10 Home Remedies for Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

home remedies for thicker and longer eyelashes

Thick and long eyelashes have long been associated with feminine beauty which is ironic when you consider that there is no real difference in length and thickness between male and female lashes. To make things worse, years of applying mascara and false eyelashes has left many women’s lashes thinning and in a terrible condition, much worse than men’s, who don’t care about their lashes.  If you want to know how to grow eyelashes faster and thicker naturally, then this is the article for you. Our home remedies for longer and thicker eyelashes will nourish the hair follicles, repair the damage from years of make-up and hopefully, boost your confidence and let your eyes sparkle again.

Home Remedies for Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

Causes of Thinning Lashes

Thinning eyelashes can be caused by several factors including age (and getting older), genetics, hormonal changes, side effects of medication usages, as well as skin diseases and medical conditions such as eye infections, endocrinal disorders, trauma, metabolic abnormalities, and nutritional deficiency to name a few.  [1]

Women also who suffer postpartum hair loss after giving birth can often notice their eyelashes thinning as well. Lifestyle and habits like roughly rubbing the eyes as well as non-removal of eye makeup can also trigger fallout of eyelashes.

Because of this, individuals often resort to various means such as wearing false eyelashes or applying expensive mascara to display thicker, longer lashes. That said, why resort to temporary measures when you can permanently thicken your lashes as well as making them grow longer?

We have listed below some fantastic and simple home remedies for promoting healthy eyelash growth that will hopefully give you healthier, thicker, and longer lashes.

how to grow eyelashes faster and thicker naturallyHome Remedies for Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

There are several natural ways to promote the growth of thicker and longer eyelashes. As with all home remedies, you may need to repeat the home remedy over the course of a month or two but the below are tried and tested ways that really do work in helping your eyelashes grow thicker and longer.

Use essential and carrier oils that promote hair growth.

Several essential oils are known to promote hair growth and these can also be used to trigger eyelash growth too. As these oils need to be applied directly to the eye area, they should be used sparingly and with care to prevent oil going directly into your eye

1) Castor Oil

castor oilThe first essential oil on the list is castor oil. Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean seed that is known as a potent stimulant that can nourish and trigger hair follicle growth.

The history of castor oil goes back a long way, with Ancient Egyptians allegedly using as an ointment and Cleopatra reportedly used it for brightening the whites of her eyes.

Whether truth or legend, it really does help your lashes become full and lustrous. Moreover, it can even fight off demodex mites that cause eyelash loss.[2]

To use castor oil as a home remedy, you will need a cotton bud or small clean make-up brush that you can be used as an applicator for the eyelashes.

Carefully apply a small amount of the oil to the lashes before you go to bed to allow for maximum absorption. Rinse it off with clean water when you wake up.

You can also mix some aloe vera gel with castor oil – 2 teaspoons of each ingredient. Mix them well and apply to your lashes using a cotton bud or brush – much as you would apply mascara on them.

Leave this to be absorbed overnight and rinse well when you wake up.

For best results, the process should be repeated regularly for 1 to 3 months

2) Olive Oil

olive oilOlive oil is a carrier oil popularly known to promote hair growth and works just as well as a home remedy for thicker eyelashes too. Olive oil is rich in oleic acid as well as vitamin E both needed for hair growth.

These two components can nourish the hair as well as add some volume to it. It even makes the lashes maintain a darker hue.

To utilize olive oil as home remedy for eyelash growing, prepare an old mascara stick that is cleaned or a cotton bud as an applicator.

Dip your chosen applicator into a small amount of olive oil that has been slightly warmed.

Apply the oil to your eyelashes before you go to bed. Leave the oil on your lashes overnight and rinse well with water upon waking up.

Repeat this routine on a daily basis for at least a couple of months or until your desired eyelash result is achieved.

3) Aloe vera gel

aloe veraAnother wonderful and effective home remedy for thicker, longer eyelashes is aloe vera. Aloe vera contains a number of nutrients and vitamins that contribute to thick and long lashes.

It contains vitamins A, B-12, C, as well as E that all help with efficient cell turnover thus stimulating healthy and shiny hair growth.

It also contains folic acid[3] that prevent lashes from falling out. In addition, aloe vera has a well known moisturizing[4] effect that keeps the eyelashes healthy.

To use aloe vera as one of the home remedies to grow thicker and longer eyelashes, prepare an applicator such as a clean mascara wand. Wash your aloe vera carefully to remove the latex in it.

Scrape off some fresh aloe vera gel and apply to your eyelashes before you go to bed. Leave the aloe vera gel on your eyelashes overnight. In the morning, rinse off the gel using warm water.

You can also add the aloe vera to jojoba oil, another well know remedy for locking in moisture to the hair and promoting hair growth.

Mix the two together in even quantities and gently apply to eyelashes and leave for approx. 15 minutes before washing off. The process can be repeated up to twice daily.

4) Eyelash Brushing

eyelash brushingAs simple as it sounds, many swear by this method. Brushing your eyelashes removes particles such as dirt and dust which may be preventing healthy growth.

