20 Effortless Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is an accumulated fat beneath the skin that is found mostly on thighs, hips and rear abdomen. It is known as cottage cheese skin or orange peel skin. Due to the working estrogen and progesterone hormones, women get cellulite easily.  Skin starts appearing lumpy and sunken.

The main reason of cellulite is obesity, dieting, and fat deposits due to packaged foods. Pregnancy, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics are some other causes of cellulite deposits.

No matter what is the reason behind the appearance of unsightly cellulite, they make women worried. Increased amount of toxins in the blood also causes cellulite on the body. When they are left unnoticed they tend to get worse over a period.

Recent researches have revealed that more than 85% of women suffer from cellulite in their lifetime, and they look for the best home remedies on how to get rid of cellulite without spending much for skin treatment. If you are also looking for some easy cellulite removal tips and homemade cellulite treatment, then the following tips will be useful to you.


Home Remedies for Cellulite

1. Coffee Grounds

Exfoliate your skin with the fine coffee ground and get even skin tone. It will reduce skin blemishes and cellulite appearing on areas such as thighs and belly. Make a thick paste of ground coffee, sugar and coconut oil. Slightly heat the concoction and gently scrub on your body where you find cellulite.

2. Orange Juice

Orange juice helps you achieve even skin tone and brightens it as well. Drink freshly extracted orange juice in the morning before breakfast. The vitamin C content in this juice purifies the blood and hydrates your skin. Thus, reduces cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and gives a radiant look.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very skin-friendly and deals with several dermatologic disorders including cellulite, skin inflammation, and redness caused due to dehydration, etc. There are more than few ways in which you can use apple cider vinegar to remove ugly cellulite. They are:

  • Mix two spoons of pure apple cider vinegar with honey and cold water and drink it daily in the morning for a month.
  • Alternatively, add three spoons of apple cider vinegar, one spoon of virgin olive oil and plain vinegar in equal proportion. Make a fine paste and gently rub it on your skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells and reduce the cellulite.
  • Furthermore, you can also get apple cider vinegar, add honey to it and blend properly. Now soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the cellulite prone areas. The goodness of honey penetrates faster into the skin when mixed with the apple cider vinegar.

4. Gelatin

The amino acid present in gelatin increases the muscle strength. Besides, it is a good source of protein and helps improve the overall health. Just two tablespoons of gelatin on daily basis helps get back its elasticity and make it tighter. Gelatin is available in all grocery stores, and it is also very reasonable. To get the results quickly, pair its consumption with some exercises, ample water, low-fat, and high in fiber diet.

Note: Gelatin found in jelly-based candies is not good as it contains high amount of sugar which is not good for your skin.

5. Salmon

Salmon is a rich food loaded with several antioxidants. It can breakdown the fat cells present in the cellulite. Besides, Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon repairs skin tissues, prevents build-up of harmful toxins. Eat baked salmon salad; salmon boiled dish 4-5 times a week. Avoid fried salmon.

6. Lemon Juice and Lemon Skin

Extract fresh lemon juice and apply it directly on your skin to get rid of cellulite. In order to reduce the itchiness, add honey to the lemon juice before applying.  Alternatively, you can also rub lemon peel on the surface of the skin where you have cellulite. Wash your skin with warm water.

7. Dry brushing

Dry brushing can help reduce cellulite, since it tightens the skin and renew the cells. Use a soft bristle dry brush on the affected area twice a day. Do this just before having shower. Brush from left to right. Doing this also increases blood circulation. Besides, it promotes healthier skin.

Note: Avoid using synthetic brushes

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene that helps prevent fat accumulation and breakdown of collagen in the skin. Crush two tomatoes and add one tsp lemon juice to it. Massage the affected part with this mixture for 15 minutes and wash off with water.

9. Sea Salt

Fill the bath tub with warm water and add two cups of sea salt to it. Soak in it for 20 minutes. It helps detoxify the skin and also gives even tone.

Herbal Remedies for Cellulite

10. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a natural detoxifying agent. It helps in cellulite reduction, as it flushes out toxins from the body and keeps the skin healthy. You can make a drink by adding one tablespoon of cayenne pepper to the lemon juice.  Further, add at least two tbsp of ginger juice to increase its effectiveness. Drink this juice on alternative days for a month to clean your blood.

