding pregnancy weight and stretch marks to hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss to depression. So, to a tired and stressed out mother, constant crying can often be too much to bear. One of the hardest tasks (and most important for your sanity) is learning how to make a baby stop crying. Fortunately, there are several natural remedies you can try. Each baby will respond to different remedies and some will not work for others. Before you try our home remedies to stop your baby crying, it is highly recommended to learn the causes that can trigger your baby to cry. How to make a baby stop crying

Baby won’t stop crying? 

If your baby won’t stop crying, there are several reasons why this is so. The list below is more of a checklist for you to go through. To state the obvious, babies generally cry when they need to be attended to. As a mother, you will intuitively know most of the time what is wrong and can act accordingly. But when you can’t figure out what to do, this is when the frustration sets in. Here are some of the common causes that make a baby cry:

  • Hunger
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Dirty diaper
  • Stomach and wind problems
  • Tiredness
  • Excessive heat or cold
  • Discomfort caused due to clothing
  • Pain
  • Over and under stimulation
  • Needs to be held

Some babies are happy in their own little world and will happily lie in the cot or playpen without making a peep. Others need to be held frequently and if your baby is crying because it just wants a cuddle, this can be very demanding on the mother. Frequently picking your baby up to stop the crying is fine in the short term, but if you want to get your child into a routine of sleeping and eating within normal hours, you will need to know how to make a baby stop crying in a way that is not so demanding on the mother.

How to make a baby stop crying

It is known that babies cry for specific reasons but it is not always easy to assign a particular cause for the baby’s cry. Here are some of the best home remedies to help you soothe your baby.

1) Start Where You Have To

Perform the initial checks and act accordingly:

  • Try feeding your baby; if the baby refuses to drink, it is clear that hunger is not the cause
  • Change diaper if it is soiled. Most of the times, babies cry because of wet diaper
  • Check if the baby has been bitten by ants or any other insects.
  • Change baby’s clothes if the dress was the cause of discomfort and crying.
  • Check the baby’s temperature to rule out crying from illness.

2) Swaddle

Studies have proved that swaddling reduces the crying time of babies during heel lance [1]. Wrapping your baby provides a sense of comfort and protection, which can stop baby’s cry. The head and face should not be covered so the baby breathes easily. While swaddling you may leave the arms out if your baby feels comfortable with hands-free. Stop swaddling once the baby learns to roll over to lie on stomach as such wrapping up may make the baby uncomfortable.

3) Rock Your Baby

Scientifically proved technique to stop baby crying is to rock the baby. The rhythmic motion while rocking calms the child. Hold your baby in your arms and rock gently. Holding the crying baby in arms makes the baby feel more secured, which also helps in the long runs when the baby grows into a matured adult with sound mental health [2]

4) Sing To Soothe

Singing can have a soothing effect on the baby. Singing accompanied with gentle rocking can speed up the calming process. Studies have proved that the age-old practice of singing to infants is right [3]. Infants prefer maternal singing regardless of how well the mother sings. Hence, sing to soothe your baby.

5) Massage and winding

Massage has been proved effective in improving infantile colic symptoms [4]. Whether your baby has colic or not, all babies have an unusual ability to both breathe and eat at the same time, a skill that is sadly lost as we grow older. This neat trick allows babies to suckle continuously but unfortunately, nearly always leads to a build-up of gas. If you baby has wind or gas after feeding, the very act of crying helps relieve it, as crying is nature’s way of expelling the unwanted gas from the stomach. Massage your baby gently, and in an upright position for about 10 minutes after every feed, gently patting its back.

6) Duplicate Intrauterine Sound

Babies are not in a totally quiet environment while in womb. Babies hear sound of blood running and they also hear sounds of stomach and intestinal movements [5]. By creating similar sounds, you make your baby experience the atmosphere in the womb that calms the baby. Duplicate such sounds to stop baby crying. If Dad is around, then often a soft low voice is all you need. If Dad holds the baby close to his chest and hums a very low deep note (think Buddhist chanting!), the chest vibrations and soothing sound work very well to stop your baby crying.

7) Do the Bicycle Move

Uneasiness in stomach may cause your baby to cry non-stop. Help your baby burp by lying the baby down and moving the legs in circular motion as one would while riding bicycle. Once the baby burps, the cry will stop.

8) Turn Off Overstimulation

Babies cry when they are over stimulated [6]. When your baby is exposed to loads of experiences in a particular situation such as being among loud noises, high level activity and so on, the situation may be too much to handle. This is precisely a state of overstimulation for the baby who registers disapproval with cry. Overfeeding and handling may also cause over stimulation. Here are some signs of overstimulation:

  • Fast breathing
  • Change in skin color
  • Jerky movements
  • Turning the head away or not looking at you while you talk to the baby

Take your baby to some quiet place, dim the lights and create a perfect under stimulation atmosphere to comfort your baby.

9) Try Distraction

Once you have ruled out some of the causes including hunger, sleep and stomach issues, try distracting the baby to stop crying. Here are some of the effective ways to distract your baby:

  • Play an audio
  • Use dolls that move while making noise
  • Make funny noises and keep funny faces to hold the baby’s attention
  • Take your baby to the window where your baby can get involved in watching the outside world – like swaying branches of trees and moving automobiles.

10) Go Outdoors

If seeing the world through window does not help much, take your baby outdoors where some fresh air can do the magic []. Even fussy babies love movement. Change of environment where lots of attention-grabbing scenarios are bound to be witnessed can keep your baby interested and calm.

11) Go for a drive

Certainly not the most conventional way to stop your baby crying, but for my children, it worked like a charm. Whether it is the gentle rumble of the engine or movement from the car turning is just speculation. Whatever the magic ingredient, many new babies will quickly fall asleep in a short car journey. If you have noticed your baby likes the car, then a quick drive around the block may be all you need to send him/her to sleep.

12) Have A Perfect Diet Plan

As a nursing mother, watching your diet can help eliminate foods that may upset your baby’s stomach. Certain foods such as dairy products and eggs that can cause allergy in babies should be eliminated from your diet to prevent your baby crying from fussy stomach [8].

One of the best phases in life if not the best phase is being a new mother. Brave the challenges to give your baby the happiest childhood.


  1. what to do with 7 month old baby wont go to anyone except mum and dad just cries all the time if doesn’t see one of them


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