Put An Ice Cube on This Point, and See the Magic: Secret Chinese Remedy Unveiled

Secret Chinese Remedy
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Intake of ice cubes helps decrease the temperature of your body and keeps you hydrated. Chewing of ice may give you relief from nausea. Moreover, ice packs are helpful in soothing the pain. But, have you ever thought what else ice can do for you? Well, the application of an ice cube on a specific spot, called Feng Fu (a term used in Chinese acupuncture) or “wind mansion”, can revitalize and energize your body, making you look young. This spot is located at the meeting point of head and neck.


This therapy may exhibit contraindications in the cases of a pacemaker, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and pregnancy. So, don’t use it if you are facing any of these conditions.


  • Sit or lie on your stomach.
  • Put an ice cube on the Feng Fu point.
  • Fix the ice with a bandage.
  • Hold it for at least 20 minutes.

Repeat this method every 2nd or 3rd day – in the morning, on an empty stomach and at night, before hitting the hay.

Initially, you will feel cold, but later on (i.e. after 30 to 40 seconds), you will experience the heat. Due to the release of brain chemicals, called endorphins, in the bloodstream, you will undergo a feeling of euphoria in the first few days.


Other Advantages

  • Immune system will become strong
  • No cellulite
  • Improves respiratory and cardiovascular system
  • Improves menstruation, and assist with impotence, infertility, endocrine glands and frigidity
  • Prevention of asthma
  • Aid with sexually transmitted infections and gastrointestinal infections
  • No more degenerative changes in the spine
  • Help manage neurological disorders
  • No thyroid gland problems
  • The decrease in hypotension, hypertension, and arthritis.
  • Aids in malnutrition, as well as obesity
  • Prevents insomnia, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, and psycho-emotional disorders

Before using this method, you must know that it does not heal or treat any disease or health condition. It just maintains the physiological balance and revitalizes your body.


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