These particles can clog your pores thereby halting your eyelash growth or even contributing to their fallout.

In addition, brushing can promote circulation of the blood so that more nutrients can reach your lashes’ follicles.

It works in a similar way to how a massage works and helps thicken the hair, by means of improving blood circulation.

Brush your lashes using upward strokes, starting from the roots of your eyelashes and up the tip. Do this for twice in a day for 5 minutes per session.

Repeat until your desired eyelash result is achieved.

5) Vitamin E

vitamin eA study released in 2010 showed increased hair growth in people taking Vitamin E compared to those who were taking a placebo.

The study concluded that Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties helped reduce the scalp’s oxidative stress, which is linked with hair loss. [11]

To use this simple home remedy, add a few drops of vitamin E on an eyelash brush with soft bristles and brush as above.

6) Perform eyelid massages

eyelid massageAs mentioned, massage can help improve circulation and massaging the eyelids can aid eyelash growth.

The improved flow of blood brings more nutrients to the massaged part of the lid thereby making the follicles in the area grow better. This will then stimulate the growth of hair as well as prevent any breakage or thinning of eyelashes.[7]

To do an eyelid massage, apply a small amount of shea butter, petroleum jelly, or oil on the lids of your eyes.

Remember, just use a small amount since you do not want anything to drip in your eyes. In addition, make sure your fingers are clean. After that, use the tips of your finger to massage the lash line and eyelid.

Massage in circular motions and use your ring finger preferably to make the massage gentler. Do this massage for about 5 minutes per session, per eye. Repeat twice a day for 1 to 3 months.

7) Lemon Peel Mixture

lemon peelAnother winning home remedy for thicker and longer eyelashes is lemon peel. Lemon peel contains folic acid as well as vitamins B and C and has long been used in facemasks to promote healthy skin, but it also is great for hair growth.

These contain folic acid as well as vitamins B and C [8], [9] that all help in promoting hair growth Lemon peels may even be infused in essential oils like olive oil or castor oil to boost the cleansing as well as stimulating properties of the peel.

For best results, soak lemon peel in castor oil or olive oil in a bowl and let this mixture sit for at least 2 weeks.

After which, using a cotton bud or mascara wand you can apply the oil on the lashes before you go to sleep and leave it overnight.

Rinse it well in the morning when you wake up with warm water. Do this every night for 1 to 3 months or until you get the results that you want.

8) Eggs are good for the eyelashes, too!

eggsEggs are a known superfood and we’ve previously mentioned their benefits for conditioning and strengthening hair.

They are also great at promoting fuller longer, eyelashes. Eggs are rich in protein and also contain B vitamins and biotin that are useful in enhancing your eyelashes’ texture.

To use eggs as a home remedy for growing thicker and longer lashes, you need to beat one whole egg, add about a tablespoon of glycerine and continue to beat until the texture is thick and creamy.

Use a cotton swab as an applicator and dip it in the mixture. Spread this gently onto your lashes.

Remember to not soak the swab too much to avoid leaking it in your eyes. Let this sit on the lashes for about 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Repeat this three times in a week for several months or until the desired result is achieved.

9) Green Tea for Healthy Lashes

green teaGreen tea is high in flavonoids that encourage eyelash growth. This has been shown in a study performed using rodents with hair loss.

The study showed that rodents who received green tea showed signs of hair regrowth while the control group taking only water did not show hair loss improvement. [12]

To use green tea as a home remedy for thinning eyelashes, make 1 cup of green tea, preferably unsweetened.

Leave it to cool. Once cooled, use an applicator such as a cotton swab to spread the green tea over your lashes.

Apply the tea from the roots of your lashes up to the tips. Apply it gently and do not soak the lashes with too much tea so that the tea will not drip to your eyes.

Leave this on for 15 minutes and then rinse it well with water. Repeat this two times per day for about 3 months.

10) Shea Butter

shea butterShea butter, which comes from a nut, has been used in Africa for centuries to nourish skin, nails, and hair.

It contains vitamins A and E both of which will strengthen hair follicles and enhance eyelash growth.

Simply dip a cotton bud in a very small amount of the shea butter and apply to the roots of the lashes.

Leave overnight and wash with warm water the following morning. Repeat the process for 1 to 3 months for best results.

Other Useful Tips for Healthy Eyelashes

Aside from the home remedies mentioned above, you should also keep these tips in mind.

  1. Never sleep with your makeup on, especially your eye makeup. This will contribute to the drying of your eyelashes. Dried up lashes can become brittle and then eventually fall out. Make sure to remove all of your makeup to allow your lashes to grow and breathe.
  2. Do not rough up your lashes. Do not rub on them too strongly or pull on them when removing your make up. Always be gentle with the lashes.
  3. Avoid using “falsies” or fake eyelashes too often as these could possibly damage your real lashes.


  1. Sharing! thanks for these tips! My lashed were falling after using so much of the fake lashes and then sometimes forgetting to take my mascara off at night. I was recommended to use dermalmd because i have sensitive skin. They have a lash growth oil that I can apply daily.


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