11. Seaweed

Seaweed is a natural skin exfoliating substance that gently reduces stretch marks and cellulite from the skin surface. Take three tablespoons of seaweed; add olive oil, sugar and vitamin E oil to it. Now, scrub your skin gently using this mixture. Doing this daily for 15 minutes will certainly give effectual results.

12. Green Clay

Green clay is good for skin since it removes dead cells, reduces extra fat, absorbs impurities from the skin surface and increases blood circulation which, in turn, helps lessen cellulite. Take 3 tbsp of hot water; mix half cup each of seaweed and green clay, squeeze ¼ cup lemon juice and add one tbsp of organic honey. Combine the mixture thoroughly to make a thick paste. Apply it on the skin where you find cellulite. Massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes. Then cover it with a plastic wrap. Now, leave it for 30 minutes. Later, rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this once a week to obtain better results.

13. Aloe Vera

The healing properties of aloe vera prevent several skin issues. It makes the skin soft and supple. Get aloe vera extract and apply on the surface of the skin with cellulite. Do this daily for effective results. Alternatively, you can purchase aloe vera creams as they also stimulate cell repair.

14. Green Tea

Have 3-4 cups of green tea in order to burn extra fat. This in turn reduces the cellulite. It also promotes blood circulation and boost up the metabolism. Besides, catechins in green tea help detoxify body.

Herbal Oils

15. Olive Oil

Olive oil pampers your skin with the essential nutrients and moisturizes it deeply. When your skin gets enough moisture, it does not cause cellulite. Gently massage your skin with the olive oil before you hit the hay.  Our skin rejuvenates when we sleep; hence, this remedy works best at night.

16. Hot Castor Oil

Castor oil promotes the production of collagen and elastin, and penetrates deep into the skin. It is a terrific moisturizer that helps treat cellulite. Take some castor oil in a bowl and lukewarm it in the microwave. Massage with this for 20 minutes. Wait for one hour and have shower with lukewarm water.

  • Alternatively, you can add grapefruit, lemon, lavender essential oil to castor oil. Apply it on affected areas.

17. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil deeply nourishes your skin. It keeps the skin well-moisturized, healthy and also keeps the skin problems such as itchiness, inflammations, redness and stretch marks at bay. You can massage your skin or the affected area with Vitamin E oil, it is available at drug stores.

18. Juniper Oil

Juniper oil reduces fluid retention, increases circulation and detoxifies the body. To increase the effectiveness, mix 10 to 15 drops of juniper oil in ¼ cup of olive oil. Massage the affected part with this mixture for ten minutes. Do this twice a day for at least a month.

19. Rosemary and fennel oil

Take equal amount of fennel oil and rosemary. Combine it properly. Massage it on the affected areas.

20. Tangerine Oil

The tangerine oil extracted from orange is rich in anti-oxidants that quickly detoxify your body. Mix one spoon of tangerine oil in two spoons of olive oil. Gently, rub it on your skin for 15 minutes. Do it two times a day for a couple of weeks.

Note: After using this remedy, avoid sunlight for at least 60 minutes.


  • Drink 3 liters of water daily to keep the skin healthy.
  • Increased amount of toxins in the blood also causes cellulite on the skin. Use detoxifying juice or syrup once in a month to flush toxins out of your body.
  • Eat clean, alkaline and unprocessed salt to lessen the occurrences of cellulite.
  • Consume fish or fish oil pills for skin nourishment. They add elasticity to the skin, thus reduces cellulite.
  • Workout regularly.
  • Take a healthy diet.
  • Use milk based moisturizer twice a day to trim down cellulite.
  • Cut down consumption of sugar and salt.
  • Include honey, carrots, wheat with gluten, broccoli and protein rich meat to minimize the occurrence of cellulite.


  • Avoid fried food, junk food, spicy sauces and salty snacks while using the treatment for cellulite reduction as it increases cellulite in your body.
  • Dehydration is the main cause for a variety of skin problems including cellulite. Drinking inadequate water, drinking a lot of carbonated drinks and soda also causes cellulite, so avoid them.
  • Post pregnancy cellulite need to be treated only after 40 days of delivery. Starting cellulite treatment early may cause side effects on skin surface for women who have Caesarean stitches on the body.


  1. This blog is very informative and all these tips, herbs would be very effective to my mother who doesn’t want to go outside for treat her thy cellulite. Thanks for this advice.


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